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Sateen stretch ceiling: the pros and cons of fabric fabrics (21 photos)


Stretch ceilings for about ten years occupy a leading position in the field of ceiling decoration, because they have a fairly large list of advantages, and this is in the absence of flaws. They are characterized by amazing beauty that can not be repeated with the help of drywall or paint. There is nothing to say about their versatility, just browse through the catalog of one of the companies producing tension cloths, and within a few minutes you will select options for each room in your home. Their main advantage is, perhaps, durability.



PVC film for a dozen years is able to retain color, does not tarnish and does not crack. All this becomes a decisive factor for many Russians who have decided to transform their homes, and few people are confused by the slight decrease in free space.




The satin ceiling recently becomes the choice of the most famous and famous designers. This is due to the incredibly large number of colors and textures that can be a worthy addition to any conceived situation.

Satin is only the name of the canvas, in fact it is made of PVC film. The fact is that the texture of the material creates the illusion of a fabric ceiling, because its appearance resembles the weaving of the same name.





Owners of small studio apartments can resort to one very stylish and incredibly beautiful tricks: separate areas can be distinguished with drywall, and the main space can be filled with PVC film.



Advantages and disadvantages of satin fabric on the ceiling

Before proceeding with the discussion of this topic, carefully read a few tips on choosing colors and textures:

  1. If the canvas is lighter than the walls, the room will visually expand its borders and become more spacious and light.
  2. In rooms with a large height, you can install a multi-level satin ceiling. It looks very impressive, especially if there are colors harmoniously combined with each other.
  3. White satin stretch ceiling most profitable emphasize the status and chic of classic design in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room and even in the bathroom.





Well, it's time to talk about the benefits of satin designs in the home interior. So, among the main ones are the following:

  • Aesthetic appearance. No matter what anyone says, the satin ceiling gives any home originality, softness, elegance and sophistication. Whatever stylistic solution is used, no matter how complicated the idea may be, the tensioning structure will fit and become easy and easy to become its main highlight.
  • Variety of shades. When deciding to repair and change the situation you always want to come up with something original and extraordinary. It is not always possible to buy expensive decor items, and then a unique combination of colors on the ceiling surface comes to the rescue. This year, pastel shades, metallic and muted, are especially popular. For example, a rich, but not bright blue satin ceiling in the kitchen is the perfect solution. So the pollution is not noticeable, and the color does not irritate the eyes.
  • Security. It should be noted, and the complete absence of negative effects on the human body. It is not for nothing that the tension structures are often mounted in children's institutions, private hospitals, schools, and cultural institutions. Surprisingly, the satin ceiling does not accumulate dust, which means that the risk of serious diseases is reduced significantly. In addition, PVC film does not emit toxic substances. To clean the surface, only a damp cloth is sufficient. Particularly persistent contaminants are removed with a glass spray.
  • Durability. Many people when choosing trim to the ceiling are guided by this particular feature. Sateen stretch ceilings for many years are able to retain color, do not fade and not fade, even if they are printed photo printing. Paints will remain juicy and saturated for a long time. In addition, the canvas absolutely calmly transfers the temperature drops and the aggressive behavior of the environment. And if the neighbors on top of the flood happens, on your floor will not drop a drop - all the liquid will be securely held with PVC film. Pay attention: polyvinyl chloride imitates fabric weaving, due to which its density increases, so you can install such a ceiling in the bathroom without fear.
  • Smoothness. Not every owner of a city apartment can boast a flat ceiling surface. With the help of a tension structure, you can easily eliminate this defect and hide it from prying eyes. Under the canvas can be hidden and wiring.
  • Play of light. Although satin has a smooth glossy surface, the light from it is reflected very softly and there is no unpleasant effect of specularity.
  • Cost The price per square meter is relatively low, while you will not need to spend your time on installation and installation.





It's time to talk about the shortcomings. Of course, there are not so many of them as advantages, and all of them are not the reason for the refusal of the satin ceiling.

  • We have already said that temperature jumps are not a big problem for the constructions we are discussing, but lowering to 0 degrees threatens the formation of cracks and loss of properties, therefore it is recommended to install a sateen ceiling only where the room temperature is almost always present.
  • Lighting devices must be selected taking into account some features. For example, designers recommend not to use very hot products, the ceiling of which are located at a slight distance from the canvas.
  • Do not install near objects with sharp elements. Careless movements can damage the film, and repairing it is possible only in cases where the hole is close to the wall.

Weigh the pros and cons and make your own decision. And if you nevertheless decided that your interior will have a satin ceiling, remember that today it is an absolute trend in the world of modern finishing materials.