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Curtains on arched windows: how to choose the right (23 photos)


The windows in the form of arches look elegant and noble, according to statistics, these are the second most popular types of windows after square. If a beautiful panorama opens from the window, the opening may not be decorated with textiles. However, most people appreciate privacy, protection from prying eyes and comfort, besides properly selected curtains will be able to complement the basic stylist in interior design.



Choosing the right curtains for arched windows is not an easy task, but it can be done. First of all, you should decide on the geometry of the windows in the form of an arch, the most common are two forms: classical and arcuate.



Mounting options

The correct choice of the curtain mounting option is no less important, since it is an opportunity to visually expand the room, add lighting to it, or, conversely, select a specific area.

One of the most popular types of fastening is hanging curtains below the arched bend. Thus, the upper arched part of the window remains open, which means that more natural light enters the room. The curtains for such an attachment can be selected classic straight, and even in a drawn state, non-standard window geometry will be visible, emphasizing the elegance of the interior and its originality. And if you give preference to light and weightless curtains in bright colors, then the lighting in the room will only increase.



There are also negative aspects of such anchoring: if the room is not high, then the curtains can visually make it even lower, especially if they are thick curtains of dark tones.

Fastening curtains over the window construction is most suitable for low spaces, because it is an additional opportunity to visually increase the height of the room.

Here are just curtained arched windows with straight massive curtains will be completely hidden. This mounting option is universal, here both classic straight curtains and other models are suitable: roller blinds, patchwork, drapery, etc. You can complement selected curtains with accessories: rings, special loops, etc.



No less popular is the mount along the inner contour, directly into the arch. Such a hanging curtains can not just save, but also emphasize the geometry of the window. For this type of fastening, you can choose both long curtains and shorter ones, using additional accessories. And in order to achieve maximum illumination, it is best to leave the bottom of the window open.



Mobile curtains

The most convenient are mobile curtains, with which you can easily and quickly hide from prying eyes through a special design. The mechanism can be both automated and manual. Choosing an automated view of mobile curtains, they can even be controlled using the remote control, tablet or smartphone. The form of the eaves can be both straight and repeating the bending of the arches. The most suitable types of curtains for this design are:

  • roller blinds;
  • Roman curtains;
  • english curtains;
  • Australian curtains.

The main focus should be on the selection of beautiful textiles, its color and stylistic design, harmoniously complementing the interior room.

Having decided on the main type of arched window, as well as fastening the eaves, you can proceed to the selection of curtains directly. And the main criterion here is compliance with the stylistic decision of the interior.



For eco-style, bamboo curtains or blinds made of natural wood would be ideal. A good choice would be the curtains of natural large-textured flax, which can be presented in the form of Roman curtains.



The design of the window opening in classical variations - baroque, modern or classical - implies the presence of curtains of massive and expensive materials. It can be velvet, rather dense natural silk, satin or taffeta in dark and saturated colors; it is possible that there are characteristic monogram patterns on the fabric, as well as additional accessories in the form of loops.



For such styles as Provence, Country or Chebbi is characterized by lighter materials. Curtains can be made of organza, tulle, light silk, chiffon, mainly in bright colors, a small floral or pea print is permissible.