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Features of the use of wallpaper Lincrusta: useful recommendations (25 photos)


Linkrust is a high quality decorative material used to decorate walls in various rooms. This material was created by an English factory specialist, Frederick Walton. In ancient times, this material was presented in the form of plastic mass, which consists of flax oil, sawdust, chalk, wax and many other components. This mass was applied to the wall with a given relief, and after solidification, the pattern was maintained.



Advantages of linkrust wallpaper

Today Lincrusta wallpapers are in high demand in the consumer market. They are predominantly of synthetic origin. Sometimes in the process of manufacturing this material used vegetable oils. The composition of the wallpaper of this type may include wood, cork flour, coloring pigments, various plasticizers. Some manufacturers in the process of manufacturing this type of wallpaper choose only natural ingredients. This material is completely harmless to health and does not cause allergies. Linkrust wallpaper in the interior of various types have a large number of advantages:

  • This is a great alternative to expensive moldings. This material is able to maintain relief.
  • Ability to use on surfaces of various types. Such wallpaper can be easily applied even on an uneven surface.
  • The ability to withstand temperature changes.
  • Ease of installation and ease of maintenance.
  • Long operational life.




Wallpaper making technology

The production technology of wallpaper of this type involves the sequential implementation of several stages. All components of the decorative layer are carefully screened and mixed. The result is a plastic mass, which subsequently must be applied to the base. To the base is fixed with a glue hardened gel layer.



To create the necessary pattern, specialists use special rollers. The roll is thoroughly dried. This process can be carried out for several months. After that, these wallpapers go on sale. Qualitatively dried wallpaper has a high level of strength and durability. Often Lincrusta wallpapers are made to order. The relief is selected taking into account individual preferences of the client.



Structurally wallpaper of this type consists of three main layers:

  • The basis on which the mass is applied. It can be paper, fabric or non-woven.
  • Decorative gel layer. It can be natural or synthetic. Gel for wallpaper is made based on the use of linseed oil. It is mixed, as a rule, with wax, rosin or chalk.
  • Paint. The decorative layer can have the most various color palette.



The reason for the universality of wallpaper Lincrusta

The composition of this type of wallpaper, in general, remained unchanged. Synthetic wallpapers are cheaper than natural options. Natural wallpaper, however, have many advantages. First of all, I would like to note that this is an environmentally friendly material. A large number of natural materials, as before, are made by hand.

It should be noted that linkrust type wallpapers are expensive. In this regard, their choice must be approached especially carefully. Pay attention to the manufacturer where the link cruise roll was made. Such a manufacturer as the United Kingdom has proven itself very well. This country is a trendsetter.

When buying it is recommended to carefully evaluate the appearance of the canvas. Modern wallpaper can easily imitate a wide variety of tree species: stone, metal, textiles and natural leather. You can choose for yourself the best solution.

It is necessary to choose the wallpaper, taking into account the design ideas of the room. The market offers a wide range of colors and textures. There are many exquisite and intricate designs. These wallpapers can successfully compete with the usual decorative panels.



Nuances of wallpapering

If you chose Lincrusta-type wallpapers, then you will need to familiarize yourself with information on how to glue them. This process is complex and requires adherence to a large number of important nuances. If you are doing this for the first time, then it is better to ask professionals to help in this matter. Gluing wallpaper from Linkrusta implies the observance of certain successive stages.

Preparatory stage

It is to check the quality of the wallpaper. They must be free from any flaws or defects. All rolls must have the same part numbers. If you find defects in the material, you can always contact the supplier and replace it with another. Next, we prepare the surface for work. It is necessary to remove the old wallpaper from the wall. All irregularities must be removed.

We putty and polish the surface. Some artists recommend to finish the walls with a deep penetration primer for this type of wallpaper. This will greatly facilitate the installation process.



The implementation of the cutting wallpaper

We cut off the roll of the required parameters, leaving 3-5 centimeters in reserve. On the wrong side, you will need to specify the numbering of the strip in order not to confuse further. On both sides it is necessary to detect marker stripes. It is necessary to cut off the special technological tides. On both lanes you will need to carefully combine the pattern ornament. It is extremely important to check that the pattern on the wallpaper matches. Otherwise, you can not successfully solve the decorative problem.