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Country house styles (25 photos): choose your style


Each person cherishes in his heart the cherished dream of acquiring comfortable housing. Country houses captivate with their extraordinary charm and wide interior possibilities.

Classic solutions require simple forms, lightness and grace in everything. The space is not cluttered with an excess amount of things. Modern construction and classical architectural compositions are characterized by a combination of moderate minimalism and rich accents. For example, a completely simple spacious room decorated with columns, or a cozy bedroom in beige tones decorated with spectacular stucco.

For modern interiors, especially in recent times, imitation of old architectural compositions has become characteristic. The larger the country house, the more often its owners resort to historical romanticism, erecting a huge castle in the English style.

A “modern” house ideally should embody the best practices of 19th century architects. Interior design and architectural style for the facades of houses is valued for the optimal combination of pronounced aesthetic qualities and excellent functionality.

In the format of suburban construction, the architect’s possibilities are not limited to any framework, which makes it possible to create a truly exclusive design installation. Art nouveau projects are distinguished by unlimited possibilities in all respects.

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to create a project of a suburban home in the style of minimalism. However, it is not enough just to abandon the riot of colors and an oversupply of decorative elements. It is important to form a really clear qualitative composition that would be distinguished by the simplicity of the lines and attracted by sophisticated thoughtfulness of geometric shapes.

A distinctive feature of the style of minimalism - a special emphasis on the window. They must be huge, occupy most of the wall.



Provence Country House

Increasingly, projects for Russian cottages began to be developed in a charismatic and colorful Provence style. This "purely European" design is far from the gold standards of the American interior.

He does not recite the cozy philosophy of an English country house. But it has its own special "character".

Another cozy rustic design with a clearly tangible claim to chic and exclusive - chalet. For the cottages are characterized by: large size, non-standard layout, complex and well thought-out system of thermal control.

The Scandinavian style captivates with the restraint inherent in minimalism, fascinates with the coziness and comfort that Italian country is famous for, is valued for its functionality in the best hi-tech traditions or art deco.



Art Deco - a luxurious modern project

If simplicity and naturalness are inherent in the Scandinavian interior, then Art Deco personifies modern progressiveness and aristocratic American chic. The main features of the style:

  • The cult of geometric accessories, strict configurations, complex compositions (as in the style of loft and high-tech);
  • Zigzag patterns and motifs borrowed from ancient cultures;
  • Clear boundaries in everything (the feature is also inherent in the Scandinavian style, partly loft and high-tech);
  • Contrast-type "piano keys", which can not be found either in a thoughtful chalet, or in fanciful baroque, or in sophisticated minimalism.

The Mediterranean-style country house is an amazing mix of a cozy chalet and a non-standard loft, exuding the natural charm of the Scandinavian style and flavor of the maritime countries. Once the Mediterranean architectural compositions were primitive wooden huts. Today, the concept has changed dramatically.