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3D-curtains: a unique decor of a modern interior (20 photos)

It is unlikely that today one can be surprised by the presence in the apartment of smart appliances, fashionable furniture, and design repairs — everyone wants to invest maximum in his home to make it comfortable and beautiful. Refined curtains with a 3D effect of the presence or expansion of space, perhaps, are among the most impressive elements of textile decor.

3D-curtains, as a picture of a skilled craftsman, are designed to deliver aesthetic pleasure to the owners and guests of the house, at the same time fully responding to their functional purpose: to protect the room from bright sunlight and create comfort in it, to hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes.

Features 3D-curtains

The curtains of 3D differ from the usual analogs in appearance and production technology. The image made by a professional photo artist with a three-dimensional effect is transferred with the help of special equipment (thermal bench) onto a canvas and fixed on it. The properties of the fabric from this treatment do not change, so you can use such curtains in everyday life as well as ordinary ones.

Various materials can be chosen as the basis: satin, chiffon, gabardine, satin; synthetic - viscose or polyester, blackout (multi-layer fabric that does not let the sun's rays).

Their selection is carried out depending on in what room it is supposed to issue windows with curtains. So, looking out the curtains for the kitchen or nursery, it is better to opt for light chiffon or flowing satin, and blackout curtains will be optimal for the bedroom or office. For rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen) fit fabrics that are not afraid of water and fumes - vinyl or polyester.

By their type, volume curtains may also vary. The windows in the apartment can be decorated with both ordinary tulle and roller blinds. Moreover, the second option is more advantageous for use in the kitchen or nursery, as it is convenient and quick to turn them off, giving, if necessary, space to daylight. In addition, there are no flowing folds on the roll surface, as on traditional curtains, and the three-dimensional photographic image will be transmitted without distortion and creases.

Select images for different rooms

So, having decided on the fabric base and the type of curtains, you can proceed to the choice of 3D-images. It depends on several parameters:

  • purpose of the room;
  • the size of the room;
  • general interior design solution.

Three-dimensional drawing on curtains, first of all, must be in harmony with the room, on the windows of which it is supposed to hang them.

Living room

The choice of images in the living room - the most diverse. These are landscapes (city, mountain, forest, with a waterfall, space), and abstract paintings, and photos of world sights, recognizable by everyone, and accurately transmitted canvases of famous painters.

3D curtains in the living room can be surprising: by hiding a dull winter landscape behind the windows, dip into the sea of ​​bliss on the sandy shore with palm trees, hiding the hot rays of the sun, add coolness to the snow-white mountain peaks. With the help of three-dimensional images it will be pleasant to make a trip to a faraway country, to visit the streets of the city of dreams.


Three-dimensional drawings of toys, cartoon characters, favorite hobbies are traditionally selected for children. Curtains 3D will carry the kid to the wonderland, will give a feeling of intimacy with your favorite hero, will raise your spirits. Future space explorers will surely like placers of stars who are attracted to distant galaxies, and little princesses will like the image of a fairytale castle or a magical forest.


Images and, in general, 3D-curtains for the bathroom do not have to be on a marine or aquatic theme. Of course, the picturesque depths with a multitude of sea creatures or the sun-drenched ocean coast look quite harmoniously on the bath curtain. But why not treat the interior of the room for water procedures with humor, picking up a comical photo of the owners of the house in an unexpected situation for them? An interesting continuation of the bathroom theme can be landscapes of Venice or images of mythological sea monsters. Fantasy will tell more unusual options.


The kitchen room is often overloaded with bright accents, so for her it is better to choose more neutral in content drawings with a three-dimensional effect. Ideal photo with the image of vegetation, ornamental motifs in 3D-processing, abstractions and neutral landscapes. Multi-color and bright paintings are more appropriate for kitchens with discreet pastel shades in the interior - then the curtains will be the highlight of the design.


The quiet atmosphere of the bedroom suggests a choice for the image of calming, romantic and tender, inviting to a serene pastime in the room. These are quiet paths enticing into the forest, sunsets or sunrises, star placers in the night sky, delicate bouquets of flowers, city or village panoramas from a bird's eye view.

Different rooms - different images, but not all rooms will be appropriate to resort to the decor using 3D-curtains. Such curtains are contraindicated for rooms with small areas (less than 18 square meters), because the drawing on textiles is whole and assumes that its beauty can be enjoyed with the drawn position.

In this case, the space is visually reduced, so in order not to be an involuntary recluse of a room with a huge color spot that absorbs all the attention, it is better to refuse at all from curtains with a three-dimensional pattern. The only right way out for those who want to decorate a small room with 3D curtains is to select a dim or monochrome image.

It is important to consider the overall design of the room. If the curtains are designed to become a bright accent of the room, then the wallpaper, flooring, furniture should have neutral calm tones. With a large 3D image, wallpaper with colorful ornament or colored furniture will be inappropriate - because of the congestion with color gamut the harmony of the interior is disturbed, it is unlikely to be comfortable in such a room for a long time.

Ideally, curtains with a 3D pattern become a continuation of the overall interior: the image smoothly flows into the wall design, and the floor covering coincides in hue with the bottom of the window's textile decoration. It looks interesting to repeat the image on the curtains and bedspread in the bedroom, but then the rest of the situation should remain neutral.

Rules for the care of 3D curtains

Like any other textile, 3D curtains need care. With long-term use, they become polluted, accumulate street dust in themselves, and therefore washing is indispensable.

It is recommended to wash photocurtains either manually or in a delicate mode, and the water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees. Do not interfere with the use of air conditioning to reduce static electricity and soften the fabric. Squeezing the washed curtains is undesirable, after the water is drained, you can immediately hang them on the eaves. This way you can avoid having to iron the fabric - it straightens under its own weight.

3D curtains - an excellent opportunity to make the interior of the house unique and attractive. The main thing is to choose them in accordance with the overall design and personal taste.