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Hallway design: how to make beautiful, modern and functional (56 photos)

Thinking through the design of the hallway in a private house or a small apartment, you need to remember about the purpose of this room. Here we go from the street in dirty shoes, here we leave outerwear, umbrellas and hats. For the design of such a room you need to use high-quality finishing materials that are not afraid of moisture and dirt. And, of course, it is important to find a place to install storage systems. The design of the hallway should first be functional, and then beautiful.

The choice of finishing materials for the design of the hallway

If you want the design of the corridor in the apartment to please you, use to create it finishing materials that:

  • harmless;
  • easy to clean;
  • not afraid of prolonged exposure to moisture;
  • are inexpensive.

A very practical option for decorating the floor in the hallway will be the use of:

  • linoleum;
  • artificial stone;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • ceramic granite;
  • natural stone.

On the floor in the hallway is better not to put parquet or laminate. Even if the material is of good quality, from prolonged exposure to moisture, it can swell and deform. Moreover, with a stone, even a small corridor will look very presentable. The design of the floor in the hallway can also be made original: combine tiles of different colors and make a complex geometric pattern from it.

The color of the walls in the hallway can be any - it all depends on the lighting, the size of the room and your style preferences. Another thing is important: the walls must be finished with moisture-resistant wallpaper or use high-quality paint. The design of the walls in the hallway should not be too complicated. Most often in small rooms use wallpaper without a pattern that allows you to focus on furniture and decorative details. If you want to visually change the space, suitable wallpaper with stripes, floral or geometric print.

What should be in each hallway?

Thinking through the modern design of the hallway, you must find a place in it for several items that will make it functional. So, in the corridor should be:

  • cupboard;
  • mirror;
  • shoemaker;
  • ottoman or chair;
  • door mat;
  • multi-level lighting;
  • decorative items.

The choice of furniture depends on the size of the room. If the area allows, you can install a closet in the entire wall, in which not only the outerwear, but also a huge amount of other things can be removed. In large hallways they also put shoes in which you can immediately store several dozen pairs of shoes.

For a small hallway in a one-bedroom apartment will fit a corner wardrobe. It takes up little space, but has a good capacity. In any hallway, regardless of the style of the interior and area, there should be a mirror. It is necessary not only to look at it before the exit - the mirrors visually increase the area of ​​any room and make it cozy.

Design features of a small hallway

The design of a small hallway should be special, because every square centimeter is important here. There are low ceilings and a narrow corridor in small apartments, so when developing a design project, you should immediately abandon large-sized furniture and decor items. Corridor design styles can be any, but if you do not live in a huge house, it is better to forget about pompousness and chic.

Design a narrow corridor can be done in the Scandinavian or minimalist style, or any other, which welcomes the rejection of all that is superfluous. For example, the Scandinavian style involves the use of open storage systems. And if there is no extra space in the room at all, in such a hallway, instead of a closet, you can install an open hanger.

The design of the hallway in a small apartment can be made in the African, Japanese or eco-style. They are suitable in that they imply minimalism and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The interiors of these styles are not overloaded with unnecessary details, and every thing has its place.

Design a small hallway in the Khrushchev better to start with redevelopment, but if you can not tear down the walls, then you have to work with what is. For wall decoration in a small room, it is recommended to use light colors:

  • Gray;
  • sand;
  • creamy;
  • beige;
  • pastel gamut.

A room of even small size in such tones will seem more spacious. The design of a small corridor should not be done in white. Although he expands the space, but on white is very noticeable dirt. Excellent design of the corridor in Khrushchev will work if you use stretch ceilings and mirrors. The stretch fabric has a glossy shine, due to which the height of the ceiling visually rises.

The design of a small corridor in the apartment should be carefully considered. The color of the floor is very important here. For it you need to choose a coating of a darker shade than the wall. You need to immediately abandon the black and dark brown - these colors are suitable for the design of a large hallway. The design of the hallway in bright colors will always be a better option. Improper use of dark colors can ruin the interior of even a large room.

The hallway will become visually larger if every corner of it is lit, so in small rooms you need to have several bright lamps and wall lamps under the ceiling to create a more intimate atmosphere.

We think over the design of a narrow corridor

If the corridor in the hallway is long, it should be visually zoned. This can be done using lighting or color. The choice of wardrobe for such a corridor depends on the area of ​​the apartment. If there is a lot of space, then you can take only a part of a long wall with a closet, and next to it make several niches of plasterboard into which to put decor objects. In small apartments in a long corridor put the closet from wall to wall. The design of a long and narrow corridor implies the presence of a large number of mirrors with which you can push the space. Several doors in the closet should be mirrored, and on the opposite wall you can hang a mirror in a beautiful frame.

The arch will perfectly fit into the design of a long corridor in the apartment. It can be made instead of the door to the kitchen or living room, and then the interior will look more organic. An interesting solution will be the design of a corridor with a staircase - the interior will look complete if both the staircase and the furniture are made of the same material.

To make the room more square, you can use dark colors to decorate walls and furniture. The design of a narrow corridor in the apartment is often done in bright colors. Then it seems longer and more spacious, which is also important for many. Design ideas narrow corridor can be viewed from modern designers. Those who are not ready for experiments will like the design of the hallway in a classic style. The walls are decorated with wallpaper without a pattern or in a vertical strip, on the floor - stone or linoleum of warm light shades. Furniture and decorative items also calm tones.

Connoisseurs of modern trends in art will like the design of the hallway in black and white. So, the floor imitating a chessboard will ideally fit into the design of a long hallway.

The design of the long corridor and the design of the square hallway can be complemented by the right lighting. In a square room under the ceiling, you can hang a crystal chandelier and highlight a mirror, a banquette, niches with spotlights. Proper zoning with light will make any room more comfortable. For a long corridor, a chandelier will not work - it is illuminated by ceiling lights and wall lamps located around the perimeter.

Modern design of the corridor can be done in an apartment of any size. If you live in Khrushchev, it does not mean that you need to surround yourself with old things and not make repairs. On the contrary, today the design of the hall in a modern style involves the use of natural materials, the installation of functional furniture and the rejection of unnecessary interior items. You can opt for any style, not just minimalism or Scandinavian popular today, something else is important. The interior of the hallway needs to be thought out in detail, and then the whole apartment will become more comfortable.