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Bedroom design of 20 square meters. m (50 photos): create a beautiful interior

Create a concise and original bedroom design of 20 square meters. m is much easier than comfortable and practical to arrange the space of a smaller square footage. 20 squares of usable space is a great opportunity to realize the style you dreamed of - rustic, country or provence. It is also an opportunity to experiment with historical styles, and there is no reason to talk about modern, restrained and most functional styles of the bedroom interior.

The choice is only for finishing materials, colors, furniture and trifles, which, strictly speaking, and "create" style! And all this is easy and simple, it is enough to order a ready-made design project or develop it yourself. And what to do if the bedroom is a single space of a one-time Khrushchev or a hotel-type apartment? There is a way out for each bedroom!

Bedroom 20 sq. M. m: top 5 rules of registration

So, initially consider the easiest option available bedroom in 20 square meters. m rectangular or square shape. That bedroom, which will serve only for a pleasant pastime of two and "will not tolerate" in its territory of the living room, dining room or nursery.

To equip such a territory is simple, but you should not forget about the basic rules.

Style selection. Here a lot will depend on your personal preferences. Sit down for a few minutes in an empty room, indulge in dreams. Visually make your dream come true by choosing a bed of a certain shape for your bedroom, walls in gold or champagne, burgundy, pink, milky or beige, as well as textiles and accessories. And the first step has been taken - now you will know approximately what you want from the interior of your bedroom.

Wall finishing materials. Wooden panels, natural or artificial stone, painting or decorative plaster, ceramic tiles or wallpaper - all options are at your disposal. Pay attention to the choice of the color palette of the walls and the texture of the material, taking into account the future color of accessories, the harmony of shades and lighting. Numerous collections from venerable manufacturers will offer you an artificial stone with a marbled pattern, brick and other innovations. Wallpapers can be purchased under the skin, velvet, tiles, with photos to your taste. You can also choose “industrial” design under the loft style or prefer to drape walls with textiles to give a Japanese or oriental touch to the interior.

Attention: panels under the tree, made in cognac, light chocolate and turquoise shades will help to give nobility and natural charm to a bright bedroom. Also do not be afraid of unusual color combinations!

Lighting. The bedroom is a place of solitude, so you should exclude massive ceiling chandeliers and highly concentrated lighting streams. The best idea is sconces, nightlights, LED recessed lights, a pair of floor lamps that will present a diffused muffled luminous flux. Do not want to get out of bed in order to turn off / turn on the light? And do not need! Choose lights with a remote control. And do not forget about energy-saving lamps!

Her Majesty's Bed. She - the central element in any bedroom, because it occupies most of the usable space. However, it is necessary to choose a "helper" of sleep, taking into account the presence of other pieces of furniture in the bedroom. If it is a national, natural or historical style, you can not do without a dressing table, comfortable half-chairs and a beautiful dresser. In this case, the bed should be in the same style with the rest of the furniture, although it may not be a piece of furniture from one headset. Modern styles imply a minimum of pieces of furniture, so you can get along with a full-wall wardrobe and a bed with drawers.

Note: round bed means a significant amount of space and a special interior. Experiment only if you are confident in the success of the final design.

Trivia and details. They will create the mood in the room, make it special, individual, yours. An excellent idea is to purchase accessories and trifles for the bedroom together, then - also put together the two of them. Photo frames, bouquets of dried flowers, embroidery with your own hands and even crafts, and the room for two will be charismatic and cute!

A few words about a dressing room, or a fashionista's dream is near

Another modern solution when creating a bedroom design of 20 square meters. m is a dressing room. Not wanting to "stuff" the apartment with massive pieces of furniture, look for this or that thing in another room, equip a dressing room in the bedroom. It gives a lot of advantages!

This is not only the possibility of placing any things in one place, but also the possibility of high-quality storage. For top garments, choose wardrobe, rods, shelves. For everyone else - a wardrobe with modern elements of filling.

Bedroom zoning

The original and unique design of the bedroom of 20 square meters. It can also be when you want to create a sleep area and a recreation or reception area (bedroom-living room), a work area and a sleep area (bedroom-study) in one space, or to equip a hotel-type apartment room, which is the only one and occupies 20 square meters. Make the dream a reality is possible, using special items for the separation of functional areas.

They can be:

  • stationary (or mobile) glass partitions. This solution is relevant for small areas, it will visually expand the space, bring the maximum of light and harmony into the room. In this case, select the sliding system as a door for passage to another territory, which will help to make a particular zone separate and independent from the other;
  • open shelving and shelves. They will help to divide the space into parts and at the same time become focal interior items. Figurines, books and favorite trivia are easy to arrange on the shelves, while maintaining a usable area and finding space on it for personal belongings and small figures;
  • cabinets, cabinets. Furniture that divides the space into zones, it is practical and convenient. The main thing - the correct placement;
  • textile. Screens made of natural materials, canopies - a unique solution in any room, even made in the style of high-tech and minimalism. The main thing is to choose the texture and color, density and pattern;
  • live plants in tubs. They will create a special mood, share the space of the bedroom and dining room, make the air clean and fresh, bring a touch of naturalness.

Attention: the optimal solution is a uniform interior style in a zoned bedroom. This will help to feel the room as a whole, to enjoy the luxury or conciseness of the design, to change it in a matter of hours in case of such a desire. At the same time pieces of furniture and interior decoration elements can be used in the territory of each zone, “moving” as needed.

Try, dare. And then create the interior of the bedroom of your dreams will definitely work!