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Rolling gates: an elegant and compact protection (21 photos)


The world does not stand still. Changing preferences, there are new alternative proposals. Today, heavy-duty swing gates are being replaced by modern solutions that are not inferior in their operational capabilities and surpass the aesthetic transformation. It is such an excellent solution that automatic rolling doors, which have won a positive response and trust from those who appreciate practicality, reliability and versatility.



On the merits of the rolling gates

The popularity of rolling doors, widely used in warehouses, garage and commercial premises, can be explained by the fact that this type of gate has several advantages:

  • They can be applied to almost all garage and street openings, since minimum parameters are enough for their installation.
  • No need to open and close sashes.
  • The canvas is wound on the shaft and is located above the opening in the box, which can be placed both outside, in the opening, and inside.

The indisputable advantages of rolling gates include their strength. In the manufacture of the most commonly used aluminum, so that the design is resistant to temperature extremes and precipitation. Proper appearance and corrosion protection is achieved by applying a protective varnish that is applied to the metal layer. Due to the fact that the panels are filled with polyurethane foam, they reliably protect the room from adverse weather conditions, including low temperatures. Having established the automatic drive with the lifting mechanism, it is easy to operate them by means of the remote control.

An important factor influencing the fact that more and more people prefer roller shutters is their modern design, which is definitely important when it is necessary to choose suitable roll-up gates for the fence. Due to the stylish appearance and variety of colors, they harmoniously fit into the overall facade exterior.

In the case of small walls in the room, lack of a lintel, various restrictions regarding the depth of the opening, and the availability of utilities (plumbing, electrical wiring) above the opening, the rolling doors are almost the only option for the design of the door opening. Also, their installation will be most appropriate in the case when the room has a low ceiling or in the garage in front of the entrance there is a small area and the need to enter from the sidewalk.




The advantages of rolling shutters include:

  • easy installation Installation of the structure does not take a lot of time and effort, and if desired, the gate can be installed independently. In addition, careful preparation of the opening is not required;
  • easy transportation. Since the entire structure of the gate with a lifting mechanism, consisting of a box, guides and blades, does not take up much space, it is easy to deliver in the trunk or on the roof of the car;
  • versatility. They can be easily installed on any opening;
  • fast production. The finished product can be completed within a week;
  • optimal cost. The price for the whole structure, both with manual control and automatic, is much lower than the sectional gate;
  • a wide variety of colors.

Plus, they can be installed both outside the room and inside.



About features of the choice and lacks

As a rule, choosing a rolling door, it is necessary to determine the preferences. The first option is an average thermal insulation combined with a weak reliability, in this case the doors made of foam-filled profiles will do. The second option is poor thermal insulation and high resistance to burglary, which can provide insulated rolling shutters with a canvas with extruded or steel profiles. At the same time, sectional doors have both good thermal insulation and average burglary resistance.




The decorative role of the rolling gates

If earlier the decorative value of the roller gate was small, now the situation has changed dramatically. Now this steel structure, characterized by its compact size, in addition to high protective abilities can be part of a stylish decor. And all thanks to the large selection of colors and various types of materials. For example, you can pick up a rolling door with a wicket so that they are in the same style and color with the exterior. With proper selection of colors, the rolling gates are harmoniously combined with the general facade of the room, sometimes being its main decoration.




Under reliable protection

Having installed rolling doors for the garage, you do not have to worry about the safety of the car and the convenience of its operation. They prevent the possibility of penetration of "unwanted guests", repeatedly increase the degree of security.

In addition to simple installation and fast production time, garage rolling doors have excellent functionality, excellent quality of materials and high level of sound and thermal insulation.

The modern market offers a wide range of panels of various sizes, which greatly simplifies the search for the necessary construction. As for strength, they perfectly withstand the deformation obtained as a result of damage by transport, while not losing their functional abilities, and just like the entrance gate, they are trouble-free in operation in any weather and operational mode.




Advantages of roller garage doors:

  • good air exchange, which was the use of ventilation profiles;
  • room lighting was made possible through the use of special viewing profiles, where there is a transparent polycarbonate insert;
  • applied end grip provides good protection against wind loads;
  • availability of electric drive with built-in emergency lift system installed on a rolling automatic gate, which can be used manually.

There will be no special difficulties during installation, since you can install the rollover yourself.

Choosing a decent design option for a door or garage doorway, you should definitely look at the rolling gates, including the warmed ones. Easy to use, ease of installation, practicality, stylish appearance, the use of modern materials in the manufacture - all this makes them not only a reliable protective barrier against intruders, but also a stylish detail of any room.