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Velvet curtains in the interior - elegant luxury (21 photos)


Velvet has always been associated with luxury and wealth, this expensive status still has this status. The velvet curtains, before being widely used in everyday life, decorated the interiors of the royal courts. The relevance of velvet curtains did not affect the change of styles, they were used in the arrangement of rooms, sustained in strict classics, Rococo and Baroque.

Features velvet curtains

Velvet curtains in the interior occupy a special place among other types of textiles for this purpose. Such objects give the room solemnity and respectability. However, it should be understood that all the other elements of the interior, such as furniture, wall decoration, and floor covering, should be so expensive.



In the royal and royal chambers only velvet curtains were used. And the reason for this choice was not only a rich and luxurious appearance, but also the ability of the material to protect the room from the penetration of sunlight and noise. Given this feature of the material, designers recommend and now choose them in the bedroom.

However, many consider them old-fashioned and are called a relic of the past. In fact, velvet curtains with a short or long pile in different colors look great in spacious rooms with high enough ceilings.

Such curtains are perfectly combined with accessories and decorative elements in the form of brushes, edges, and fringe. Curtains of this expensive and noble material can be used in any room of the house.

Velvet curtains, depending on the basis of the fabric, can be of two types - cotton and polyester. For texture such curtains are also of several types:

  • reaped;
  • stuffed;
  • with embroidery;
  • with print;
  • velours.

A distinctive feature of the material from other fabrics is its considerable weight. Given this property of velvet, it may be difficult to make an independent cut, so experts recommend using the services of the studio.

Curtains in modern interiors, made of this expensive fabric, are undesirable to use, since they do not fit into this style. Harmoniously such curtains will look only in the premises of certain stylistic directions - strict classics, refined baroque and rococo, exciting retro, mysterious east and magnificent antiquity.



Velvet curtains in the living room

Velvet curtains can often be seen in the living rooms. Especially the right choice would be if the room has pieces of furniture with plush upholstery.

In the living room, furnished in a classic style, you can choose curtains of red, dark brown or burgundy color, decorated with gold tassels and embroidery. They will make the living room a truly royal and luxurious room. This option of textiles for window decoration will be appropriate only in spacious rooms. If you use heavy curtains in small rooms, the space of the room can become visually narrower.



For the living room is best suited curtains purple, dark green, burgundy and gray. Sometimes in the living room and the hall can be found dark chocolate or black velvet curtains that look harmoniously against a white background. If you wish to create the solemnity effect of the room, designers recommend using curtains of dark colors:

  • violet;
  • chocolate;
  • maroon;
  • emerald.

You can safely choose dark textiles for windows, if the walls in the living room are painted or covered with white wallpaper. Good with dark curtains will look light furniture.



Velvet curtains in the bedroom

When choosing heavy velvet curtains for the bedroom, special attention should be paid to the color of textiles. Matt portieres of pastel shades will look good in a recreation area. These curtains in the interior of the bedroom are combined with bedspreads and tablecloths of the same material.

Attractive and original in the bedroom will look like white curtains. Do not forget that velvet is a warm material, so it is more suitable for decorating the premises of a house in the autumn-winter period, for summer and spring it is better to use lighter and airy fabrics.




Velvet curtains in other rooms

Beautifully velvet portieres will look also in a study. It is undesirable to use such curtains for a children's room, as they tend to accumulate dust in themselves. Adults who are prone to allergies, too, should not decorate the windows in the apartment with velvet curtains.

Blue and blue velvet curtains will be discreetly and at the same time luxurious in the dining room or in the comfortable bathroom. Such elements of the interior will bring into these rooms a bold charm and beauty.



When choosing curtains for a velvet room, it is important to choose the right environment for them:

  • Room The size of the room should be large enough, perfectly suited for complex structures indoors - arches, columns, balconies, podiums.
  • Ceilings. Must be high, beautiful elements of stucco look.
  • Walls. Wallpaper should be restrained, classic, without fancy decor. Walls can be decorated with paintings in gilded frames.
  • Floor. The most suitable coating option is natural parquet with expensive carpets.
  • Furniture. Ideal will look antiques. It is desirable that the cover of chairs, sofas and chairs was leather, plush, velor.

Observing such design requirements, the interior will be as harmonious as possible, and the stay in the room will be comfortable and pleasant.




Subtleties of care

Products from natural velvet require delicate care, which will allow for a long time to keep them in an attractive form. Having such curtains, read the rules of care for them:

  1. Products should be regularly cleaned of dust, using a vacuum cleaner with soft brushes. Several times a year they must be dry cleaned for deeper cleaning.
  2. How to wash products - one of the most important issues for the care of curtains. Natural and synthetic materials can be washed with ordinary laundry detergent. How to wash velvet curtains so that they do not deteriorate? To do this, you can not use the spin mode, and the water should not be above 30 degrees
  3. It is necessary to dry the products in the unfolded form, because they can be deformed due to the severity of their weight.
  4. Ironing curtains should be very carefully, in the direction of the pile, barely touching it with an iron.

Velvet drapes and curtains are a sign of wealth and luxury. People with good taste, who appreciate comfort and coziness, choose such products for their homes.