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Floor lamps in the interior (50 photos): stylish models and decorating ideas


Lighting the room - this is almost the main aspect in the interior. Playing with chiaroscuro, the owner unknowingly or purposefully creates a mood in the house. It is very important to be able to enjoy the romantic atmosphere, which can be recreated by various kinds of lamps with subdued light, such as wall lamps, table lamps and, of course, floor lamps.









Floor lamps have certain privileges, unlike other types of additional lighting:

  • No installation, unlike sconces. This is a huge plus, especially when there is no opportunity to call the master, and there is no male power nearby. So to say - bought, brought into the house, put, plugged in and use.
  • Mobility design. Very convenient in terms of the fact that the floor lamp, if desired, is transported to any corner of the room upon request.
  • Do not need a stand. Floor lamps are good because they do not require furniture to be installed. There are no bedside tables near the bed - it doesn't matter, put the device on the floor and read it to your health right in bed.
  • Zoning space. By means of the lamp the room is easily divided into several zones. The part of the room where the floor lamp is located is naturally allotted to the relaxation and recreation area. In this designated area, apartment owners read, watch TV, or simply bask under a warm rug, comfortably seated on a comfortable sofa.
  • Decorative function. Under the influence of time and progress, a floor lamp has become a device that serves not only as a lighting device. Due to the huge range of models, it is possible to say with honor and dignity that a floor lamp can also become an ornament, even an attraction of an apartment. Even if you could not find anything in the store, for an order you can get the most exclusive sample.

In addition, no lighting fixture can not afford to create such a cozy and comfortable lounge area. It can resemble a tall torch or a tree, decorated with a garland and even a street lamp. And it is not surprising, because the word "floor lamp" came to us from the French language, which in translation means "torch".












Floor lamps and their types

Due to the variety of types of tripods and shapes of the lampshade, as well as the materials from which they are made, floor lamps can be very different.

Leg - stand

Depending on the tripod, there are several types of floor lamps:

  • Classical. This floor lamp has a direct tripod with a height of from 1 to 2.5 m.
  • Modern. This lamp has not only an adjustable leg, but also a fancy tripod shape, in the form of an arc or a curved figure.
  • On a tripod. The stand can consist of 3 legs.
  • With a table. No need to reach for a bedside table to put a book or put a cup of coffee, because the floor table-top for convenience is set at shoulder level of a person lying down.







Lamp shades are also varied. Depending on the materials from which the lampshade is directly manufactured, there are:

  • Ceramic
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Glass
  • And even metal

Choosing a floor lamp, take into account the general style of the room, because the 2-meter lamp is quite catchy design, and if it will stand out from the general concept - this fact will not go unnoticed. Although the floor lamp, which against the background of the whole situation will look contrast, can be a highlight, but in this case the main thing is not to overdo it.

Trapezoid floor lamp

For a classic and modern respectable interior fit lamp in the style of Art Deco. For the eponymous style, such floor lamps will be all the more relevant. The lampshade shape of such a lamp almost always expands to the top, so it is often similar to a trapezoid.



Floor lamp on a bent leg

For the interior in high-tech style, minimalism, loft, as well as for modern modern interiors, a lamp on a curved leg, which is also called an arched floor lamp, is suitable. The stand is usually made of metal. A lamp shade more often resembles a glass ball, but other variations of shapes are possible, for example, a plastic cylinder. In most cases, floor lamps are sold in white, black and gray, but a bright decision is possible if you need to focus on it.



Luxury Crystal Floor Lamps

For such extravagant styles as neo-baroque or glamor, only a luxurious specimen is needed, which will bring gloss and shine to the interior, a little bit of drama, chamber and even some mysticism. Most often the lampshade of a floor lamp is made of crystal, glass, rhinestones and fabrics, and the step is made of stainless steel. Such lamps, as a rule, can be seen in black and silver. But there is always an exception to the rule.



Fringe lamp shade

For a retro style, vintage style, pop art, or for anyone else whose decor is reminiscent of antiquity, a classic model with a brass base and a textile conical shade, often decorated with fringe, beads or embroidery, will do.



Where would a floor lamp be appropriate?

A floor lamp is indispensable when setting up a recreation area for which part of the living room can be allocated. Usually this is the place where they watch TV or receive guests. The main recreation area should be, of course, in the bedroom. However, if the apartment is spacious, you can arrange a lounge area in the hall, and even in the kitchen. Why not? The weaker half of humanity also needs to rest. So even in the kitchen there will be a small quiet corner for respite.