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Black and white bedroom (50 photos): beautiful interiors with fashionable accents

Black and white color causes dozens, if not hundreds of associations. This is a classic picture of cinema, and a popular dress code, and nostalgia for the Soviet school years, and the zebra, which often compare our lives, and much more.

So styles, where the given colors, the most various will be pertinent:

  • always up to date classic design;
  • chic modern;
  • intriguing east;
  • laconic minimalism;
  • inimitable art deco;
  • hi-tech, baroque, etc.

Bedroom in black and white: classic

Designers offer several options for decorating a black and white bedroom in a classic style.

  1. The basis of the interior is black. It is used for rooms with a large area to create the effect of "chamber".
  2. The main role is played by white colors, visually expanding the space of the room (most of all, this design method is suitable for small bedrooms).

To the note: the combination of black and white in the same proportions is an unfortunate design that makes the atmosphere in the room oppressive and repulsive.

White color

If the bedroom is more white, then special attention should be paid to the decor items. They should be black:

  • certain furniture;
  • bedspreads or pillows on the bed: simple fabrics and banal prints are not appropriate here. The canopy, curtains and paintings should also be massive, as befits the classics;
  • vases;
  • pretty dark wallpapers and so on.

Equally important is the lighting: hidden lights or table lamps. The black and white bedroom in this style is a balanced dilution of the white room with black accents.

In addition, before you decide on a similar interior, you should be aware of all its pros and cons. For example, light-colored furniture is quickly polluted, dust settles on it, and in general any defects are clearly visible.

Black color

Some say the black base of the bedroom is bleak. But it requires a competent addition to the interior with white elements, as well as with other colors (no more than two or three):

  • dilute the contrast with the help of gray or red accents (bed, wardrobe, etc.);
  • for windows, black and white horizontal blinds or curtains are often used;
  • bright pictures combined with black and white photographs, an original cover on the bed - all this is a great solution;
  • furniture should be chosen without sharp corners and with the presence of smooth lines - the room will become more gentle and comfortable.

Important: a black and white bedroom is not suitable for people with a weak nervous system, since the constant presence of black color can cause depression.

The classic black and white bedroom can be made against the background of perfectly white walls (the ceiling is painted dark), but in this case, the furniture needs another - compensating simplicity, which is not typical of this area: a twisted wrought-iron chandelier, carved backs of white chairs and wooden chairs in classic style.


The walls are the first thing that everyone pays attention to when entering a room. Black and white bedroom interior, or rather its attractiveness, directly determine the wallpaper. The latter can be made in any style, but, at the same time, they should not be too large or small patterns - such a design is not desirable in the recreation area.

Note: not a bad option for black and white bedrooms are and wallpaper (of course, in similar colors).

The second step after choosing a pattern and material is the proper use of wallpaper, that is, the distribution of color.

With the help of the combined wallpaper it is easy to get the following results:

  • zone space wallpaper: the place of sleep is separated from the rest of the room;
  • highlight the main advantages in the style of the interior;
  • visually increase the size of the bedroom (dark ceiling and light wallpaper).

How to zone a bedroom wallpaper

In this case, wallpaper or wallpaper should be only black and white.

  1. In the absence of doors, they create a smooth transition in black and white with the help of figured baseboards in the general style of the room.
  2. Any flaws in the walls "close" black wallpaper, and more successful elements of the bedroom (paintings, vases, etc.), on the contrary, emit white wallpaper.
  3. If the bedroom is small, then use a different technique: white walls, ceiling and black floor.

You can decorate with monophonic wallpaper (dim photo-wallpaper will also suit) the whole room, decorating it with black and white elements and wall by the bed.

Now consider in more detail the design of the bedroom in black and white, taking into account other stylistic decisions.

High tech

It would seem that black and white - the basis of this style and organize the space of the bedroom will be easy. But there are certain nuances. The main concept is maximum pragmatism and strict geometry. The walls are decorated with wallpaper in white, and the floor and ceiling in any shades of dark gray. Permanently black is used only on limited surfaces:

  • bed cover;
  • some furniture;
  • paintings in black frames and curtains.

Hi-tech does not tolerate chic and idleness - any little things that are necessary in the bedroom, clean the doors of the shelves and cabinets.


And here, as well as possible, black and white gamma will do. Background white walls and ceiling. Decorating the bedroom in such colors emphasizes the modesty and nobility of the situation. Furniture should be in a minimum quantity: a pair of bedside tables, a bed and a small sofa. Accessories, curtains and textiles while monochrome, as well as the most simple.

Chic and decorative is added by original accents: lacquered furniture or tile on the floor, where the ceiling light is reflected.

The popularity of this style is increasing rapidly. Not so long ago, it was impossible to imagine a bedroom or a study without shelves and bookcases, but with the development of computer technology, all these items easily replace compact gadgets.

Art Deco

Thanks to some glamor this style in black and white looks great. For example, black curtains form a complex play of folds against a background of white walls, ceiling murals and light gray tulle, and the unique decoration of accessories fascinates with its mysticism.

Diluting the bedroom with bright accents will make it a full-fledged children's room.

East style

It is believed that Oriental motifs - an abundance of gilding, paint and bright color. However, the black and white bedroom in the oriental style has a different concept - the presence of thread and lace. This design resembles the lattice framing of partitions between the women's and the men's room, which is typical of eastern countries. Ornaments are found in the decoration of furniture and wall decoration. The bed should be smart and big.

The flooring is a chessboard, that is, a combination of black and white tiles.

Add this effect interesting stickers on the glass. In the bedroom, the lack of natural lighting is not critical, and the resulting shadows from the created "stained glass" fill the interior with drama.


There is no need to invent something new here: the design will prompt any old film. In addition to black and gray items, their shape is also important: a little naive and original retro accessories. To make a black and white retro bedroom even more original, you can add an interior with an imitation of a vintage telephone with a dialing set, a vintage table or a bed.

No less original will look and rare vintage photos.


This style is the best for black and white bedrooms. The truth is that not everyone likes this design because of the abundance of black color, which is depressing. But here you can find a way out. For example, add bright light elements and beautiful shapes to the bedroom interior. A design with a wrought-iron bed decorated with a white canopy, fancy dressing tables, an unusual mirror and a ceiling with stucco molding will look very stylish.