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Podium in the apartment (50 photos): original ideas of planning

The podium in the interior of apartments and private houses is becoming more common. Modern design finds for this design a lot of functional and aesthetic applications, here are the main ones:

  • zoning and adjustment of proportions of the room;
  • a place to store a variety of things;
  • place to sleep and rest;
  • a place for receiving guests;
  • way to hide communication.

Low ceiling height is not a reason to refuse such a practical solution in your apartment. If a sofa or a bed is placed on the podium, you need to be able to get up, nothing more. Also, the height of the ceiling is not important when creating a children's play area.

The design of the podium is determined on the basis of its functional purpose and interior style. A rich selection of modern decorative materials allows you to harmoniously fit this element into any space. It is impossible to buy a ready-made podium - it is built on the spot for specific requirements and tasks, therefore with its help a unique interior is created.

Podium in a studio apartment

For a studio apartment, the most acute problem is zoning, when in one room it is necessary to divide places for different types of activities. So, for example, the kitchen zone raised to the podium will be separated from the living room. Such a podium should be low so as not to reduce the height of the ceilings, and differ in the type and color of the floor covering. The design of the zones may also vary, the high-tech style is suitable for the kitchen, because smooth, glossy surfaces are combined with modern appliances and are convenient for cleaning, and the living room is softer modern or art deco.

When in the studio a place for receiving guests is located in the kitchen, the podium will be useful for separating working and sleeping areas. The podium will raise to another level a study with a computer desk and bookshelves, a pull-out bed will be placed inside, and storage boxes in the steps. This is a practical solution for small apartments where every meter of free space is expensive.

Podium for one-room apartment

In the one-room apartment for a family with a child on the podium can accommodate a play area for the baby. Sheltered with soft carpet, with storage space for toys inside, the podium will become a magical corner. The design of the wall decor in combination with the podium cover will create a princess castle, a magical forest or an underwater kingdom inside the room. For a schoolchild child, a training place can be equipped on the podium, and a pull-out bed inside. Such designs can easily compensate for the absence of a children's room in the apartment.

If it is necessary to combine the functions of a bedroom and a living room in a one-room apartment, the podium can replace a bed and a sofa. Oriental design with an abundance of multi-colored pillows will be comfortable for receiving guests and for sleeping. Built-in drawer eliminates the need to buy a chest of drawers or wardrobe.

When the sofa for the reception of guests is the sleeping place of the owners, it will be logical to select the workplace as a podium. With the elongated shape of the room it will harmoniously divide it with a podium in half, then the built-in bed will fit inside. In a room close to the square, it is better to install a narrow podium, the width of the desk, but as high as possible, so far as the height of the ceilings allows, then a convenient storage system can fit inside.

The need to fill the bed in the morning in a one-room apartment is obvious. But until the family has acquired a larger living space, the bed built into the podium will solve this problem.

Podium in the living room interior

In the spacious living room, which is used only by its main purpose, a low podium in the television area will help to hide the wires. The built-in light on the perimeter of the podium will create an atmosphere of a cinema. And it is necessary to equip this area with a curtain, and the podium will become a stage for home theater productions.

When in the living room there are often groups of adults with children, the guest area - a sofa and a coffee table - can be raised to the podium, and at the bottom you can equip a place for children's outdoor games, so it will be more convenient for parents to watch them. Also, this design is suitable for companies who love to dance.

The presence in the house of the piano implies the allocation of a special place for it. Such a place can just become a podium. Arrangement of the curtain will help to concentrate during the rehearsal and not to interfere with other household matters, as well as allow mini-concerts to be given.

A narrow podium along the wall in the living room will replace the sofa and allow you to store a lot of useful things. This design will fit into any design, it is only necessary to choose the right fabric for pillowcases on pillows made of dense foam. By the way, they are not difficult to make yourself.

Podium for the children's room

For a children's room in which several children live, the podium will be a rationalization solution to the problem of placing sleeping, play and training places. A bunk bed can cause controversy, who will sleep on top, and who - from below. Creating a podium with two pull-out beds at the bottom and two training places at the top will solve the problem in a wide room.

A similar option for a rectangular room is two podiums, in each of which there is a bed and a workplace. In this case, the bed can be placed upstairs, and in the podium to equip a retractable table and storage boxes.

The design of the nursery should be dynamic and developing, as the inhabitants of this room grow quickly. Equipping the podium as a play area for a child, it is better to think in advance how to convert it when the child starts school. The color scheme of those elements that can not be repainted, choose in neutral colors. For example, a teenager boy will say that the delicate blue color chosen by his parents several years ago is not cool. With girls in this regard is simpler, pink usually remains relevant from the cradle and at least until the prom.

Bedrooms with a podium

A podium for a bedroom can be a cost-effective solution; you don’t have to buy a bed and bedside tables with it. If you put a high mattress a little smaller than the podium, the free space around the edges will play the role of a bedside table.

The design of the round podium, round bed and canopy will create an oriental tale from the bedroom. Forged items, transparent flowing fabrics and colored glass lamps in Moroccan style or tiffany will bring special magic to the room design.

If you have a spacious bedroom in a young family without children, you can install a pylon on the podium opposite the bed. The husband will eagerly run home from work, and his pole dancing will help save on visiting the fitness club without sacrificing figure. When offspring appears, such a podium is simply converted into a home theater, and the metal pipe will go to the nursery to play firefighters.

What is important to know when installing the podium

  1. To keep the podium safe, do not place it in passages or in the center of the room.
  2. Concrete podium - the most durable, but because of the large weight it can damage the overlap. Only suitable for first floors of private houses.
  3. A massive wooden podium may also be too heavy for overlapping, it is worthwhile to calculate in advance.
  4. When the podium is set to hide communications, it is important to have access to them.
  5. When choosing a place for the podium with a pull-out bed, you need to choose one where a regular bed would look logical.
  6. The podium is a durable construction. When installing it in a nursery, you should take into account the fact that children grow quickly.
  7. Do not save on the quality of materials for the podium. Robust construction will last a long time and replace some other types of furniture.
  8. In apartments with low ceilings, you need to calculate the height of the podium so that you can get up to full height.
  9. If the podium shape is curved, the frame should be the same.
  10. Do not forget about sound insulation, which will reduce the booming sound when walking on the podium.