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Floor hangers in the hallway (26 photos): choose the best material and model

Equipping the hallway, you should take care of where you will have to hang up your outerwear, hats and umbrellas. Not all hallways can afford to place a full wardrobe in a limited space. In this case, an elementary, but such indispensable and convenient one - floor hanger comes to the rescue. There are a lot of models of this device on sale - every property owner has a great opportunity to choose the right one for himself. In the article we will consider the features of floor hangers for clothes in the interior, and we will learn how to choose this useful fixture correctly.


Let's discuss the most obvious benefits of a floor coat hanger:

  • This device completely replaces a complete wardrobe with shelves, without taking up extra space. The ergonomics of the floor coat hanger make it possible to equip it with even the smallest hallway.
  • Floor hangers on wheels and without them - look very stylish in the interior, give the hallway some French charm and an elusive bohemian chic. Standing in the hallway, a black or white floor coat hanger will tell guests about the refined taste of the owners from the door.
  • A clothes rack with shelves helps maintain order at the cost of small efforts. Especially in this regard, useful basket-hanger.
  • The variety of types of hangers, various materials from which they can be made, provide an excellent opportunity to choose just such a hanger that will look most harmoniously in each specific hallway. It can be black, and on wheels, and from wood.
  • Floor hanger - a mobile device in the interior of the house. Unlike a bulky closet, which cannot be moved, a floor coat hanger - with and without shelves - can be moved if necessary, freeing up space.
  • Unlike wall models, which need to be somehow attached to the wall, drilling holes and spoiling the floor, a floor hanger - stand or rack - does not create such inconvenience. It is absolutely self-sufficient, no attachments are necessary for it, it is not tied to the wall. She can stand in any part of the apartment - where it is convenient for the owners.
  • Floor metal or forged hanger allows you to place on it a fairly large amount of clothing. This is her property to be "rubber" more than once will come to the rescue, especially when you receive guests.
  • The floor mobile hanger allows even to dry clothes. To do this, it is enough to hang wet jackets and raincoats on hangers and place the hanger close to the battery. While guests are at your home - their clothes will be put in order.

Types of floor hangers

Let us examine the main types of this useful device.


This is a standard metal or wood version with a specific set of coat hooks, a hat shelf and a stand for shoes. This is the most common option, it is also the most optimal - here you can immediately place all the outerwear and not buy extra, say, a wardrobe.

Hanger on one support

This model is a long vertical bar, on top of which are hooks for hats and clothing. It is most convenient to place such hanger in the corner where it will not occupy space. In addition, such a coat hanger can also be used for a bedroom, for example, to throw a dressing gown or peignoir on it before going to bed. Such a model has a flaw - it should be evenly hanged on her clothes, otherwise one of the parties may outweigh, and then the hanger will "collapse" - it is not very stable, it is easy to drop. Such a black wooden model looks very stylish.

Hanger in the form of the letter "P"

Such a hanger is most often made of metal and on wheels. Its horizontal main crossbar is used to hang clothes. This hanger is also often used to hang clothes on hangers. All stores selling clothes, are equipped with such hangers, crossbeams. Of course, at home long options are useless - shorter models are used for the house. If you paint such a model in white, you can fill your apartment with some Parisian chic and freshness.

Such type of hangers will be suitable for the wardrobe room. Also, such a mobile dressing room model can be placed in a studio apartment, replacing a wardrobe - all outfits are visible and near by - a great opportunity to experiment and come up with new images. You can often see such a hanger on the glamor photos of fashion bloggers, for whom the presence of such a hanger-rack is an indispensable attribute of the decor of the apartment.

Tripod Hanger

The name is the whole essence of this model. It is a kind of tripod on which clothes hooks are located. The bottom of this model is made like a tripod or has a flat, even base. This design is very convenient when there is a need to place many things at once - for example, when you have a large family or many guests come at the same time. This is a real mini dressing room with a stand for shoes.


This furniture has a high back seat. You can not even sit down to make it easier to change your shoes. This hanger is usually equipped with a shelf for shoes, and has a rack with hooks for clothes. It is very convenient for the elderly and children - they can change and change their shoes while sitting on this chair. Such hangers are a rare thing in the store, but if you meet, you must buy it - it can become a real wonder in the interior and is very convenient for the hallway. In addition, this model is easy to fold, which makes it possible to store it without affecting the space of the apartment.

Basket hanger

Among the variety of hangers and there is such. This model is made in the form of a kind of metal basket - umbrellas, hats, scarves, slippers are stored in it. Very convenient model, but takes more place, than a hanger rack. Its advantage is that this basket is very stable and allows you to hide as a closet all small items of clothing that in a scattered state create a mess in the hallway. With this model it is easy to maintain order and comfort.


What material is better to choose a floor coat hanger? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types.

Metal. Such furniture will have considerable weight and good stability. It is not so easy to drop such a construction, it will not collapse under the weight of clothes. If the metal is painted in a suitable color, then metal models will easily fit into any interior.

Forged. Beautiful and elegant, forged models can be a real decoration of the hallway. Great for historical interior styles - baroque, classical. Quite an expensive product, but durable, almost "unkillable" and always relevant. Possessing stunning decorative effect, forged models can not only replace the cabinet, but also become a real art object, decoration of the room.

Wooden. Floor hangers for clothes made of wood fit perfectly into the interior of almost any hallway. Such a rack or rack will be almost indispensable if your hallway is decorated with a predominance of natural materials - for example, cork wallpaper on the walls, and natural parquet on the floor. In addition, the tree is a warm and pleasant to the touch material, it creates a feeling of “home” - cozy and welcoming.

Plastic. Such a mobile coat hanger, for all its inexpensive cost, can be a bad buy, because plastic models are too light to carry a lot of clothes. In addition, they fit poorly in respectable and "serious" interiors. Suitable for a child's room, can be placed on the summer terrace.

If you have not found a suitable model for sale, then there is always the opportunity to make a floor coat hanger for custom-made clothes - cabinet-makers or those engaged in forged products will gladly help you to realize any shape and design. You may have your own mobile dressing room with shelves for shoes and various supports and hooks for hats and clothes.

Tip: metal and wrought iron hangers are preferable for many reasons. Their main advantage is that this furniture is stable and reliable due to its “solid” weight. Choose a hanger with the ability to adjust the height of the crossbar. This will allow to place it, if necessary, in the children's room.