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Cover in an interior (50 photos): we create a practical cosiness

Refinement and comfort of living space, bedroom or nursery, living room or home office, give textile accessories. A truly matched blanket or cover can be a real find for the interior. Stylish and elegant, these decorative elements will perfectly cope with various tasks: from harmonizing space to decorating it. They are perfectly and unobtrusively combined with any furniture, while draping a sofa, chair or bed.

Cover as an accessory

In addition to the function of the interior decor, both the blanket and the bedspread are practical. Whatever chic bedding on the bed, it is customary to hide it from prying eyes. Yes, and made the bed always looks neater. A great option is to use a bedspread. It is rather difficult to choose a set of linen for bedroom decor, and the presence of a bedspread will eliminate this need.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge amount of textile accessories for the bedroom, for every taste and for any interior. Bed covers can be straight and stern, or bear a playful character: with ruffles, laces, ruffles. In the "male" bedroom may be shaped like a cape, close to the blanket. In the latter case, the blanket is selected from a quilted material of dense texture with a padding of padding or batting.

Fashion trend

Lovers of simplicity will like knitted bedspreads. Knitted products rapidly broke into the modern interior and occupied the leading positions. It is a mistake to think that such products remind of "grandma's creativity". Modern knitted things look not only cozy, but also very stylish. Openwork soft cover on the sofa will soften the strict interior of the living room, and the bedroom will add refinement.

You can choose a knitted accessory for your home from the proposed range of manufacturers, and you can show imagination and make it yourself. The purchased blanket will be pleasing to the eye, and the hand-made one will share the warmth of the hands that bound it. Find a practical application knit curtain is not difficult:

  • in the living room on the couch - replace the blanket in cool weather;
  • will serve not only as a decoration for the bedroom, but also as an additional blanket;
  • easily transformed into a play mat for a child's room;
  • at the cottage will be indispensable on the veranda or terrace during the first cooling.

To knit not only complement, but also emphasize the interior, it is important to consider a few points:

  • the choice of color, because in each room a certain palette is thought out. It is important not to disturb harmony, while emphasizing individuality;
  • shape and size, because the location options on the sofa and the bed are many: completely hide the bed, arrange in size, cover partially or at an angle;
  • the material, not forgetting that it is supposed to come into contact with the open areas of the skin and give preference to naturalness, for example, wool;
  • purpose of placement. This is important if, for example, the task is to preserve the sofa’s “native” textiles.

Fur accessory

Among fans of something special, fur covers are again in trend. With their help, it is easy to achieve a combination of simplicity and chic, so popular now. Of course, for the beauty will have to pay extra care for the fur product.

Fur accessory most often made to order. For the bedroom, it is better to choose fox fur or smooth, shiny mink fur. Majestic luxury will add a chinchilla blanket to your living room on the sofa. When choosing a color - give preference to light shades. So, the gray cover from a mink or the silver fox, will be pertinent at any interior decision. The seamy side of the fur cover is formed by a lining material that is pleasant to the touch.

Especially popular products with ornaments of various types of fur. Such covers are true works of art! Even the simplest "checkered" fur ornament made of squares of different skins in texture and length of piles will be a spectacular decoration of the room. No less popular blankets from solid skins. This accessory can easily be used in any room and successfully complements even the most sophisticated interior.

Of course, not everyone can afford a fur blanket in the living room or bedroom. No less practical and attractive faux fur coatings came to the rescue. Such products are unlikely to give way in terms of showiness, without requiring specific care. And if there are allergies in the family - they will become a worthy alternative to natural fur.

Plaid in the interior

Blankets, so beloved by interior designers, are almost indispensable as a modern textile decor. As many owners of this accessory will agree, the blanket cannot get bored. You can remove it and get it if necessary, but do not refuse to use it. Plaid, regardless of color, perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom. From his mere presence in the room becomes cozier and warmer. In the living room his place on the couch or chair. Woolen or knitted blankets are indispensable in front of a TV or a fireplace in cold evenings. A good "grandmother" checkered rug pleasantly warm in a country house or in the country. The blanket is no less relevant for the children's room. This accessory will be a wonderful gift for use as a blanket or bedspread in a crib.

And yet, despite the similarity of appointments, there are differences between the bedspread and the blanket. If it was appropriate to decorate with ruffles, pom-poms, tassels, contrasting fabric, the maximum blanket can be supplemented with a textured seam or fringe.

The plaid can be used not as a blanket, but as an addition to it. A knitted blanket beautifully folded on the edge of the bed will fill the bedroom with even greater comfort. For a living room, it is better to pick up a couple of tones brighter than the upholstery of the sofa or, if the room is not replete with bright accents, you can play on the contrasts, choosing a rich color.

Color palette

Designers identify a few simple rules when choosing the color of a textile accessory:

  • in a small room the blanket should be combined with the color of the walls, furniture and floor. The exception is white;
  • striped blankets, including zebra print, visually expand the space in length or width;
  • if the interior is in cold colors, a good choice is a warm color accessory;
  • saturated colors and patterns add color;
  • gray canvas perfectly complement the interior with the dominant warm colors;
  • knitted plain blankets - decoration of any interior;
  • White color is acceptable in any color.

Textile under the style

Traditionally, blankets, unlike bedspreads, are not the center of the interior, but they skillfully complement it. So, for a room designed in a loft or Scandinavian style, a checkered plaid with a subtle color: brown, gray, beige will be relevant on the sofa.

As a rule, when it comes time to choose a bedspread, the basic style of the room is already formed. For this reason, both the material and the color should be in complete harmony with the already used elements of the interior. A bed with a modern bedroom interior is better to cover from blended fabrics, preferring monochromatic colors. Provence and country style will successfully complement the bedspread of flax or quilted cotton, as well as made in the patchwork technique. A bed with a high headboard of the English style is better to cover with jacquard or silk, preferring shades with a slight shimmer.

"Zebra" in the interior

In the trend again animal motifs, and in particular black and white stripes of zebra. Of course, not everyone can remake a room with such a bold decision. But it is possible to try to diversify the familiar interior with the help of "animal" textiles.

Adding bold notes to the interior is worth considering the base color. Zebra goes well with brown, green, yellow, blue, sand, gold and purple flowers. If one of the listed basic colors is present in the room, you can safely add black and white stripes.

A neutral-color bedroom can be animated by placing a zebra print bedspread on the bed. But here it is worth remembering one rule: the smaller the room, the smaller the pattern, in this case, the thickness of alternating bands. For less daring decorators, you can use the following technique: choose the main color of the coverlet - white, and use the "zebra" as a trim.

A room with a bright color scheme can be varied with the help of a zebra blanket. It is enough to arrange such an accessory on the sofa in the living room or on the corner of the bedroom bed - and the interior will change!