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Wood wall decoration (22 photos): decor to create a natural interior


Making home, most homeowners prefer natural materials as the safest, beautiful and decorative. For the decoration of the ceilings and walls of the house often used wooden materials, because wood is the most popular type of decoration, which is perfect for interior decoration. Wood trim can be in different variations, colors and have a different texture. All this allows you to arrange the house most harmoniously. In the article we will look at how the finishing of walls with wood panels and other materials can be, the peculiarities of such decoration.

What types of wood are often used for wall decoration:


This conifer is an excellent building material for the house. Larch has a therapeutic effect, is very durable, can withstand significant loads, is well processed and amenable to staining, stain, looks quite attractive.




Like larch, this wood has a very good heat capacity. Therefore, the house, whose walls are decorated with panels or coniferous bars, is always warmer than other houses.




This wood is very easy to process, which allows the use of lime elements for the decoration of unusual wall shapes - semi-circular, curved, etc. In addition, interior decoration with linden will be inexpensive.

In addition, more rare and beautiful species such as walnut, cherry, mahogany and cedar are used.

What advantages can we find at the wall decoration of the house with the help of wood:

  • Wood is environmentally friendly, so wood materials are the safest from this point of view. In addition, many wood species are able to exude an aromatic resin that improves the microclimate of the room and disinfects the air. Both adults and children in the house, decorated with wooden panels, are less ill, improve health and immunity in general.
  • The tree perfectly protects the room from humidity. On the wooden panels of walls and ceilings fungus and mold are rarely formed. But the tree necessarily requires prior anti-fungal treatment, which, among other things, acts against tree-boring bugs.
  • The tree in the interior of the house exudes a wonderful aroma, making the space healing and useful.
  • Wood in the form of clapboard or panels has excellent heat and sound insulation properties. These features are indispensable in a cold climate and noisy cities.
  • In addition to walls, decorative wood panels can also be decorated with the ceiling, floor, and other surfaces of the room.
  • The material helps the natural release of moisture, which saves the room from the fungus.
  • The tree in the interior neutralizes negative ions, which are generated in abundance by modern household appliances and gadgets.



Types of wood trim

Consider the basic options for decorating the walls of the house with the help of wooden materials.


This popular, easy-to-install material, which is not too expensive. Beautifully looks in the house and in the apartment, and the lining varnished - also decoratively looks.

Give preference to domestic wood. After all, all the features of "their" wood species have already been studied, experts have revealed how this or that local wood behaves under any conditions, unlike rare and exotic species. In addition, local wood is much cheaper, and it looks just as beautiful and quite decorative inside the house. But of course, if there is a great desire and financial capacity, you can decorate the house with rare mahogany panels or carved oak bars.