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Types of showers: a variety of choices (24 photos)


Shower cabins are widespread in modern life. They have many advantages compared to traditional baths. The booths have significantly simplified a person’s life, they take up little space and make hygiene procedures much easier.

When buying a booth, you must consider the quality and type of material from which they are made, the size and set of available functions. All of these parameters affect the quality of the acquisition and the final cost of the device as a whole.



The advantages of the booths over the baths

One of the reasons for buying a shower stall is the insufficient size of the bathroom. In buildings of typical construction in the bathroom, almost the entire space is occupied by a bathtub, there is no room even for a washing machine, a locker for cleaning supplies.



Types of shower cubicles

Shower cabins are divided into several types:

  • open models - prefabricated;
  • closed - monolithic;
  • infrared;
  • embedded

Open models are made without a roof, they can be purchased at a relatively small price. But many prefer high-grade closed devices. For small rooms, it is better to choose the types of showers, called corner.

Infrared cabins in Russia appeared relatively recently. But they are confidently gaining their positions in the market. Their popularity among the population is increasing. Such infrared booths are used in fitness centers, beauty salons, medical facilities and at home.



Open shower cabin

Open device models are prefabricated. In other words, a floor tray is placed on the wall or in the corner of the room and connected to the sewer. Further along its perimeter walls of plexiglas or simple glass are mounted. Other walls are trimmed with ceramic tiles.

A distinctive feature is that the open shower has no ceiling. This is usually a small corner. It is made from various materials. It is possible to install the corner after the repair in the bathroom.

Closed booths are recognized as the most common option. They have long been in use, are in considerable demand and are sold almost everywhere. Such cabins have modern functionality. They fully satisfy the stated users' requests for equipment.

When installing this sanitary fixture in an apartment or private house, it is necessary to take into account the question of good waterproofing of the structure. Otherwise, you can flood the neighbors or spoil the repairs made in the bathroom.

Modern enclosed shower enclosures are equipped with many features.

  • Horizontal hydromassage. It is done through air bubbles and water jets moving in a certain order and the necessary force. Hydro massage perfectly heals the human body. It improves blood circulation, is effective in the fight against cellulite.
  • Turkish sauna. This is a great opportunity to enjoy and enjoy the health. The function of the "Turkish bath" is not all types of devices for taking a shower, but only the enclosed shower cabin, which has a built-in steam generator. In the pan there is a special flask, through it steam comes out. You can pour aromatic oil there, and in addition to the bath there will be excellent aromatherapy.
  • Another great addition to the indoor shower is a rain shower. It is presented in the form of a special nozzle on the roof of the booth, which when turned on represents the effect of heavy rain. Thanks to this remarkable function, a person relaxes, calms down and comfortably falls asleep after a shower procedure.
  • Chromotherapy. This procedure perfectly relaxes the human body, recreates emotional balance. A useful option is that light treatment occurs. In the ceiling of cabs with such a function, LEDs are embedded. They paint water in different colors.
  • Ventilation and a contrast shower - excellent indispensable functions of a shower cabin.

A wide variety of additions to enclosed shower cabins makes the washing process easy and comfortable.

A closed shower stall usually has electronic controls. At a simple shower corner it is manual. Electronic control is a regulator. With a simple click of a button, it turns the desired functions on and off. Turning taps is not necessary.

Some expensive types of showers have mechanical control, in other words, manual. It is not so modern, but will not fail and will work for a long time and efficiently.

A number of models of touch control. It is quite famous, but not cheap. The equipment is presented in the form of an electronic display, after touching which all the necessary shower cabin options are activated.

Monoblock and assembly cabins

One of the most popular and popular forms of shower cubicles are monoblocks. Such types of shower cabins acquired similar popularity due to a number of advantages, the main ones being ease and speed of installation.

  • Monoblock cabs - one-piece designs. They are still going to the factory. Manually do not need to collect anything. For commissioning it is enough to connect them to the water supply, sewage and electrical networks.
  • Prefab shower cabins differ from monoblock in that they need to be assembled on site. You can buy a complete construction kit, with the necessary elements of fittings and assembly instructions. But if you wish, you can buy the elements of the cabin one by one, as far as possible: partitions, doors, pallet, roof and sanitary structures for its structure inside.
  • Shower boxes are a sample of careful use of the room. Cabins are almost combined with the bathroom. They are comfortable and look great. Often, shower boxes (both with a bath and without it) have the functions of hydromassage, aromatherapy and phytotherapy devices.

Among the presented range of booths, it is important to choose a model that fits all the characteristics: color, shape, size. Sometimes the size of the device, regardless of what types of showers the buyer prefers, is a decisive argument in favor of a particular model.

The correct size of the shower cubicle ensures its trouble-free operation for a long time.

Of course, the larger the cabin is, the more convenient it is to use it. But the plumbing device you like may simply not fit in the space provided for it.

The typical width of shower cabins is 75 cm, for asymmetric devices - 80 cm and 180 cm. It is also necessary to correctly take into account the height of the cabin. In the store you can buy a device with a height of 198 cm., 230 cm.

The most common are devices adjacent one or two walls to the walls of the room. The shape of the cab is considered standard square. But manufacturers offer cabins of different shapes: in the form of a rectangle, a semicircle, a quarter of a circle or a polygon.

After all types of shower cubicles have been considered and the choice has been made in favor of a certain model, the consumer is asked which glass to prefer the device, opaque or transparent. Many people prefer designs with frosted glass. It has several advantages:

  • closes the view from the outside of the cabin, which is most important for large families;
  • passes light well and diffuses it;
  • on the frosted glass is not so noticeable stains and smudges;
  • hides scratches and cracks caused by careless use;
  • allows you to create an elegant bathroom design.

Buying a device for the shower, you need to decide what type of door is needed in this case. Among the many doors stand out swing, sliding and folding.

It has been established that buyers usually prefer sliding doors with frosted glass. This results from the fact that in many apartments the insignificant area of ​​a bathroom and sliding doors are incredibly convenient. They do not require extensive opening space. In addition, sliding doors with frosted glass are practical and durable.

It should be noted that an important element of the shower cabin is a pallet. It must meet the following requirements:

  • to withstand considerable weight;
  • be compact, but at the same time roomy;
  • the coating must be embossed.