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Scandinavian bedroom - concise design style, creating a simple comfort (29 photos)


Severe winters, cloudy and rainy days for the most part of the year were for the inhabitants of the Nordic countries to fall in love with the abundance of natural light in their homes. They began to use white shades in the interiors and bright design elements that bring a sense of freedom and openness to any room. Increasingly, residents and our latitudes began to appreciate the space, simplicity and practicality in the arrangement of the bedroom. That Scandinavian style allows you to create affordable interiors, attracting concise beauty.



The basic rule of design of this style is a little furniture and bright colors and a lot of free space. Moreover, this requirement is observed in the design of any premises, regardless of the purpose - a children's bedroom in the Scandinavian style or a kitchen.

Color palette in the finish

The snow-white finish of the ceiling and walls has become a hallmark of the design of the Scandinavian interior. This design performs several functions at the same time: it visually expands the space, adds light to the room and serves as an excellent background for the decoration of the bedroom with bright details. Perhaps someone white surface seem too cold and austere. In this case, it is appropriate to add to the color design - warm colors (beige, sand, light peach), but the use of strong color contrasts - pictures in black frames, furniture of dark shades, will only increase the coolness of white.



In the decoration of the walls almost no wallpaper is used, the main materials are decorative plaster or monochrome painting. In case of snow-white wall decoration, bright decor of one wall is considered acceptable. The bedroom in the Scandinavian style, as a rule, is decorated with photo murals or an art gallery located on the wall behind the headboard. Depending on the location of the elements and the content of the wallpaper, such a technique can visually change the geometry of the room: expand the walls or raise the ceiling. An interesting idea of ​​the wall decor is imitation of brickwork (of course, white).




Bedroom lighting

To ensure uniform light in sufficient quantity, it is recommended to use several levels of illumination. The main role is played by the chandelier, and when choosing ceiling lights it is recommended to pay attention to products with simple shapes (cylinder, cone). Lighting in the bedside area is optional. For comfortable reading or viewing magazines, it is enough to attach small sconces to the wall. Also, the bedroom in the Scandinavian style looks cozy with small table lamps and compact floor lamps. To ensure functionality, it is better to install models that are adjustable in height or angle of the ceiling.



Bedroom furniture in the Scandinavian style

The design of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style, a central place in the interior highlights for the bed. The main criteria for the selection of models - the functionality and environmental friendliness of materials (using light wood - pine, birch). Models may have modest size and low beds. The presence of built-in drawers for linen is a significant advantage. By tradition, the headboard leans against the wall. Coffee tables, baskets with lids, or even stools quite successfully cope with the role of bedside tables.

A small bedroom in the Scandinavian style does not involve the installation of bulky closets. The interior is more located to the arrangement of light, concise designs, so the use of niches, mobile hangers, decorative stairs is encouraged. Outdoor storage is becoming increasingly popular due to the possibility of quick wardrobe collection and easy access to clothing.

Open book shelves are placed along empty walls. As the decor also use a variety of hanging furniture: cabinets, bookshelves.



The basic principles of creating the atmosphere in the Scandinavian style - objects take up a minimum of space and necessarily perform some specific functions. In general, furniture for Scandinavian interiors of the bedroom is selected classic forms, covered with white paint (as an option - with scuffs). Chairs or ottomans upholstered with textiles of pastel shades with a checkered or striped pattern.



Textile accessories and decor

Of course, all the materials that fill the bedroom, must be natural. Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is organically complemented by flax, cotton, wool. Bed linen is desirable to choose monophonic, preferably white. As an option, you can lay sets with a small strip, cage. Soft and pleasant to the touch textures of woolen blankets, fur pads and shag rugs will create warmth and coziness in the bedroom.




Fully emphasized Scandinavian mood relevant additions:

  • reproductions and photographs decorated in black and white frames;
  • medium-sized fresh flowers in neat monochromatic pots;
  • carpets of small geometric shapes with a long nap.

There is not much natural light in Scandinavian bedrooms, so large and open windows, as a rule, do not curtain. Lovers of light morning dusk can be advised to install roller blinds or light curtains that simply move to the sides. The ideal material for curtains is muslin, muslin, and it is advisable to choose an ornament that looks like furniture upholstery.

When decorating the bedroom is recommended not to overdo it with paints, after all, this style is more inherent restraint in the color palette, a minimum of jewelry.




The basic rules of the interior of the Scandinavian style

Such a design can be attributed to the budget options due to brevity, simplicity and the use of low-cost natural materials. By fulfilling simple requirements, you can create a Scandinavian-style living room interiors or bedrooms without the help of designers:

  • simple layout (convenient location of furniture items), placement of the most necessary items and their functionality will ensure maximum preservation of free space;
  • finishing done in light pastel colors. The predominant color is white. It is acceptable to add bright colors on one wall. The ideal flooring option is natural wood of light colors;
  • the decor and decor are selected on the basis of the functional significance of objects. Selected similar pieces of furniture. Some models of chairs, lamps were created by designers in the 60s and remain relevant and in demand until now;
  • natural fabrics are selected in neutral colors, and bright accents create textiles of individual items (pillows, carpets). For pillowcases decorative pillows it is appropriate to use fabrics with an ornament or a pattern of snowflakes.




The Scandinavian style is optimally suited for interior design of apartments of any layout, both standard (Khrushchev) and improved. The design of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style is focused primarily on ensuring a comfortable daily life, so comfort, originality and originality of the situation, as well as the absence of difficulties during cleaning are guaranteed.