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How to choose the style of curtains to the interior (50 photos)


Curtains are an important part of the interior, so it is important that they are in harmony with the other objects in the room. Today you can find curtains in a very different style - Roman, Russian, African, Chinese, French, classical, modern, etc. The main styles of curtains and will be described in this article.




The simplicity and comfort of rustic styles

A cozy country style, which is associated with neat village houses and chalets, freshly baked bread and elegant Provence filled with floral patterns, is gaining in recent times an increasing popularity in Russian design. Rustic curtains, their pastel colors, natural fabrics, an abundance of cute knick-knacks, curls and laces - all this brings a warm, pleasant atmosphere to the house. Curtains in country style will be a great addition to the interior. They, as correctly, are made from natural materials. Linen curtains are very popular. As for the colors, warm muted tones prevail: pink, beige, peach, etc.




Baroque and Rococo are perhaps the most pompous styles in art. The abundance of gold, decorative details, smooth bends and curlicues create a feeling of truly royal luxury. Heavy baroque curtains with lambrequins abounding with gold and silver threads will turn the dwelling into a real palace. They (often such curtains are hand-sewn) are sewn from silk, velvet and other “status” fabrics.




No less spectacular will be the rococo style curtains - elegant golden ornaments on heavy expensive fabrics will look gorgeous. Elements of such styles as baroque can be observed in such a modern direction as art deco. It combines pomp and severity, creating an elite and expensive entourage, which speaks of the high status of the owner of the property. Art Deco curtains are a great compromise between retro style and modernity.



Modern styles in the interior - the embodiment of brevity

The complete opposite of the screaming baroque and retro style is generally modern. In this modern direction of design, there is no room for many small details and the whole bourgeois. Curtains in modern style are distinguished by the severity of forms and harmonious combination of colors. No variegated coarse patterns and flowers, no fringe with hand-made lambrequins - just discreet elegance. These will look great in a not too large living room, because they are able to visually make the room more. They are very similar to the curtains in the style of minimalism - there is the same brevity. Nothing superfluous is the main motto that these fashion trends follow.



Not to mention the high-tech style. This modern style is different for chopped forms, angularity and all the same minimalism. Curtains in the high-tech style are light, airy - no gabardine or velvet. As for the colors, the emphasis here is on monotony, neutral tones and fashionable color combinations.




The grace of the east in your bedroom

In recent years, interest in Oriental motifs in the interior has increased markedly. This is especially true of Japan, because the culture of this country is distinguished by refinement, simplicity and eco-motives. Curtains in the Japanese style represent the height of grace: airy fabrics, delicate shades, flowers with delicate petals touch the heart of even the most captious esthete. A good idea would be to hang such curtains in the nursery or living room, because they will create an atmosphere of tenderness and comfort. By its lightness, such an interior is somewhat similar to a room in the French key.







European interior styles - timeless classics

Perhaps the most familiar to the eye styles of the European sample. Moreover, the interiors of urban houses, not country chalets. The most classic version is England - the curtains in the English style look a bit stiff, but at the same time, very elegant. In this - all the classics with its rigor and grandeur. The interior in the spirit of old Italy has a brighter, more saturated color, and it is not surprising, because the cheerful and energetic disposition of the inhabitants of this country has become almost a legend. Italian-style curtains are invariably flowing fabrics, floral ornaments and linen fabrics of warm colors. Those who appreciate a cozy retro, will pay tribute to such a design. But the interior in the Scandinavian spirit, by contrast, is more restrained, as befits the heritage of the culture of the North. It is dominated by white color and classic forms - as in all Scandinavian.






Speaking of classics, it is impossible not to mention the trends of antiquity, Roman and Greek: the curtains in the Greek style with constant meanders still remain the standard of restrained greatness. Ivory color and gold - this combination has become a legend in such a field as design. Roman curtains do not tolerate flashy colors: only rigor and simplicity.

Ethnic motifs are visible now everywhere, ranging from the manner of dress to the situation in apartments and houses. The word “ethnics” unites a lot of different directions, ranging from notes in the Russian folk cultural key, to exotics like India. Because you can not immediately describe the features possessed by curtains in ethnic style. Quite often choose the design of the bedrooms in the Chinese style, with bamboo, cranes and formidable dragons. But you can prefer fashionable and original African-style curtains: this is a very exotic and colorful solution, especially for lovers of eco-motives. To the ethnic can be attributed, and the curtains in the marine style, because in their bluish modulations the Mediterranean style with its blue tones of fabrics and patterned ceramics is clearly discernible. African-style curtains are more to the sand and red shades.




Every girl dreamed in her childhood about the bedroom “like a princess”, where everything will be in delicate blue and pink, furniture is cute and almost doll-like, lace and soft linen will be everywhere, and window-sills will be sprinkled with flowers in pots. All these girlish dreams combines the style of chebbi-chic. The interior of this style seems to be sketched from doll houses, and therefore the curtains in the chebbi-chic style should be light, with a gentle unobtrusive ornament, often with lambrequins. Needless to say that such curtains are perfect for a child’s room for a girl. Yes, and some adults such a design will delight.






A variety of curtains - how to choose the right

From the above, you can understand how diverse styles of curtains. So, the curtains for the Provence style kitchen will bring warmth and comfort to the house, the Empire style curtains will be an excellent addition to the chic banquet hall or living room in the spirit of the 18th century, and minimalism will be a boon for fans of modern design trends. Exotic lovers will enjoy the curtains in the African or Chinese vein, and connoisseurs of brevity - in the Scandinavian. And to get lost in this variety is very easy. To choose the right curtains for all other furniture in the interior, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details of the interior decoration of the room, and it is better to consult with the designer. An experienced specialist can easily find something that fits perfectly into the situation.