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The interior of the children's area for a newborn: the main features (53 photos)

A studio apartment is sometimes the only affordable housing option for young families. And if the two are quite comfortable in their family nest, then with the advent of the third, small family member, you need to make significant adjustments to the design of the apartment. At the same time, young parents want to make the atmosphere cozy, with comfortable personal space for themselves and the child. As a rule, future parents start planning the interior even during pregnancy, so that after crossing the threshold at home, a mother with a newborn baby can feel comfortable from the first minutes.

An important stage - the division into zones

Separating the space for a children's room in a one-room apartment is not an easy task, but it can be solved. Developing the design of the apartment, you need to think through every detail. For this you need to do everything consistently:

  • First, you need to measure the room and draw its plan.
  • Secondly, to distribute the area of ​​each zone, taking into account the number of people who will constantly be there.
  • Third, determine what exactly will be used to divide the apartment into zones.
  • Fourth, map out space for outlets and switches in the room.

The division of a one-room apartment into zones does not involve complex construction work. The space of a children's corner can either intersect with the parents' accommodation area or be separate. It all depends on the design invented. The division of the room into zones can be done using furniture, curtains, a screen or finishing materials of various textures and colors.

Room options

The first thing you need to pay attention to, thinking through the interior of the apartment - the location of the cradle. It must be placed away from the window, because the bright sunlight will interfere with the baby. Also, the room will need to be ventilated daily.

Depending on the position of the crib, the design of a one-room apartment can be developed in two directions:

  1. The bed is located on the far wall of the room, parallel to the dresser. This will help make room for the parents' bed or add an armchair to the interior of the apartment, which can serve as a place for feeding the newborn. In order not to disturb the sleep of the child, you can separate the cradle with a screen or curtain.
  2. The cradle is perpendicular to the bed of the parents and the dresser. This will visually expand the space, leaving room for the baby to play. It is best to cover the free space with a high-pile carpet or a soft carpet, which will later serve the baby as a play area.

Room design: use separation systems

In most cases, a children's dresser is used to visually separate the room, which also serves as a changing table. A large number of boxes will be a great place to store children's clothes.

The design of a one-room apartment can be thought out using a beautiful and light partition to separate - a curtain or a screen on a string ledge. This will allow you to select a children's area, without creating a sense of confined space.

A bookcase or shelving parallel to the window is one of the easiest ways to zoning a room. A through-rack gives good air and light, perfectly complements the interior of a one-room apartment, and can also serve as a place to store children's things.

It is advisable to decorate the interior of the room in neutral tones, close in tone to the wallpaper, textiles or furniture. Using contrasting materials by color or texture can also divide the room into zones. For example, you can use a carpet in the children's part of the room, and lay the floor in the second half of the apartment with laminate.

Design one-room apartment: general recommendations

The interior of one room that combines the children's and parents' bedroom is best developed in contrasting shades in order to highlight the areas of the room.

Choosing furniture, you need to take into account its functional features. Drawers will remove all things from the eyes, with everything you need will be within reach. Folding sofa will not clutter up the room, while in the unfolded form, it is very comfortable and spacious.

All furniture must be very stable or attached to the wall. This can be done with various fasteners, liquid nails or safety belts.

Thinking through the design of the room, it is important to pay special attention to the lighting. Chandelier is best used with different lighting modes. Additionally, you can install a floor lamp or desk lamp. The wiring must be hidden so that the baby cannot tear the lamp off the wall.

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