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Green sofa in the interior (31 photos)


Modern housing is hard to imagine without comfortable upholstered furniture. Green sofas are versatile and practical. They allow you to create original interiors, emphasizing the impeccable taste of the owner of a house or apartment. Products have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures. Another advantage is considered a huge range of attractive shades, so you can choose the perfect option for any stylistic direction. Green color is the embodiment of nature, so people, looking at it, will be able to find harmony with the outside world.



Varieties of models

The green eurobook is not a standard item for interior design. Furniture is sure to appeal to people who love peace, confidence and stability in everything. You can have products in any room: in the bedroom, study, living room, in the kitchen. Depending on the size of the room and its destination, suitable parameters and design of green sofas are selected. Furniture is classified as follows:

  • straight and angular;
  • folding and roll-out;
  • products with a transformation mechanism;
  • sofa, couch, canape.

In a spacious room harmoniously looks green sofa accordion. You can arrange it in the center of the room or against the wall, focusing on the most winning zones. For a small bedroom, a green corner sofa is best, which does not clutter up the space and, if necessary, creates a complete sleeping space.

Kitchen sofa should fit the size of the room. It is recommended to give preference to models made in the form of a sofa or a compact corner. They look cozy, helping to create a functional recreation area. In the study, a dark green leather sofa looks harmonious, giving the atmosphere originality and special appeal. It is important that the seats are as comfortable and safe to use.




When choosing a sofa made of leather or textiles, several features should be considered:

  • general style and color palette of the room;
  • additional shades;
  • tones in which used accessories are painted.

The green eurobook sofa looks immaculately in the interior, decorated in accordance with the listed rules.




Good color combinations

Leather sofa of green color will become a real emerald of the interior with a correct ratio of shades and thoughtful application of decorative elements. Juicy natural color palette uplifting, fills the room with summer paints, does not get bored with time.



Fully decorate the interior in shades of green is not worth it, because this situation will be boring and depressing. The stylish design is created thanks to a competent combination of various shades without imbalance. Consider the most successful combinations:

  1. The marsh-colored sofa bed makes the tones in which the walls and other interior elements are painted, more pronounced. Suitable shades are gray, brown, white, and terracotta.
  2. The soft green corner sofa is combined with white, pale blue, light pink and purple.
  3. The traditional olive-green sofa accordion looks luxurious against the walls of chocolate or pale brown.
  4. A light green sofa from eco-leather will become a highlight of the interior, if you combine it with dark shades of purple, beige, indigo, green.
  5. Bright green upholstery highlights shades of yellow, orange and purple. Modern designers often use a stylish tandem of bright green and carrot flowers in a variety of rooms: living room, kitchen, nursery.
  6. The dark green sofa of island type is successfully combined with bright tones: orange, scarlet, yellow, black.
  7. Leather sofas of pistachio or fern color should be combined with brown shades. No less spectacular view is obtained with a combination of green and natural wood shades. As a result, the room takes on a juicy, natural look.
  8. Pine color upholstery sofa click-klyak requires a neutral design. Best for this is suitable white-gray gamma. The design is solemn and stylish.

It is not recommended to combine a green corner sofa with bright red walls and accessories. This tandem looks tasteless, because the colors of the shades do not match. It is better to abandon the red shades, even when choosing small items.

The pillows scattered on the sofa and armchairs will help to revitalize the interior and correctly place the accents. They will emphasize the color of the upholstery and make the room design concise and complete.



The green sofa eurobook is suitable for creating a variety of interiors. Consider the stylistic directions in which such products will be the most harmonious:

  • Modern Requires a large number of elements made of wood. A green eurobook with smooth contours and an unusual shape will harmoniously fit into the overall picture. For the decoration of the walls used simple floral ornaments.
  • Baroque. In this aristocratic luxury style looks great massive Chesterfield sofa made of natural wood and decorated with beautiful carvings. Upholstery is created from noble fabrics of dark green color with golden patterns. Greens in combination with yellow creates a pleasant glow, attracting the attention of others. Walls are made using silk-screened wallpaper, mirrors, marble inserts.
  • Empire Style is characterized by luxury, wealth, rich shades. In the spacious living room you can create a chic interior using a dark green leather sofa made from precious woods. The uniqueness of the design emphasizes massive floor clocks, vases, a crystal chandelier, figurines.
  • Provence. This style embodies the freshness of the waves of the sea and the fragrance of beautiful lavender fields. The light green sofa of the eurobook with a natural upholstery is perfectly combined with pillows from lace, light curtains, ruches. The result is a simple, stylish interior, filled with the charm of a French village.
  • Art Nouveau. Direction is peculiar to unity with nature. The sofa is bright green with extravagant shape, smooth lines and upholstery made of jacquard or satin, ideal for interior decoration. Green sofa accordion goes well with stained glass windows and paintings that depict nature.
  • High tech. Plain green corner sofa concise shape with upholstered cashmere should not have any decorations. The interior is complemented by shelves, a glass table, metal chairs. To ensure maximum comfort, a green modular sofa is a good fit. Flooring, wall decoration and textiles should be painted in the colors of a single palette.
  • Country The soft green sofa accordion fits perfectly into the romantic setting that characterizes this style. Acceptable prints in the form of cells or flowers beige or brown. Appropriate additions will be blankets, pillows, beautiful textiles.
  • Fusion This direction to the theme of the jungle, it is characterized by bright colors, Persian carpets, expensive fabrics. Green leather sofa with cushions decorated with floral ornaments or images of representatives of African fauna looks harmoniously. Creative personalities love leather sofas, without which the bohemian style is not enough.

Green sofa eurobook will become an indispensable assistant in the design of the room in a particular style. It is important to choose the right shades for furniture, which range from lime to marsh. When choosing a particular direction, you should clearly adhere to its main features.




The use of different rooms in the interior

Green sofa accordion is actively used in various parts of the home. It will become an indispensable attribute of the living room or bedroom. Kitchen sofas are no less popular. They help to divide the space into functional zones.

Living room

As a primary color in the interior green is rarely used. You can emphasize the originality of the sofa book with the help of photo frames, pillows, textiles or even a plant that matches the color of the furniture.




Green sofa in the interior of the living room should be as comfortable as possible for relaxing, gathering with friends and family tea parties. Natural green color has a pleasant casual communication. Green leather sofa will be a luxurious accent in the interior.





Green corner sofa - a fashionable addition to the design. Do not use in a room designed for relaxing bright and dark shades. The best option would be light colors that are in harmony with gray and yellow. White-green interior helps to calm down and tune in to a healthy sleep. Fans of contrasting combinations will enjoy the combination of green with purple and carrot.


Many people today choose kitchen sofas, painted in different shades of green. On a white background, they look bright, this feature should be considered when interior design. Pick up the sofa in the kitchen is in accordance with the chosen style. Green combines well with natural materials, so experts recommend actively using them in room design. Kitchen sofa should be durable, practical and comfortable.




The interior will be pleasing to the eye only if the balance between the primary and secondary colors is observed. Green leather sofa or models with upholstered textile fit harmoniously into different styles, emphasizing the impeccable taste of the owner of the dwelling.