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Vandal-proof wallpaper, or a way to do repairs less often (25 photos)


Anti-vandal wallpaper for the walls - a universal finishing material that can be used in any premises. Traces of paint or grease can be removed from the surface of such a coating with the help of detergents. Such wallpapers have high density and wear resistance. The range of their application is extensive: places where people spend a lot of time, where residents often change, where they can cause damage to the appearance of the room.



Varieties of anti-vandal wallpaper

There are several varieties of anti-vandal wallpaper for the walls. All of them have differences, but, in general, they perform their basic functions equally well: they are distinguished by high density, withstand temperature fluctuations, and are more resistant to external influences.




Glass cloth

This wallpaper has a high resistance to various physical influences. This characteristic is explained by the material from which these canvases are prepared. In appearance, thin glass fibers are in fact very flexible and durable. In many manufacturing industries they are even used as a constructive or reinforcing material. Threads using a special technology are woven into a single canvas with a predetermined texture.

Glass cloth wallpaper of two types is produced: with a finished texture and applied patterns or for painting (they are painted after gluing). A wide choice makes them a versatile option for any premises. Fiberglass will survive up to 10 stains. Paint can be used any, but it is desirable to get washing.

Glass cloth wallpaper is an ideal anti-vandal wallpaper from cats. Coverage will not lose in a battle with a furry predator. Also, the “clothing” for fiberglass walls does not absorb dust, odors and is remarkably resistant to moisture. So you can buy such wallpaper for pasting the kitchen or bathroom.






The strength of vinyl is inferior to fiberglass, but surpasses other anti-vandal materials. Contract wallpapers have high fire safety and are treated with a special anti-fungal composition. They can be washed using almost any household cleaners.

This decorative finish is most often used in public buildings: offices, shops, hospitals, hotels, etc., but vinyl wallpapers are also suitable for residential premises, as they are beautiful, eco-friendly, and resistant to mechanical stress.




This version of the finishing material, in fact, simple paper wallpaper, but they are covered with a durable vinyl coating. Of course, they are not as strong as the previous species, but they are superior in aesthetics. They are distinguished by a huge choice of color and structural design, which makes them the best option for implementing exclusive design solutions. Among the models of this type you can even find a collection series of wall paintings and wallpapers.

Laminated wallpaper is not very resistant to frequent mechanical stress. So the claws of pets can easily damage the surface. But they will perfectly manifest themselves in a house where there are children. The outer cover is easy to clean, so the art of kids can be quickly removed from the wall with detergents. Also, this type of coating is resistant to the effects of fat, which means that these wallpapers can be purchased for the kitchen.



Advantages of anti-vandal wallpaper

Vandal-proof wallpaper for walls have an impressive list of advantages:

  • Durability. Having pasted walls with such wallpaper, you can forget about repairs for several decades. Despite the long service life, this finishing material will not lose its original appearance.
  • Wear resistance. Dense wall covering can withstand the mechanical effects of people or animals. Also, it has light resistance: this means that the wallpaper will not change its color even in direct sunlight.
  • Versatility. Vandal-proof wallpaper can be used in various rooms: from hospitals and hotels to ordinary apartments. They will help hide the irregularities and cracks in the walls.
  • Ease of care. This type of wallpaper, unlike its paper counterparts, does not absorb odors. Even such wallpaper can be washed in case of contamination using simple soap or detergent.
  • Hygienic and environmentally friendly. Anti-vandal finishing material is safe for allergies. The fungus on the pasted surface will not take root, since the materials from which the wallpaper is made are inedible for it.
  • Possess high fire characteristics. Fiberglass or PVC wall cloth does not burn. Only prolonged exposure will cause it to smolder, emitting caustic hydrogen that makes breathing difficult.
  • Wide range of colors, a large selection of textures and images. This will allow you to embody any design decisions, and buying anti-vandal wallpaper for painting, you can easily update the interior of the room when you want to change.

We can not say about the main disadvantage - the high cost. In fairness it should be noted that it pays off, since the cost of the design of the walls are minimized.



Sticking and painting vandal-proof wallpaper

There are no special nuances when sticking anti-vandal wallpapers, the process is simple and convenient. Due to its high density, the canvas during work does not change shape, does not soak and does not tear. Anti-vandal wallpaper can paste any surface: concrete, brick, plasterboard or previously painted walls, wood panels or furniture, and even the ceiling.



Regardless of the type of wallpaper, use glue for heavy vinyl webs. Glue should be applied immediately to the wall. Of course, no one forbids you to lubricate the wallpaper itself, but this makes no sense, since the non-woven substrate does not absorb anything.



It is possible to start painting only after complete drying of the wallpaper, in time it will take at least one day. When choosing a paint, give preference to acrylic or water-based: they do not have a pungent odor, they dry quickly and can be washed. If the room is spacious, one can will not be enough. In this case, it is necessary to tint the entire volume at once, in order to avoid possible differences in tones. If one layer for the desired shade is not enough, then you can paint the wall again. Remember that anti-vandal wallpaper will delight you more than one year, so take seriously the choice of color.