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Furniture for the balcony: practical ideas and unusual solutions (23 photos)


Many are accustomed to using the balcony solely as storage for seasonal things, rarely used tools and various trash, which is not always advisable to store. However, designers consider such a use of usable space to be a real crime, because the balcony and the loggia may well become another important room in the house.



How to start trimming the balcony?

Even if the area and condition of the balcony do not allow to transform it into a creative study or a place for cozy gatherings with a cup of coffee, there is always the opportunity to refine the location, to choose better and cheaper furniture. It is quite simple to make such storage appropriate, comfortable, roomy and aesthetic.

The arrangement depends, first of all, on the state of the balcony itself and the elementary features of its construction. An open balcony or loggia is a kind of "piece" of the street, and you can relax here only in summer.



The main enemies of comfort are dust, dirt, cold, wind and noise. To equip such a balcony is the most difficult. It is better to use simple folding furniture, neat racks, closed cabinets.

A glazed loggia or balcony allows for more ideas. If it is an unheated design, you can pick up furniture sets for compact and aesthetic storage of things, as well as equip some sort of smoking room - clean and tidy.

Insulated balcony - the perfect place to do anything. In addition, if the area is relatively large, there will be a place for the most unusual attributes. This includes upholstered furniture for the balcony, and bookshelves, and built-in cabinets for invisible storage of important things.



Materials to pay attention to

Non-standard balconies have become fashionable relatively recently, but already many furniture factories are ready to offer an incredibly large number of options for this unusual location. You can choose as a separate item (for example, shelves, shelves, cabinets), and a set of furniture, which instantly transform a balcony or loggia. In this case, special attention is paid not only to the design features of the products themselves, but also to what material they are made of.



Chipboard plates

Furniture for balconies and loggias are often made of chipboard. It is quite durable and easy to use material that is sold at an extremely low price. And the laminated analogs differ in special operational characteristics.

The use of upholstered furniture on the balcony is not always advisable. This is a good option only for locations with excellent repair, which are fully protected from moisture and frost.

A spacious and bright balcony can complement a small sofa or a pair of poufs. To create an unusual relax-zone will help a compact sofa or even a soft armchair.

Many residents of small apartments in every way excel, trying to expand their own apartments. This is well done by combining the loggia and the main room (kitchen, living room, bedroom). In this case, the balcony becomes part of the main room, which means it can be equipped like the rest of the room.



Even an open, unglazed balcony can be equipped with such pieces of furniture. They are practical, not afraid of high humidity and temperature changes. Surfaces are easy to clean and do not deform over time.

Another important advantage is that the wicker base is well combined with other materials from natural wood and expensive textiles to glass and plastic. Typically, designers recommend installing small chairs, complementing the situation with miniature glass tables, as well as shelves made of wood. Special charm give fresh flowers.



Interesting ideas

Today you can find some rather unusual products that allow you to beautify the balcony in a particularly progressive and original way. For example, insulated furniture for the balcony. Cabinets with insulation are used in cold loggias to store vegetables, fruits, canned goods and other products that do not tolerate cold.