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Design of a bathroom with shower (51 photos)

Nowadays, you don't often see a bathroom in which there is no shower. Even the most modest-sized restroom is combined with a bathroom and has shower space available. The current rhythm of life does not allow frequent relaxed lying in the bathroom, so the owners would rather give it up than a shower. Naturally, the ideal option for a modern bathroom is the presence of all vital segments for sanitary and hygienic and water procedures, but in real life sometimes you have to sacrifice something.

If you are planning a renovation or reconstruction of a bathroom, you must remember that the shower space is most susceptible to temperature changes and increased exposure to moisture. Most often it is necessary to take care of the shower and the place next to it. This makes it necessary to think about the choice of suitable finishing materials. Therefore, first of all, be guided by this, and then personal preferences and wishes.

The shower cabin is an exit not only for owners of small apartments. Today it is a "luxury" and there is not a pricing policy at all. Today's variety, high aesthetics and ergonomics of shower cabins allow you to create an original interior design, thereby satisfying any, even the most demanding requests.

Pluses of shower cabins:

  • Space saving.
  • Saving water resource.
  • Safety - thanks to modern pallet coating. Non-slip materials reduce the risk of injury to zero.
  • Extensive functionality.

Cons of showers:

  • Spacious cabins have a fairly weighty width.
  • With a bad water pressure, taking a shower can be a rather difficult process.
  • The shower cabin, although quite versatile, is not able to replace the bathroom.
  • The deposit accumulates in the relief material, which must be cleaned regularly.

When choosing a shower cabin it is necessary to take into account several basic facts, namely the dimensions of the future structure, its appearance, components and design. And the most important thing in this is not an easy matter - you need to make sure that the design of the shower stall complements the interior of the restroom room.

Shower rooms for small bathrooms

With proper distribution of space, even in the smallest room you can fit a bath with a shower. In this case, preference should be given to the angular model of the shower. Angular space often does not bear any load in the interior. And in small baths you need to use every inch of space with a good sense.

Least of all space is the corner shower with a quarter-way tray. The truth is not quite right to call the design without a cover and without the rear walls of the shower. Such a plan is called the national shower team shower corner.

It is possible to install a rectangular or square shaped cabin, if the bathroom has a niche that is suitable in size, as well as the possibility of connecting the necessary communications for its further proper operation.

It is better when the doors of the booth will be retractable or folding, because the swing doors will take up a lot of space in front of the entrance to the cabin.

In order not to create a clutter effect, it is better to give preference to a transparent cabin, a maximum with a very gentle white coating on the glass. Visually, it will look more advantageous, creating the effect of free space.

The minimum size of the structure for the comfortable adoption of water procedures should be 80 cm * 80 cm. Such dimensions are enough for the convenience of sanitary and hygienic actions by any family member. If you do not have such an area, then the best way for you will be a stationary shower corner.

Showers for roomy bathrooms

Owners of large bathrooms do not need to think about how to save more free centimeters to fit in everything that is necessary for minimum comfort and the necessary hygienic procedures. No need to think about where the stall door will open and so on. This allows you to focus only on the design of the future cabin.

But often it is in the spacious bathrooms that the corner shower is installed, and this is because even if you have plenty of free space, you need to distribute it rationally. A good specialist will be able to properly organize unused space.

You can purchase a booth model with a wide roomy pallet. In fact, you get a bath and shower in one bottle. A pleasant bonus for true connoisseurs of water treatments will be hydro-massage, the function of which is often included in such models of showers. However, this is not the only good news, a model of this kind can be equipped with radio, lighting and other pleasant trifles.

For large bathrooms, a monoblock is suitable, that is, a full-fledged construction with 4 walls and a roof on top, with its own individual shower head and stand. In such models inside the structure there is usually already a mirror and shelves for shower accessories.

Monoblock is an absolutely autonomous design that does not require any additional components. Autonomy - this is its main advantage, but next to this and its disadvantage. The design can be put even in the middle of the bathroom. In order to avoid confusion, it is necessary to think in advance about the design of the shower cabin and the bathroom as a whole. So that later the cabin did not look in the bathroom as a spaceship. Buying it at random, you risk not fitting it into an already existing interior.

Bathroom design with shower

To create not only a beautiful and harmonious, but also a functional interior in the bathroom, it is necessary to consider all the existing successful designs and installation of a shower cabin.

Prefabricated booth models represent the fullest scope for your ideas and fantasies. Considering that the back wall of the cabin is the wall of the bathroom, you need to make it facing so that the frame of the cabin harmoniously fits into the toilet room. For example, you can decorate the wall behind the booth with tiles, since it does not need special care and is extremely resistant to moisture. And if you tiled a wall with a mosaic tile, the bathroom will look incredibly stylish in general.

If you can maintain the overall theme of the bathroom, successfully beating the wall behind the shower, it can become one with the common space of the room.

To completely dissolve the booth in the interior of the restroom, give preference to transparent doors. This technique is suitable for small bathrooms allowing you to visually zone the room. And you can install the cabin already in a prepared niche or use a fixed partition. Fans of open spaces can put a booth in the middle of the room, making it the center of attention.

Assembly and installation of showers

It must be remembered that all models of showers are sold unassembled. Therefore, acquiring it, it is better to think right away whether you will be assembling and installing it yourself, or use the help of professionals. To decide only you. The main thing is to make an informed choice.

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