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Blue curtains: the best options for the design of apartments (27 photos)


Stylish and original interior involves the use of curtains. Even the stylistic directions, where an abundance of textiles for windows is not welcome (for example, the Scandinavian style, where roller blinds are strictly forbidden), still implies the presence of at least minimal decoration for window openings.



The curtains on the grommets, curtains, light openwork compositions, massive lambrequins, minimalist canvases bleat - among the variety of types, types and designs it is not easy to find the option that will give a special aesthetics and comfort in the apartments. Start your search is the selection of the base color.

The whole blue palette exudes a special cold, restraint. Curtains of blue color personify aristocracy, refinement, special laconic charm. In an unnecessarily dark room, they will look gloomy and inappropriate, and if you put such textiles in the sunny kitchen or come up with an interesting composition in the interior of the living room, flooded with sunlight, the flow and atmosphere will change dramatically.



If the room is usually quite dark (north side) or the room is small in size, blue curtains should be “diluted” with other elements that are brighter and warmer. Another option is to abandon the classic rich blue canvas in favor of lighter tones of the sky palette. In this case, gentle green curtains with blue and aquamarine inclusions will look good.

The color palette is quite rich and will allow you to choose the perfect blue shade that really allows you to solve the set design problems. Do not assume that the celestial tones are limited to pure blue, dark blue and aquamarine tones.



Win-win color duets

Dark blue curtains or a composition with light curtains of indigo tone are quite tolerant in terms of color combinations.

Always harmoniously and easily looks textiles of pure blue tone with shades of the same spectrum (turquoise, violet, lavender shades).

Neutral look blue Roman blinds or other similar "heavenly" textiles with related tones: green, white, all shades of gray and beige. Duets with sunny, red, purple tones deserve special attention. Such a combination can be just perfect or ruin a carefully thought-out and harmonious composition.



Valuable advice

In order not to make a mistake, you can always use combinations that have become a win-win classic:

  • Blue and white curtains look together in a stylish, harmonious, airy way. They bring lightness, some freshness to the interior. Similar colors are combined in the most different variations: stripes, patterns, ethnic ornaments, ornaments with flowers and various animalistics or a strict geometric pattern;
  • Blue canvas on the windows and yellow, lemon or orange elements - a bright and very positive version. Suitable for such curtains in the nursery, in the kitchen or in a miniature living room. However, excessive creativity can always be abandoned in favor of more comfortable and relaxing compositions. For example, sandy yellow curtains and blue textiles or green curtains with an olive tint and aquamarine accents will create an interesting design in the Mediterranean, beach, tropical styles;
  • Blue roller blinds with a floral print or pink accents may seem like an unnecessary unusual combination, but this opinion is wrong. This is a win-win combination. Blue "pessimist" and pink "optimist" ideally complement each other, balance the room, make the interior in the living room or hall more complete and perfect. It is better to choose light curtains on the grommets or not very thick curtains.
  • Blue curtains on the grommet or suspensions with red elements - this is not an easy composition, but captivating in its richness. To make the composition look a bit more restrained, you can add accessories with beige ornament or dark accessories (for example, chocolate or dark emerald).





If the bedroom for households is the realm of sleep and peace, then the blackout curtains (blue, indigo and aquamarine) are the perfect solution. Dark blue curtains with gold, beige, pastel patterns will create a mood of special relaxation, peace, comfort.



If expensive dense fabrics like velvet and brocade were used for tailoring curtains in the interior, it will be possible to hide from the light even on the most sunny day. Always in the intimate setting of the bedroom, green curtains with curtains or light airy elements of blue and aquamarine look good.



The main rule: the finished composition should not irritate, cause too violent reaction, cut eyes. For example, gold curtains with blue elements or aquamarine curtains and lemon large prints would be inappropriate.



Living room

Rolled curtains of blue, close to aquamarine or even bottle green, will create an atmosphere of friendliness and ease in the living room. Gray curtains or curtains saturated plum tones can be "cheer up" gold monograms. Such a decorative reception will look luxurious in a hall, stylized rococo or baroque.

Designers recommend not to abuse the heavenly shades in the interior. However, if blue-colored roller blinds are chosen, it is best if there is another decor in the same tone in the room. It is preferable to choose small attributes: picture frames, souvenirs, pots or pots with flowers.

For the children's room, it is better to choose roller blinds or hanging curtains with bright color accents. The selection of textiles largely depends on what kind of design idea was originally set.
For example, for the future captain you can create a real cabin by using striped curtains. For a young princess more suitable curtains on the sky blue grommets or even with a pattern imitating a cloudy sky.