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Making the window without curtains: ideas for decoration (23 photos)


Most people are of the opinion that it is impossible to create a cozy atmosphere in a house without traditional curtains on the windows. Indeed, properly selected and tailored textiles can radically transform a room, correctly place accents, serve as a bright spot in the room, darken or, conversely, visually make the room brighter and higher. However, this rule works with the same success in the opposite direction: tasteless curtains or inappropriate lambrequins can spoil the whole impression of the most harmonious interior.



Making windows with curtains or not is a rather subjective question, which is definitely impossible to answer. However, one can definitely say that the mandatory decoration of the window with textiles is a stereotype that has long outlived its usefulness.



Alternative to curtains

It is no secret that in addition to the aesthetic decorative function, curtains have an important practical value. They help us protect ourselves from the bright merciless sun or the curious glances of neighbors and passersby. Half a century ago, this seemed like an unsolvable problem, and it would be an eccentric and thoughtless decision to refuse curtains. Today, technical capabilities have made a huge leap forward. This allows you to find an alternative to the usual curtains without compromising the functional features and appearance of the window opening. You can choose one of the options currently available:

  • matte film, glued to the glass surface in a few moments;
  • more complex energy-saving sunscreens that are applied to glass;
  • frosted light-scattering glass, the use of which does not damage the quality of the illumination of the room;
  • mirror glass, allowing you to completely hide from outside views;
  • color tinted glass;
  • electrochromatic glass.

The last option is the most expensive, but rightfully claims to be called one of the latest technical innovations. One has only to use the control panel, and your seemingly ordinary glass turns into completely opaque.



Window decoration options

So, too bright sunshine, unsightly view from the window or excessive curiosity of passers - no longer a problem. The next question is how harmoniously the window without curtains in the interior looks.



The main trend in the decoration of window openings is the preservation of natural sunlight and maximum openness of the interior. Heavy textile compositions, bulky multi-layer curtains can visually burden a room. The idea that the window is in itself a beautiful room decoration is becoming increasingly popular. Suffice it to put some accents.

A good option to give comfort and convenience to space - accommodation in the area of ​​the window sill loungers or soft seats. This method of decoration is especially important for small rooms, when space is undesirable to overload with unnecessary furniture. In addition, this detail will help create a comfortable relaxing atmosphere.

To eliminate the effect of an empty window, you can resort to the design of the glass with a false binding. Such a decor can be quite popular in some styles, as the double-glazed window acquires similarity with the usual wooden window of a country house.



There is also an original window decoration method, which is especially popular in Scandinavia.

Instead of textile decorations on the windowsill are original decorative compositions. They can vary depending on the mood of the owner or the time of year, the set of figures is selected with a special meaning, the appearance of the composition is thought out to the smallest detail.

Such installations are visually assessed both indoors and from the street, so with this approach it is important to show restraint and taste. Otherwise, there is a chance to turn the window sill into a dump of unnecessary trash, which will spoil the look of the entire interior.

Double glazing

Decorate the window in several ways. It can be a decoration of slopes, decoration of the adjacent walls with a decorative stone, decoration of the glass unit. In cases where there is no desire to overload the window sill, or it is too narrow for this, you can use one of the following decor options:

  • Stained glass;
  • Decorative stickers;
  • Use of screens;
  • Rolling shutters;
  • Beads;
  • Decorative slopes;
  • Works of art, handmade and more.

As previously described methods, these design options will help get rid of the feeling of excessive emptiness in the interior.

Using decorative adhesive film, everyone can realize their artistic talent. A wide range of stickers for glass surfaces is presented in modern building stores. Window design can easily be updated with enviable regularity, since the film is removed without much difficulty, leaving no adhesive traces.



Another window design option is manual or mechanical shutters. The canvas with various patterns will allow you to place bright accents in the interior, create your own window to Venice, Paris or a secluded village in the mountains. In addition, some of the enhanced roller shutter systems have a security function and can prevent the apartment from being hacked.



Some designers offer to use for the design of the window opening objects of art. Subtle creative personalities will certainly appreciate the idea of ​​creating your own picture gallery in the window. This approach to decorating the window is more suitable for owners of apartments with high ceilings and large windows.