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A gift for February 14 with their own hands: 9 beautiful ideas for creative people (108 photos)

Once again remind a loved one of their feelings would be appropriate precisely on Valentine's Day. A present for lovers and relatives on this day should be chosen as carefully as possible. Deciding to make a gift on February 14 with your own hands, it will not be difficult to surprise the other half and once again show how expensive it is. A few original ideas for Valentine's Day, described below, will make the romantic holiday memorable.

DIY frame

Preparing a gift for a guy on February 14 is not difficult if you choose a frame for photos as a surprise. Deciding to decorate it yourself, you can easily surprise your loved one. For example, before you make crafts, take a wooden frame, glue and puzzles. Stick the mosaic on the contour in a chaotic manner, it will turn out even more interesting. When the puzzles dry up, pick up a joint photo that will appeal to your loved one. This hand-made hack will definitely delight your spouse.

Love Tree for February 14

Very simple, but at the same time an interesting gift - a tree of love. In order to make crafts you will need a frame, cardboard, colored paper and PVA glue. Cut out a tree trunk and leaves. A heart is cut out of paper if desired. Then the application is glued to the cardboard, the heart can be placed in the center of the tree. The picture will turn out even more voluminous if, before gluing the leaves, bend them in half and glue them only in the center. Such a small surprise, if desired, is complemented by the names of lovers, for example: "Anton + Dasha".

Beautiful magnets do it yourself

Enough to look organically enough for February 14 with your own hands, decorated in the form of decorative magnets. Handing an unusual gift is appropriate for a beloved man, girlfriend or even mother. It will be easier to make magnets if you pre-purchase transparent stones for aquarium decoration at a pet store, magazine clippings, scissors, small magnets and transparent glue.

Making the idea a reality is pretty easy. From a newspaper, magazine or photo, cut a piece suitable for the size of a pebble. After that, drop a transparent glue on the picture and attach a pebble on top. It is important to ensure that the picture is completely adjacent to the stone, so that there are no bubbles. A magnet is glued to the glue behind the stone - a little surprise is ready!

Painting - a great gift for the holiday

A picture made with your own hands will be a good present for your loved one and an ideal decoration of the room. Even a beginner will be able to paint a picture on his own if he is provided with patience and necessary items. Making a picture will be easier if you first take a plastic bottle, drawing paper, frame, black and pink paint, a plastic plate.

In order to prepare a gift for your husband on February 14 (or wife) you will need:

  1. Draw a black branch of a tree with branching on Whatman paper. The clarity of the lines is not so important here;
  2. Dip the bottom of the bottle in pink paint and alternately place the bottle near the branches. You can make very beautiful sakura flowers;
  3. When the picture dries, insert it into the frame and hand it to a dear person.

Garden composition with your own hands

It would be appropriate to give such a gift to a girl on February 14 or make a small green garden with your own hands to your mother. Place the garden-composition, where they will be planted real natural flowers, conveniently on the refrigerator. Before making crafts, prepare corks from under wine bottles of different sizes, a small amount of earth, magnets and plant sprouts. You will also need a penknife and a screwdriver.

Prepare such a nice gift will be as follows:

  • Using a screwdriver, make a small hole in the traffic jams (the walls should remain intact). Then with a penknife, increase the groove;
  • Glue a magnet carefully to each cork at the back;
  • Put some soil in the middle of the hole in the traffic jam. After that, carefully plant the plant spike in the hole;
  • When the pots are ready, it will only be nice to place them on the fridge. A creative mini-garden will help to tell a girl or mother about great love and respect.

How to make a postcard on February 14?

A universal option as the main gift or addition to it will be postcards for February 14 with your own hands. Volumetric exposures for the holiday will look very cute. It is easy to make crafts yourself using the quilling technique. This technique involves winding colored stripes on a pencil and creating a volume postcard from these elements.

Before you prepare your own postcard on February 14, you need to take cardboard, colored paper, pencil, scissors and glue. First of all, draw a heart on cardboard or stick it out of paper. In the second case, cut two thin strips (white) and attach them to the base, making the edging. Then cut the red strips of paper and twist them on a pencil, put them in the middle of the heart. When using a pencil, wrap strips of pink paper and glue elements (in the form of small hearts) to the side of the main figure. Crafts are ready!

Handmade coffee postcards for Valentine's Day look no less advantageous. You can give crafts as parents and loved one on February 14. If, together with a homemade postcard, you still hand over a jar of aromatic coffee, then the effect of the gift will not be long in coming.

It is rather simple to make an original card. Prepare a beautiful colored cardboard. Using a small amount of coffee beans, place the heart in the center of the paper. In the form of a heart, it is also important to lay out buttons (the second row). Thus, the heart, made by yourself, will look like this: the edging and the middle of the grains, in the center - the buttons (the total is a heart in three rows). You can add a finished postcard with a ribbon at the bottom, and two small hearts made of colored paper can be cut and pasted on top.

A volumetric valentine in the shape of a heart is another relevant option for a gift. Before making take paper, thread and prepare colored glossy paper. On the background can be depicted hearts or lovers giraffe (any other animals).

Valentine is made according to this scheme:

  • In the middle of the paper (plain white) cut a neat symmetrical heart;
  • From above on a basis paste a color background;
  • Cut out small rectangles from colored paper, write a letter on each of them - as a result you get the word "LOVE". Then carefully glue them on a string;
  • Using scissors, cut two large rectangles and fold them in the form of a small accordion, they will serve as a stand;
  • Glue the lettering thread onto the postcard. They should be located in the center of the cut heart. Glue the previously prepared stand below.

You can make any postcard not only in the form of a rectangle with a beautiful design, but also in the shape of a heart. Handicraft decorated with various decorative elements will always look aesthetically pleasing.

A bank with love confessions

As the practice of love relationships shows, declarations of love should not be enough. Hearts and cards are not the only way to talk about your feelings. No less cute will look self-prepared bank with love notes. You can present a present with 100 notes to your beloved boyfriend as well as to the girlfriend.

Pre-write 100 things for which you love the second half. Make a list before this, so as not to repeat. Fold the notes in the harmonica and place in a beautiful glass jar. Additionally, if desired, decorate the container with hearts or ribbons. A loved one can read confessions and compliments in one day or stretch this pleasant process for a week. Delight and surprise guaranteed!

Memorial jar of memories

Another unusual gift idea for February 14 with your own hands is "canned memories." Prepare photos, small things and other attributes that will remind you of a happy day or date. It can be a photograph, sand, a feather, dried flowers, pebbles. Beautifully arrange the prepared elements in a jar and close the lid. Choose a refined gift box to make the gift as memorable as possible.

Romantic breakfast on February 14

Breakfast in bed will help give your love and tell about feelings to a dear person. This is the best way to cheer up the soulmate or parents. Fried eggs, heart-shaped chocolate muffins, croissants or pancakes with berries - all this will look appropriate on a beautifully decorated table. If desired, it is very easy to make a gift together, prepare food, and then feed each other from the hands. This gesture will look especially romantic.

Before you make a gift with your own hands, you need to first think about what taste preferences and preferences a loved one has. Any crafts will appeal to the second half, if it is done with the soul! You can share your respect and love not only with your partner, but also with your parents or girlfriend. A pleasant gesture on Valentine's Day will delight dear people. Those who do not know how to please a dear person should pay attention to a homemade postcard.