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Choosing tiles for the kitchen: what the professionals advise

Finishing the kitchen is not an easy task, because you need to create not only a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, but also to ensure ease of cleaning. Ceramic tiles for the kitchen will allow you to decorate the floor, apron and countertop in an original and beautiful way. However, it is important to know how to choose a tile depending on its purpose, design and color in the interior of the kitchen.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles for the kitchen - the most successful way to finish the floor. Despite this, many prefer to use linoleum. The choice in favor of this material is primarily due to the fact that the tile is a cold coating. This problem is solved with the help of warm floor technology. Floor tiles in this case is best suited for this because of the high thermal conductivity.

Another disadvantage of floor tiles for the kitchen is a slippery surface. In this case, it is better to choose non-slip types of tiles, for example, matte or ribbed.

You also need to know how to choose floor tiles for the kitchen on the characteristics. The floor in the kitchen is constantly exposed to significant loads. In addition, it is quickly polluted and needs regular washing, so the tiles on the kitchen floor must be durable and resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. The choice of tiles also depends on the design decisions.

In this case, you should follow these rules:

  • Glossy tiles for the kitchen not only has a slippery surface, but also requires careful and regular maintenance. On it even small spots and garbage will be noticeable. In this case, the best solution is a matt floor tile for the kitchen.
  • Matt or ribbed tile surface gives the room a cozy atmosphere.
  • Tile porcelain tiles - a great solution for placement in any style.
  • The tile for kitchen can have a square, rectangular shape, and also to be in the form of an octagon or with rounded edges. You can experiment with shapes and colors, as well as combine different types of coverage.
  • Small tiles for the kitchen is best suited for a small room. Tiles mosaic for the kitchen can be used only in small pieces, combined with ordinary tiles. Tile 60 is suitable for medium and large kitchens.

The combination of stylish appearance and good performance will allow you to enjoy a neat and comfortable floor in the kitchen for many years.

Kitchen apron from a tile

Tile for the kitchen on the apron - a great way to design a work area. Finishing the kitchen tiles allows you to protect the walls from splashing water and grease, exposure to high temperature and the formation of soot. And if you use bright glass for an apron, you can stylishly decorate even the most modest kitchen.

Wall tiles for the kitchen should be of high quality. The working area needs regular and thorough cleaning with detergents, so the material must be resistant to mechanical and chemical stress. In addition, it should not deteriorate due to temperature extremes and constant humidity.

Tile hog on the kitchen apron should have a high level of resistance to aggressive substances. At the same time for wall material strength is not so important, but the tile should not be scratched and damaged as a result of exposure to high temperatures. High-quality kitchen tiles withstand long-term continuous heating.

White or pastel kitchen tiles are best suited for classic-style interiors. Tile should be selected depending on the color design of the rest of the room elements.

A white flower tile is perfect for any color. An interesting solution will be an apron, selected in contrast to the kitchen. For example, it looks good black tile with red furniture or a combination of green and orange, but do not forget that the bright tile design in the kitchen requires space. This also applies to too large and variegated ornaments. In a small kitchen it is better to use calm shades.

On the apron should not use folded textured tile. In the relief of its surface will accumulate fat and dirt.


Tiles can also be used to make kitchen worktops. With quality work, the tabletop is as beautiful as the surface lined with stone. However, compared to stone or marble, this design option will be cheaper. The durability and strength of the table top will depend on the right choice of tile covering.

However, in this case, the care of the table top will become somewhat problematic. Numerous seams will need special treatment so that the grout will not change color.

Options for laying tiles in the kitchen can be different. A good design is a combination of the same tile ornament on the tabletop and apron. This allows you to create the illusion of a single space that looks harmonious and beautiful.

Choosing tiles for kitchen interiors

In order for the kitchen interior to look stylish and beautiful, the tiles must be matched in color and design with furniture, walls and accessories. This does not mean that the color of the elements must match. You can use a variety of successful combinations of contrasting colors.

Tile must be combined and design. For example, tile under the tree does not fit the kitchen in the modern style, as well as the bright mosaic tiles for the kitchen in the classical style.

Calm colors are suitable for classic cuisine, and bright decorative tiles with an unusual ornament are suitable for placing in a modern style.

Types of tiles for the kitchen

Laying tiles in the kitchen is the best way to decorate the work surface and floor, so you should pay attention to fashion trends in decorating the walls and floor of the kitchen:

  • Tiles under the tree. The best option for registration of the floor. A large tile with wood imitation is perfectly combined with any styles in the interior, it looks respectable and stylish.
  • Tiles bricks for the kitchen. Used for Italian or Mediterranean style. Brick tiles create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Such tiles can decorate certain parts of the kitchen, make bright accents or use it for the design of a single wall.
  • Tile under the stone. The design of the floor in the kitchen can be made using floor stone tiles. It will be a great addition to wooden furniture and wrought iron elements.
  • Imitation of the skin. To create an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. It can be an imitation of snake, zebra or tiger skin that fits into the African interior.
  • PVC tile. Durable and durable PVC tile used for rooms with high humidity. PVC tile prevents the occurrence of mold and mildew. In addition, PVC tile allows you to show imagination using different colors and patterns. In modern kitchen, you can lay out PVC tiles in a staggered manner. Plastic bright floor tiles - the best solution for lovers of modern and at the same time affordable materials.
  • Glass tile for the kitchen. The original way to arrange the walls and floor. It can be a combination of gloss and frosted glass, tiles with a pattern or plain transparent materials. If you want to get a delicate and at the same time bright ornament, we combine transparent tiles and tiles, inside of which there are pebbles, shells or three-dimensional drawings.
  • Textured tile. Bright tile with intricate textures stops the material in an exclusive way to decorate the walls. If you want the tile to have less convex parts, you can choose a material that will combine matte tiles with a glossy pattern.
  • Tile mosaic. Excellent tile in Provence style, which can be both monophonic and with patterns. It can be used in the style of a classic, combining black, white and pastel colors.

When choosing materials, one should take into account not only their cost, but also the color, texture, size and other features of the tile.

Laying tiles

To get a solid, beautiful and durable surface, you need to know how to lay tiles in the kitchen. If you understand how to properly tile, you can easily perform all the work yourself.

First you need to prepare the surface, clearing it from the old coating and leveling. After that, a special glue should be applied to the surface. We place the first tile, and tap it with a rubber mallet. Then lays out all the tiles in turn. Layout tiles should be perfectly smooth. To check this, you can use the ruler. It remains only zagugovat seams.

It is extremely important to know not only how to put tiles in the kitchen, but also how to choose the right material. All elements of the kitchen should be combined with each other in style and color.