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Tiles for the kitchen on the floor (34 photos): choose the best design


The most visited room in the apartment is the kitchen, especially if the family living in it is rather large. It is unlikely that the kitchen space will often be empty, taking every family member together every now and then in turns. Therefore, the first thing in the device kitchen space you need to take care of a stable sound and waterproof flooring. Tile - this is the obvious choice of sensible residents of the apartment. It is easy to take care of it in everyday life, it is easy to clean, absolutely not whimsical in care, besides it looks very impressive.













Initially, before choosing a tile, decide who will be putting it, you or an expert. You can do it yourself, but at the same time hands must be "golden." And, of course, you should be aware of how the process of facing a wall or floor is going on with tiles. If you do not have such knowledge, it is better not to risk it. First of all, the master on laying tiles on the floor will be able to help you with its selection. It will help not only to choose the size, coloring, but to correctly calculate its required quantity.

Sellers often either do not know how to do the calculations correctly, or they round off so much that often a lot of unused material remains. And this is your wasted money. Or you want something unusual, for example, to put a tile not by a square, but by a diamond. All the subtleties of laying knows only a specialist. If you are not a builder, then it is better to give this matter to proven hands.






The main characteristics of floor tiles

For those who are going to choose the tile itself, you must have a certain amount of minimal information about it. The aesthetic side of the medal is not the most important criterion when choosing, it is necessary to know many nuances about its quality characteristics. Choosing a tile from quality material, do not be lazy to learn about all the pros and cons of the existing variety of tiles. In the future, it will work for you and will last for many years.







What material or glue to choose so that the tiles are well kept?

How to choose the right tile on the floor so that it keeps well and does not suddenly split off, because it will be in a living room? Do I need a special glue or what's the matter?

Choosing tiles on the floor you need to know that, according to the method of production, ceramic tiles are divided into 2 types:

  • dense;
  • porous.

The bottom line is that porous tile absorbs more moisture. Accordingly, the same property helps the glue to better bond the tile to the floor surface. Determine where and what tile you can even visually. The back wall of the material should be rough with a porous surface.

The type of enamel that covers the front side of the tile and its layer is responsible for the external parameters - brilliance, picture quality, brightness and color saturation. Glaze makes the tile waterproof and hard material.



Tile mechanical properties

Everyone knows that the floor in the kitchen is most often exposed to various types of exposure. This is especially true of the floor near the stove, refrigerator and sink. Actually there, where the hostess is most often, constantly cooking or cleaning something. Therefore, the tile on the floor must have the highest chemical and mechanical characteristics. Experts recommend taking tiles on the floor of 3 or 4 class according to the European standard.

Another equally important criterion is the indicator of resistance to temperature and its differences, because there are cases of boiling water spills. As well as alkaline and acid resistance, because the kitchen floor is the place that will be cleaned regularly, often with the addition of detergents. Therefore, when choosing a tile, please note that the resistance to alkalis and acids according to the standard should not be lower than B grade. If such data is not on the package, feel free to ask them from the seller or consultant. They have such documents must be available.

  • The larger the tile you put, the less the kitchen room will appear, and vice versa.
  • The smooth surface of the tile can visually make the room more light and spacious, and the matte one will give the room additional comfort.
  • With the help of well-chosen colors with the help of a tile, you can not only visually change the dimensions of the kitchen, but also create any style of atmosphere that the owners themselves desire.
  • The most popular are the colors in the style of imitation of wood, metal, floral patterns and so on. Selecting the color and pattern of tiles, think about the lighting of your kitchen room at different times of day. After all, under the influence of direct sunlight, the color of the tile will seem more juicy. Halogen lamps, on the contrary, will give color to coldness, but ordinary lamps, on the contrary, will be warm and cozy. For example, a blue tile with a warm light will appear green.
  • Contamination is less noticeable on matt dark or grainy surfaces.
  • On the glossy dark tiles will be more noticeable mechanical damage, such as scratches and chips.
  • Drawing on the tile can both draw attention to the flooring surface and serve only as a background for kitchen furniture.
  • A single drawing, if necessary, can become a visual separator of a room into functional zones. A pass through the entire room on the contrary can visually combine it.
  • Simple drawings visually make the space larger, and complex vice versa.
  • The color of the grout also matters. The more contrasting the tile joints, the more contrasting the color gamut, the more floor space will attract attention. Trowels in the tone of the color of the floor creates the effect of the unity of the surface.
  • Another trick with grout. The seam of dark color can visually make a floor cleaner, and light, vice versa.

At first glance it may seem that there is nothing difficult in self-laying tile. But this is not at all the case. We need not only knowledge and subtleties in lining, but also experience. And preferably professionalism. Otherwise, even the most expensive and exquisite tiles can look awful. Therefore, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists.