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Forged beds in the bedroom interior (54 photos): unusual design solutions

Art forging is a real art in the furniture industry all over the world. Forged products are able to give the apartment or house a real atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Well, if you are not a fan of this era, but you are not able to forget completely weightless and air curls in the form of unusual patterns or floral motifs, then believe yourself to afford a magnificent product in the form of a bed with unusual elements of forging. The main thing is to correctly beat her in the interior.

Forged beds are in perfect harmony with the interior in the style of hi-tech, modern, baroque and classic style. The basic rule is to plan everything “to the nearest millimeter.” Metal looks great in conjunction with stone, wood, glass elements, it is also combined with fabric bases, leather and even plastic. Due to its versatility, any interior in a modern style is easily created. And nothing prevents you from putting emphasis on a very showy and popular artistic forging.

Wrought iron beds

Having chosen the wrought-iron bed, according to the results, you will receive not only an elegant bed, but also an absolutely exclusive product that can become a real decoration of the bedroom. Thanks to an individual approach, your bed will not just be different from others, it can become a real masterpiece. The main thing is to rely not only on the artist, but to invest in the sketch for the future bed and your ideas with fantasies. And then the uniqueness of the project is guaranteed 100%.

Forged furniture can hit not only women's hearts, due to its lightness of lines and the refinement of handwriting. Not at all, the other side of the medal is the massiveness of the metal, which personifies strength and power just to the point of fiction will not leave men indifferent, including. The simultaneous combination of lightness and durability will add to your cloister not only a mysterious, but also a very romantic style in the interior.

Choose the shape of a wrought bed

The bed design can have not only a classic rectangular appearance, it can be round or oval at will. It is on the frame that all the restraints of powerful steel are fastened. Art forging is not necessarily a lordly appearance, an abundance of patterns and colors, the bed can be made in the style of minimalism, with absolutely strict forms and lines. In any case, the unusual ornament, different saturation patterns and curly elements will ensure the creation of a unique design of your bed.

Wrought iron bed elements

Thanks to its sophistication and unique lines, it is the forged part of the bed that attracts attention. Why artists and try to give the backs of grandeur and grandeur as much as possible. The back at the head of the bed is usually much higher than the back at the foot. Accordingly, it comes to the fore. Special attention here should be paid to this particular part of the bed.

Lovers of complete privacy just need to consider the option of a wrought-iron four-poster bed. She not only decorates your bed room with dignity, she is able to create a romantic atmosphere and the most secluded corner for lovers.

The shod back framed by an expensive and qualitative tree looks stunningly beautiful.

Wrought iron processing methods

By production of beds 2 types of processing of metal are usually used: hot and cold.

Hot processing

During the hot processing, the metal heats up to 700 degrees Celsius, it is thanks to this heating that iron becomes plastic and in the hands of the master obediently takes the desired shape. This processing is carried out using both hand tools and machine production. Industrial lines produce cast elements such as flowers, leaves, bunches of grapes, etc.

Cold working

Punching is called the cold method of metal processing, since the parts are not made by hand, but with the help of a stamping machine, due to which the product is considerably cheaper, because it is not manual work. These beds are more affordable.

The finished creation is first primed, then powder coated in any color you like. The bed easily gets the desired shade from light to dark brown and even black, so that the bed fits easily into any interior.

At the moment, wrought antique furniture is very popular. The process of giving this effect is called patina. You can achieve different color results: imitation gold or silver, oxidized copper or the effect of bluing, the type of bronze or copper.

A white wrought-iron bed with or without silver inserts looks very unusual. A model of such a plan in combination with other elements of white decor will transform your bedroom by making a royal bedchamber from an ordinary room.

Bedroom for adults with wrought bed

Due to its versatility and the way of processing, the art forging will easily fit into any interior, for which designers love it. Forged bed will give a strict classical style of respectability, country style, comfort, style Provence lightness and lightness. In the best way, art forging will fit into ethnic and antique style, emphasize retro style, art deco and even ascetic gothic style.

A spacious bedroom is able to afford an elegant double bed with an expressive wrought pattern. This will give it extra elegance.

It is better not to overload the small bedroom with bulky structures and complex ornaments; one and a half beds are enough with elegant lines of forged patterns. Optically, the lightness and tenderness of artistic forging lines will make the room more free. For unity in style, you can fill the room with additional wrought iron elements. In the same style, hang a chandelier or mirror in a forged frame, add a pair of ottomans or chairs, a bedside table, and a flower bookcase for lovers of floristics. Wrought souvenirs like figurines or candlesticks will give an even greater attractiveness to the bedroom. It will be very interesting if the doors and window openings are painted in the appropriate shade of metal.

Children's bedroom with wrought bed

Those who think that art forging is appropriate everywhere except in the children's room are very much mistaken. Artistic forging will only give the children's bedroom an original design, but at the same time the lines and curls of iron should be so airy and graceful, so that in no case does it clutter the space and do not cause the atmosphere. The room for the child should be bright, spacious and of course the nursery, where it is pleasant to play and have fun. Adult components of the interior should remain in the room in adults.

The choice of forged beds for children is so huge that it is possible to choose a bed for one and for two children in one style consideration. And if the owner of the monastery also likes minimalism, then in this case a bunk bed will come in handy. Her appearance will be no less elegant than the appearance of an ordinary bed, even more pretentious. The appearance of the bed will be able to amaze anyone with its beauty and mystery. And children just love all the supernatural, extraordinary and fabulous. Well, if we talk about quality, then without a doubt, the wrought iron bed is the strongest and most durable construction in the world. You and your child will delight more than a dozen years. The main thing to determine the size, and the question of the purchase will not be a problem. Such a bed can be bought in a specialty store, and if you don’t like any of the existing models, you can place them on order. For production it is not difficult to make the bed individually only for you, even if it will be a bit more expensive, but it's worth it.

Children's wrought-iron beds are most often combined with natural wood, but they are also equipped with orthopedic lamellae so that your child will get enough sleep and he will not have back problems in the future. In addition, there are two-tier structures, easily folding into two single-tier. Manufacturers took care of young children. The bed can be completed with a side that will not allow the child to fall out. There are extraordinary options for cots for the youngest children just born, a bed-cradle in the form of a hammock. The luxurious metal bindings of the most unusual patterns and the gentle canopy with the thinnest downward falling trickle of the lightest and weightless fabric will make a truly refined, even a little pompous ensemble with a thrill complementing the graceful decor of the room for a newborn.


A bed with elements of artistic forging will delight and amaze with its exquisite beauty. Without a doubt, the bed will serve its owners for centuries, even passing from generation to generation, if you want.