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Shelves for the bathroom (54 photos): original ideas in interior design


Shelves - a necessary and indispensable attribute of any bathroom. They are indispensable for convenient storage of things, accessories and hygiene items. In the article we will tell you what kind of shelves are needed in the bathroom, consider their types, and what materials best “experience” the special conditions of this room.







We learn about the most popular types of shelves in the interior of the bathroom, as well as how to choose the right shelf for your bathroom.

Mounted or wall mounted


  • The most popular and simplest types of shelves for the bathroom. Fasten directly to the wall, most often open as shelving. Ideal for storing small items - cups with toothbrushes, shaving foams, creams, etc.
  • Their design can be different - it is possible to choose the most suitable shelves for the bathroom.
  • Wall shelves are often glass or plastic. Now stainless steel models are also in fashion. If you want more brutal ideas - at your service forged models.
  • Hinged shelves have their traditional place of "dislocation" - a wall above the sink. Most often, the hinged shelf in this place is additionally equipped with a mirror. This design makes the process of hygienic procedures more convenient, but the mirror model will cost more.
  • On sale you can often find ready-made kits - a sink with or without a pedestal, a shelf, a mirror, a hanger. All this is done in the same style - they can be plastic or stainless steel, mirrored, etc. It remains only to choose a set suitable for your bathroom - and you do not have to run around the shops any more, selecting the details of the design.
  • Minus, though not essential - mounted shelves constrict space. Therefore, if you are going to hang a wall shelf, then pick up a place for it so that something is standing below it - for example, above the sink or above the washing machine. Such ideas allow you to use the place "wisely", ergonomically.







  • For the floor shelf, not every bathroom can find a place. But if you still have the opportunity to "fit" floor racks in the interior of the bathroom, then they will do an excellent service. After all, in their depths you can store all household chemicals and hygiene items, as well as textiles for the bathroom.
  • Another name for such a shelf is stationary, since it usually stands in one place and is unlikely to ever be moved to another place in the bathroom, especially if it is under the sink. In this case, it is a shelf and a tabletop at the same time.
  • Floor shelves - the most capacious options. Having obtained one such shelf, one can, in principle, no longer acquire other types — well, only if it is required by considerations of comfort and convenience of the owners of the house.
  • Floor shelf options can also be both straight and angular, which allows you to use the bathroom space in the most ergonomic way. A hanger or tabletop, combined with a shelf, will make the model even more practical.
  • Shelves can be both closed and open. Closed are convenient in order to hide from prying eyes that the owners of the house do not want to demonstrate, but are not very comfortable for a small bathroom.
  • Most often, the space for floor shelves stands out under the sink, but other ideas are possible.
  • The material for the floor shelf can be different - it all depends on the style of the bathroom. More often it is wood, plastic or exotic rattan. Chrome stainless steel racks and forged models will also look very stylish in the bathroom. Often install ceramic models that are equipped with lighting.









  • This option is the most ergonomic of all. After all, the corner - the very place that should be used "in full" to save space in the bathroom. If desired, corner mounted models can be equipped with lighting that will significantly improve the interior.
  • Corner shelf in the bathroom with suction cups is perfect in order to place on it shampoos, balms and other things that are often used when taking a shower.
  • Plastic, glass and forged models of steel are not afraid of water, so they are ideal to fill an empty corner.

Also, besides the listed types, a built-in shelf for a bathroom is sometimes installed. Their metal, ceramic and other models look especially original and unusual. However, they will have to be ordered individually, which makes the cost of repairs more expensive.







This option deserves special attention. After all, many, buying a shelf, are faced with the need to make holes in the walls to hang it. And acquiring a shelf on suction cups, the need to spoil the walls disappears. It is enough to assemble the structure, slightly moisten the surface of the wall and "glue" the shelf to it. Do not be afraid that the construction will “descend” along the wall under the weight of objects - usually wall shelves very firmly “stick” to the tile, even if they have additional hangers.







But you can not use suckers, if your wall has a rough texture - on such a surface a shelf with suction cups will not hold. Only absolutely smooth tile and other equally smooth surfaces are suitable.

You should not choose a shelf with suction cups, made of glass. Still, it is better to hang glass copies on a more durable fastener, so that this fragile material does not break. But if the shelf is plastic, suckers are what you need.




What materials are considered the most popular for the manufacture of shelves for the bathroom.



  • In close space, glass transparent or white shelves look weightless and airy, giving the room lightness. In the standard, rather small, bathroom design, giving a feeling of spaciousness, is important. If this is, moreover, a sliding open model made of glass, then visually it will expand the space well.
  • Glass care is simple - it does not rust, does not deteriorate from moisture and splash. Dirt and stains from it are easily removed by wiping. Glass surfaces can have stainless steel hangers - this makes the model more practical.
  • The floor glass model is a very beautiful, but extremely impractical option, the wall ones are preferable.
  • It is important not to clutter up a shelf made of glass with a large number of different objects - this way you can visually expand the area of ​​the room. And if you provide the shelf with lighting, you can make the room more comfortable and more.
  • Glass table top is an interesting option for a small bathroom. And forged steel legs will make it more stylish.
  • The glass model can be made in different colors - including from transparent, colored and frosted glass. Color and white models also look good.
  • Glass is an eco-friendly material, does not harm and does not emit toxic fumes, decorates the interior.
















  • This material is environmentally friendly and durable, however, the shelves of wood fit not every bathroom. A tree looks good if the interior is decorated in the style of a sauna or a Russian bath. Also wooden options are suitable for rustic or country style. Not too compatible with cutting-edge fashion styles - hi-tech, loft.
  • The tree must be covered with water-repellent impregnation. Otherwise, a shelf or tabletop will not last long in a wet room. By the way, it is undesirable to choose a wooden shelf for the bathroom, just painted with paint. Under a layer of paint, the tree will start to rot after a while.
  • Metal hangers on a wooden shelf - a stylish and practical element, convenient for a small bathroom.
  • The wooden shelf is especially suitable for storing towels and other textiles in the place where the splashes do not fall. For example, in the far corner, closer to the door - suitable ideas on how to place them can be found on design sites.