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How to create comfort in a house or apartment: create comfort and warmth


True to his nature, people at all times sought to answer the question - how to create comfort in the house. And he attempted to do it with his own hands in order to relax as much as possible between the time for work. Centuries follow each other, but the desire to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility at home remains. Now there is still a lot of talk and writing on this topic.

Here are a few simple rules that you need to follow in order to permanently settle in your interior a feeling of complete comfort and the desired warmth from a great time.

Try to have any shades of warmth and peace prevail in the living room of your apartment. Focus on the images that create such an atmosphere:

  • in the bathroom it can be dim lighting, giving a feeling of relaxation;
  • in the living room it is not bad to install a natural or artificial fireplace;
  • The same technique is good at a country cottage, and there are more opportunities to make a fireplace in its natural form than, say, in a rented apartment;
  • on the balcony, the presence of heat will be performed by neutral shades and muted tones;
  • an excellent effect of homeliness in the kitchen will make paintings depicting still lifes with flowers or food, you just need not to overdo it, acting on the principle of moderation in everything.

Let's look at the colors that symbolize an old tree in your apartment or resemble a cup of cappuccino, invigorating tea, or let it just be a mood-giving ruddy cupcake. So, the colors:

  • brown;
  • Orange;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • yellow.

Making a start from such color solutions in an interior, you need to consider that they visually reduce space. But at the same time in your apartment there will never be a cold autumn or winter mood. And in the design should be preferred natural finishing materials. Wonderful home comfort will be provided by wood, and in removable living space - hand-made crafts from it. The desired comfort will become a reality if the apartment is made of wood floor and ceiling decor. In the bathroom it can be any color of finishing materials "under the tree", in the living room a luxurious worktop will be a good solution, this option is suitable for kitchen decoration, the main thing is that we need a measure in everything.

One of the most effective secrets of how to create coziness in the house is the proper use of aromas in the apartment and in the cottage. There are things from which the desired peace will live forever in your little island of home peace. Properly cultivated smells in the bathroom or in the kitchen, on the balcony or in the living room will make the time spent here truly miraculous. And it’s absolutely easy to create it yourself. And here are the smells that you need to use for this:

  • tart vanilla;
  • lemon;
  • ripe orange;
  • strong coffee;
  • saturated lavender;
  • fragrant cinnamon.

Any woman knows that the mood in the bathroom or in the kitchen, in the living room or on the balcony will give any sign of attention and care. In a large room, comfort will be guaranteed an elegant, but dim picture. Optimism and comfort will add flowers - donated or purchased independently. Do not forget that the general attitude, even in a removable home, we can easily lift their own hands, not counting on outside help.