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Glowing tiles: a fashion trend in landscape design (20 photos)


Glowing tiles, paving stones and decorative stones - a new delicacy, gaining popularity in modern landscape designers. Interesting materials that can glow in the dark, are used both for upgrading suburban areas, and for decoration inside the premises themselves.



Bright accents of landscape design

Garden paths are an important element at the dacha, performing both aesthetic functions and practical tasks. They should be durable and comfortable. At night it is customary to use lamps that illuminate the area near the house, and most importantly the paths themselves.

However, the lamp illumination is not always economically beneficial, and aesthetically it is not always possible to correctly combine the functional qualities and the stylistic concept of landscape design. The use of light bars will solve a lot of difficulties, incidentally decorating the courtyard with an extraordinary decor.

Consider, first of all, tiles for outdoor use. In composition, they are of two main types:

  • Homogeneous (the phosphor is mixed with translucent materials in the very first stages of creating decorative elements);
  • Laminated (components that can glow in the dark, applied only on the top layer of the product or even on a specific area of ​​the tile).

During the day, the installation looks like a regular pavement. The sun's rays can slightly illuminate the coating, however, it is slightly noticeable. At night, on the site is formed a uniform soft glow from the paths.

When it comes to luminescence through phosphor, the intensity of the radiation at night will change. It all depends on how quickly the energy accumulated during the day will go. The first 3-4 hours of the most intense coverage. Then the brightness will gradually decrease.




Tiles by type of luminous components

Glowing pavement tiles are sold in most building stores. Also, such an unusual decor can be created personally, armed with the necessary knowledge. According to the type of luminous substance laid in the basis of the products, all types of finishing materials are divided into the following categories:

  • Light reflectors. On the surface of the finished product put paint, saturated with pigments, reflectors. Such substances are used on the road to distinguish movement. In landscape design, this technique is also popular. This decor will last no more than 5 years. With enhanced operation of about 2. Then you will need to update the coverage;
  • Pavement luminescent. The composition of the tile includes phosphor. He is able to absorb the light of the day, "giving" it at night;
  • Transparent plastic interspersed with pigment-phosphor;
  • Fluorescent tiles - products that contain in their composition ultraviolet paint.

The latter option is not very common. This is due to the fact that this tile is characterized by poor performance. In addition, in order to achieve luminescence, it is necessary to equip the site with ultraviolet blue lamps. Only they can "turn on" the UV illumination.



Types of tiles for interior decoration

For the arrangement of any premises is also often practiced the introduction of luminous elements. They decorate the interior, allow you to enhance the illusion that is created by the designer. For example, imitate the cosmic sky, the lights of the night city and other interesting installations.

For interior use LED designs and light accumulating paints. Consider the main nuances.



LED lights

Design with LEDs are often used in the house. However, with a professional approach to the formation of landscape design, you can safely use LEDs for external appearance.

To mount the luminous elements, they use a pulsed source, a switch or relay system, as well as wires and a moisture insulation system. Such decorative delights are characterized by extremely low energy consumption, long service life and absolute safety for a person both indoors and outdoors.

Glowing pavement tiles on the street can be used in unlimited quantities. Inside the house of these elements usually create interesting installations of small size.

Stones for decoration, purchased in the store, as well as made by hand, can be placed in transparent dishes of the original form and placed on the window. In the bathroom, it is possible to coat individual elements of the tile with special paint or to form an original pattern of homogeneous products. Thus, you can take a bath with the lights off, enjoying a light relaxing glow. If the country house has a swimming pool, sauna or other water locations, the use of luminous decor is also fully justified.

In the children's room, you can decorate the door or make an original drawing on the floor. These unusual luminous elements will fulfill the role of a lamp. A child who is afraid of the dark, it will be much easier to relax in this setting.

Production and operation

Paving slabs, glowing in the dark, technologically no different from other products of this kind with the exception of a number of nuances. In the process of creating elements for finishing it is necessary to form several layers:

  • Basic (work with cement-sand mixture using vibropress);
  • Upper (translucent polymer mass with phosphor additive).

These types of products are distinguished by special functionality. The decorative layer will not be erased too quickly, and also will not suffer from prolonged exposure to moisture.



Nuances of working with polymers

As an analogue of traditional materials for the creation of finishing materials using plexiglass, plexiglass, polystyrene, as well as a number of other transparent polymeric compositions. At the stage of melting, a certain dose of components is added to the mass, which will provide luminescence of products at night.

In places where a high level of load is noted, as well as the danger of mechanical damage to the coating is observed, this type of product is not used. Typically, the material is beneficial for upgrading areas of luxury sanatorium recreation centers, for the decoration of country cottages or private households.



Interesting feature

Tile for exterior finishes with phosphor has one interesting quality. It interacts amazingly with the forces of nature.

When there is a thunderstorm outside, electromagnetic discharges from frequent lightning can charge the backlight with an unprecedented power. Such a glow from the sidewalk can last for more than 12 hours, shining unusually bright and intense.

An interesting fact is that the phosphor is incredibly durable. The paint is able to maintain its quality over two hundred years. In fact, over time, the destruction of polymer elements will begin, the sand-cement mixtures will begin to crumble and deform, but the luminous fragments with the phosphor will continue to perform all their functions.

Decorate the luminous decor area can not only with tiles. Decorative stones decorate the landscape in minutes. It is only important to have a good idea and inspiration to work with the decor.