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Carpet in the interior: comfort and convenience in your home (22 photos)


Among the large number of floor materials do not lose their popularity and relevance of carpeting. Only carpet was replaced by carpet - a practical material that gives comfort and coziness. Skillfully used carpet in the interior can be in the design of any room, if properly approach its choice.



The benefits of using carpet

Carpet is able to transform the room. Pleasant tactile sensations when walking on carpet give comfort and coziness. For this reason, it is used in the design of bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms and other rooms in the house.



The use of carpet in the interior of different rooms

Carpet on the market is represented in a wide range. It can be made of natural or synthetic fibers, have a long or short pile, differ in color and other characteristics. This contributes to the fact that it is used in the interior of different rooms. For example, gray carpet in the interior is considered a classic solution, used not only in office space, but also in bedrooms, hallways and living rooms.

In the bedroom

Since the bedroom is a place where a person is resting and gaining energy, the carpet is perfect for her. For greater comfort, it is better to choose a carpet with a long nap. When attacking a warm and soft carpet, a person will be able to relax after a hard day’s work. The material softens the load on the joints and helps relieve fatigue.

In the bedroom, the color palette should be warm and calm, so it is better to choose a carpet of gray, beige or other pastel colors. White fluffy coating will also work well, but it requires more thorough care, since the slightest contamination will be visible.



In the living room

Perfectly emphasize the style and comfort of the living room will help carpet. When choosing a material, you should give preference to practical options with a small pile. Depending on the overall concept, a calm gray and bright green carpet that fills the room with energy and joy can look good.

Since all households gather in the room to discuss matters over the past day and receive guests, it is permissible to make the floor of a bright color: red, blue, orange, but only in contrast with calm and neutral shades (beige, gray, cream, white, etc.).

It will be great in the living room to look carpet with an ornament or pattern. Please note that the strip will allow to lengthen the room, and cubes - visually expand.



In the hall

For corridors and hallways should choose carpet with a short nap. It should be noted that the floor will be contaminated very often, so it is better to give preference to dark or non-marking colors (gray, beige). A brown or purple color may work well, but consider the size of the room and the colors of the walls and furniture. Dark colors visually reduce the space and can only be used with light shades on walls and furniture, otherwise the hallway will become too sullen and overwhelming the mood.

The original solution is the use of bright carpet for the hallway. This interior is able to give a good mood and a charge of positive energy, but on condition that all the details are carefully thought out. Too much bright color is annoying, not fun.



On the kitchen

Opinions of designers on whether to use carpet in the kitchen, diverge significantly. On the one hand, it will help to create a special home comfort. After all, in the kitchen, households drink coffee in the morning, dine and talk, and women often spend most of their time. On the other hand, compared to other floor coverings, carpet is more vulnerable to pollution. Fat stains and other types of contamination are difficult to remove.



The ideal solution would be to combine carpet with other materials, such as laminate or ceramic tiles. Practical materials are used for the work area, near the stove and washing, and the rest of the area can be covered with carpet. This approach to interior design will allow us to combine practicality and convenience with comfort and coziness.



Features of the selection of carpet for the interior

To create an attractive and cozy interior, when choosing a carpet, you need to consider some of the nuances:

  • For a comfortable interior choose cover pastel and warm colors. The ideal option would be beige carpet.
  • For an energizing design, use a carpet of bright color: red, green, orange, but the walls and details should be in soothing shades.
  • Burgundy color is well suited for the kitchen. It is advisable to combine it with other details, but not with curtains, because the interior is too heavy.
  • Blue carpet is a great solution for the living room or dining room. It goes well with gray, white and other colors.
  • Pink carpet can be used for a girl’s bedroom or child’s room.
  • If you use yellow or orange carpet, it should be supplemented with textiles or other details in the interior of the same color.
  • Black carpet is not suitable for home use, as it gives office space severity.

Carpet gray is considered a versatile material, but it must be properly used in the interior, complementing bright walls or details. When creating a design, it is important to adhere to the basic rule: bright walls and a calm floor and vice versa. Contrast colors - the best solution.



Carpet in the interior can give a special comfort and coziness. Properly selected color, pattern and type of material will create a unique and practical design.