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Pink color in the interior (56 photos): successful shades and combinations

Pink color has always been pleasant to people of romantic nature. In addition, it is quite diverse and is easily combined with all sorts of shades, which means it is ideal not only for little princesses, but also for older girls.

The combination of pink with other colors and shades

Pink with white

Depending on the shade, the pink color in the interior can be relaxing and soft, refreshing and airy, gentle and exciting. All these qualities advantageously complement the white-yellow, pure white or light beige. For example, a good solution would be pink wallpaper in combination with a white ceiling.

Pink and cream

Pink color is no less elegant, complemented by beige and cream shades (pure beige can be used). At the same time, few people dare to call such a stylistic decision "sweet". This option is often used in the design of the female or children's bedroom.

Pink with gray

Paired with silver and gray, the pink color becomes truly elegant and noble. To enhance this effect it is worth decorating the interior with deep velvety or silk shiny textiles of white and pink color, as well as original mirrors. This solution also looks good in rooms where there are metal fittings: bathroom, kitchen.

Walls and wallpapers in gray colors are just the perfect backdrop for the expressive interior of a children's or living room in light pink colors! This is due to the unique ability of gray shades to give individuality to any objects and make them more clear.

Pink and green

The use of the interior in green with pale pink creates a bright and cozy atmosphere in the room. It can be green-yellow, green-lime colors, etc. In addition, this combination is refreshing and stimulating, and most importantly - uplifting. That is why designers often use green and pink in the interior of dining rooms or living rooms.

Pink with yellow

This option will be the best for decorating a nursery, living room or bedroom. Pastel colors in combination with pink fill the room with sunlight, but muted and deep-deep, for example, yellow-red hues of these colors, on the contrary, make it darker and visually reduce. So caution is required here. It is worth paying attention to the yellow-peach or yellow-orange color.

Pink and blue

Many believe that pale pink - exclusively for girls, and blue - for boys. That is, they are absolutely not compatible with each other. But this is a fallacy. Does anyone think a strange pink shrub against a dark blue sky? Similarly, blue and pink are combined in the interior. It is best to use them in the decoration of the bathroom or kitchen. In this case, a very light blue or pure white will not be superfluous - it will add a certain lightness.

Pink and red

Another illustrative example of how the colors of one gamut are able to harmonize favorably with others. The most successful combination is the duet of pink with maroon in the living room. This will give the girl's pink color strength, masculinity and energy.

Note: this interior requires a careful approach, but with a successful performance it becomes really amazing.

Pink with lilac

Pink and purple are also excellent for pink. The main thing is to choose the right accents and proportions so that the interior becomes a bit romantic and mysterious. The most suitable room for this is a bedroom. In addition, lilac can be both very bright and saturated, and in more calm, moderate colors.

Pink and black

Again, someone will say, a rather dubious “black-pink neighborhood” will be wrong. Using these tones you can get a black and pink interior in oriental or french style.

Pink and brown

Of course, it should be noted that such a combination of colors, popular in interior design, as brown-pink. This option is considered a classic and is often used to design bedrooms, as well as children's rooms. In addition, brown can be replaced by different shades, for example, brown chocolate or brown coffee.

Where is most appropriate pink color


Quite often, different shades of pink are used in the design of bathrooms. The truth in this case, the best addition to the pink will be lilac, peach, light crimson or blue-gray tint. Not be superfluous and decoration bath mirrors.

To the note: the pink color in the decoration of the baths gives the skin a special, pleasant tonality, which means it will want to look in the mirrors again and again.


No less popular is the pale pink color in kitchen design. Such an interior wall has a soulful tea party and increases appetite. In addition, for a kitchen in a retro style, appliances and a kitchen suite of pure pink color will be perfect - a very "joyful" and "live" kitchen will turn out.


Pink color and its various shades in a bedroom interior will be quite pertinent. And when choosing a pink color, close to a peach or muted ash-pastel colors (for example, not bright wallpaper), even a man will live in a bedroom with pleasure.

Living room

As for the design of the living room, the most optimal combination is pink and lavender. The delicate pink shade of the walls in combination with mint will give the room a bourgeois pomp, but quite moderate. If you add to the pale pink gray-blue tone, you can get a very feminine room.

Important: fill the interior of the living room with vigor, typical of Indian style, using pink in combination with orange.

But still, the most optimal solution is to create a general background of the living room in a cold, light pink color, complemented by warm colors and accessories, for example, gray-white, brown or beige-cream. Conversely, if the design of the walls is made in rich shades of pink, the furniture and decor items should be different - light, light coffee or white.


When decorating the interior of a bedroom, living room or kitchen in pink, of course, do not forget about the various accessories. Here, by the way, the choice is not limited - pale pink decor objects perfectly complement absolutely any room, whatever style they may have. It will be very advantageous to look interior in light pink colors with the presence of the original textiles: white and pink bedspreads, curtains, rugs, etc.

The accessory of pink color will easily refresh even the most seemingly "uninteresting" room.

When the interior in a pale or pure pink color, it is not necessary to make it the main one. Sometimes it is enough to use pink shades as additional accents.