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Modern design of a balcony door: we play with space (27 photos)


When creating a harmonious atmosphere in the room, attention should be paid to all objects and elements present in the room. Almost every apartment has a balcony door, implying its design. The design of the balcony door is created by taking into account many factors and desires of the owners.

Features balcony doors

Balcony doors are often made in the shape of a rectangle, but other options for the location of these doors are possible:

  • Arch - allows you to combine the window and the door into one element;
  • Double doors - allow to increase the spaciousness of the room by placing an additional sash instead of the wall where the window structure is located;
  • Sliding door - increases usability, but it is necessary to insulate the balcony space.

Visual expansion of the area of ​​the room can be achieved if the door is made transparent. Often this technique is used by those who think over the kitchen design 9 meters. The presence of a large amount of natural light in the room increases the space.




Double-wing balcony constructions also play the role of room expanders, because open doors on the balcony affect the spaciousness of the room.

Balcony exit often made of plastic, which implies less options for changing the shape. If wood is used in manufacturing, then variations of the formation of a balcony door can be thought up more.




Plastic door designs are almost always made in white. There is a possibility to choose another color. Some choose the option of imitation wood. If you use the services of designers, you can make the interior unique with the use of various parts. At the same time, balcony doors can be bright or classic white.

When choosing the color of the tree, it is possible to obtain numerous design options using different colors. Along the perimeter of the design can be used ornament. Often this option is used by parents when they want to create an interesting design of the nursery.



Glass options

Windows with a balcony door can be transformed by inserting decorated glass to replace the usual one. In the absence of financial opportunity, self-adhesive film is allowed. This film allows you to give the door unusual because of the variety of drawings. The work can be done by hand.

There is the option of applying a sandblasting design to the glass. As a result, there is a beautiful transparent pattern with lace.

On the window with a balcony door you can apply the option with stained glass drawings. It involves the use of different glasses (they can be of different colors). Individual elements are connected by a metal profile. This option has a high cost.

Such an idea of ​​design is known as fusing. It is similar to stained glass, but the connection of elements occurs without the participation of profiles. Designers use this option if you want to achieve color images on clear glass. Moreover, images may not occupy the entire area of ​​the glass.




Curtain design options

The design of curtains is the most common design option for balcony doors. The advantage of this option is the ability to replace if desired. Curtains should be selected in relation to the purpose of the room and the type of interior used.

Curtains for bedroom

Bedroom design involves the use of warm and delicate tones throughout the interior, so the curtains in this room are also selected in a similar color scheme, combined with wallpaper compositions. In the bedroom, you can choose the fabric for the curtains to match the bedspread, the existing picture or the panel above the headboard. Coziness and comfort of the bedrooms is also achieved with the help of lambrequins.

Bedroom design involves the use of two types of balcony curtains. During the day light curtains are required to add airiness and transparency. At night, the windows are closed with heavy blackout curtains to prevent light from entering. To replace the night curtains, you can use the following options:

  • Rolled;
  • Horizontal blinds;
  • Roman curtains.

It is recommended to take into account that the horizontal and Roman views do not close the entire structure, leaving the door glass open, so for bedrooms with balconies it is better to choose thick fabrics or blinds in the roll. At the same time, the design of the room should include the connection of the two halves of the curtains at the location of the door handle in order to facilitate access to the balcony without pushing the curtains apart.




Curtains for the living room

The design of the living room involves a combination of all the interior items and curtains used. Small living room implies the exclusion of volume curtains. In large halls, preference can be given to decorating curtains with lambrequins, draperies and various folds.

Curtains used in living rooms are characterized by the presence of items to collect fabric. You can use decorative magnets, ribbons, cords to give the design of the window structure with a balcony zest.

Recently gaining popularity curtain fabrics for decoration of the hall, made of different widths and thicknesses. They have a clear advantage - do not require unnecessary movements when passing through the opening. Returning to the place, such curtains do not need to move along the eaves on the window wall.

In combination with the hall, the design of the balcony opening should not be highlighted.




Curtains for the kitchen

Kitchen design with a balcony door involves taking into account the parameters of the room. Since the areas of kitchen spaces are small, it is required to achieve conciseness and comfort in the design. Curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door are selected with respect to the following conditions:

  • Unobstructed access to the door to the kitchen with a balcony;
  • The curtain fabric should be washed easily and quickly;
  • If you are close to the window construction, you should choose curtains that will not freely swing.




When choosing colors for curtains for kitchens with a balcony, you need to focus on such factors:

  • The color and pattern is most often chosen closer to the shade of the tile or furniture. For a small kitchen, let us choose the color to match the wallpaper for visual enlargement of the room.
  • The design of a small kitchen eliminates the use of small patterns on the curtains due to the reduction in the size of the kitchen area.
  • If the kitchen has a small ceiling height, it is necessary to select curtains with vertical stripes.
  • If food is supposed to be eaten in the kitchen, green and orange tones are often used to increase the appetite.
  • If you wish to decorate the kitchen balcony door with a window in white, you should choose color prints and accessories, considering the design of the room.
  • Tulle to the kitchen is more often chosen without a combination with curtains, since it is not necessary to obscure the kitchen space.

If you want to use roller blinds in the kitchen, they are located on the window niche and the glass door square. You can use special magnets at the bottom of the leaf for a snug fit of the canvas when you open the kitchen window.

It is better not to enter the balcony onto multi-layer long curtains, because the curtains on the windows absorb kitchen odors and attract fatty particles.




Curtains for the nursery

Children's room does not imply free access to the balcony, so the curtains may not provide free access. Children's interior can be performed using the classic version of curtains.
Design ideas for the design of children's rooms are teeming with many options. If the room is located on the unlit side, then you can use light transparent curtains. On small square meters it is better to use curtains with a strip and without folds in order to expand the space.

The presence of a balcony block should not interfere with the creation of a comfortable unique interior. If the room is nine meters or more than twenty meters square, then there are many ideas for the design of a balcony door.