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Design of the corridor, which has a staircase (56 photos)

The owner of a two-storeyed mansion, a two-level apartment, rises to the second floor not by elevator, he uses the stairs. It's obvious. But sometimes the process of climbing the upper floors is inconvenient. Either the layout is inconvenient, since the staircase hides the precious meters in the living room, or it does not stylistically suit itself.

And how do you like this layout: a staircase leading from the corridor? This is convenient, especially since existing models can be entered both in spacious halls and in modest corridors. Yes, and the style of the stairs is easier to choose.

Stair styles

The design of a corridor or a hall with a staircase is not only practical (how else to climb to the second floor), but also beautiful. The flight of stairs, spiral staircase or just steps, as if carved into the wall, will decorate the house. Choosing a style of stairs.


This is a luxurious flight of stairs, made of wood with wooden railing. However, the classics are both marble, and granite, and art forging. They are distinguished by elegance, restraint, but refined design, subdued shades that emphasize the status of the dwelling are used, the texture of wood or stone is visible.

Because of their size, and the stairs are wide, they lead to the second floor often from a spacious hall. The railing is decorated with curls, artistic carvings, balusters. However, the decoration should not be fanciful. The staircase is a functional part, and it should not be the main one in the house.

Modern style

This style combines simple minimalism, cool hi-tech, outrageous art deco and other design options found in modern homes.

Minimalism or hi-tech stairs are the ideal solution for a narrow corridor. They are made of metal, high-strength plastic, glass, less wood. The steps themselves are made of glass or clinker tiles. As a decor, you can use neon or LED lights - interiors in modern styles will support it.

The design of the stairs can be both with railings and without. In the second case, the steps on one side are adjacent to the wall, as if leaving it. This technique allows you to not load the interior. But if there are small children in the house, and they will use the stairs, this option will not work for security reasons.

High-tech staircases look easy in the house thanks to the materials used: chrome or nickel-plated railings, glass or plastic fences, rather narrow steps. During the repair, use the same materials for interior decoration of the corridor and the staircase, so that together they look organically.

Country music

The design of the stairs leading to the second floor of the house, in the style of country music, is lightness, convenience and unity with nature. The staircase and railings are wooden, from the second floor to the first runs down the carpet. However, only steps can be trimmed with textile lining, then their end will show the beauty and texture of wood. Do not forget to repeat the material, textiles and its colors in the corridor or hallway.

To make the interior light, use light or bleached wood (but not oak, it is more suitable for the classics). The railing can be dark to make a contrast.

If you have chosen a stone for arranging a corridor, a hall, then you should use it in the design of the stairs - trim it with stone or tile steps.

Neutral style

As such, the neutral style does not exist. Let's call it eclectic or a mixture of interior trends. If the renovation of the house is made in the eclectic style, then the task of the staircase is to be a functional part for the ascent to the second floor and not contribute to the general interior.

Finishing the stairs discreet, without elaborate details. The steps are made of wood or metal, railing forged, wooden or completely absent.

Ladder construction

Having defined the style, choose the design, that is, the model of the ladder. Its arrangement directly depends on the area of ​​the corridor or hall.

  • In the house with a spacious hall, a wide staircase located in the center of the hall is stylish, comfortable and beautiful. Wide flight of stairs, run up to the rooms located on the second floor. Side railing decorated with railings, balusters.
  • The interior of the house with a narrow corridor requires a different, more concise design. Here fit stairs leading to the second floor, located along the wall. Usually they consist of one flight of stairs (span), if the length of the corridor allows.
  • Spiral staircases - the original solution for small houses and duplex apartments. A vertical metal pole descends from the second floor, and steps are already mounted around it. It is somewhat more difficult to climb such stairs than the stairs we are used to. But it takes very little space. Its decoration is usually laconic, not cluttering the interior.

Additional staircase options

During the repair, we think over not only the design of the house itself, but also the possibility of placing various objects, things. Use the stairs - let the space under it or along it is not empty, but serve the owners.

  • The decoration of the wall that runs along the stairs is a great idea. Hang out photos or pictures, install lamps, mirrors.
  • Just above the level of the steps in the wall can be mounted spotlights. They do not consume much energy, but it will be much more convenient and safer to use such a staircase in the dark. This is especially true of stairs without railings.
  • You can make the lights themselves steps - interior in the style of hi-tech or minimalism will only benefit from this.
    Use the empty space under the flight of stairs for arranging a pantry, utility room, dressing room, closet with a lot of drawers or just bookshelves.

You will often use the stairs. Therefore cover it with a carpet. This will make it safer (you will not slip), and “make friends” with the rest of the corridor design. And the choice of style depends on the size of the corridor and the overall design of the house.