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Wallpaper for painting: types and decor (24 photos)


Various types of wallpaper for painting are becoming increasingly popular due to the possibility of updating them due to repeated repainting of the walls. For the subsequent change of the interior, it will be enough just to pick up a new paint, and the design will sparkle with new modulations.

Finished wallpaper for painting in the interior of the apartment always look advantageous, combining the strength of coatings with an attractive design and the possibility of self-expression of the master when working with paint. The canvases for coloring are always of a neutral color (usually white), and variants of pastel colors are also found.

Each landlord sees the future decoration in its own way, but there are factors that are important to take into account all.

Texture Preference Issues

Choosing textured wallpaper for painting, take into account your plan for the overall design of the room.




Types of wallpaper

Type of wallpaperImportant features
PaperAcceptable paper wallpaper for painting only the type of "duplex". Staining gives them a certain resistance to mechanical stress and low moisture resistance. Cloths less fade in the sun. The best paper wallpaper for painting - shades of dairy, pastel or just neutral colors. Suitable as ceiling wallpaper for painting.
Vinyl on non-woven baseYou can use vinyl wallpaper for painting of 3 types: on foam vinyl, compact vinyls (hot stamping) or rubberized canvas. A great option for the kitchen and hallway. They do not fit into the children's room, they will not work in the bedroom in the best way, because they do not allow air to pass through. At the time of sticking stretch, when dried, return to their previous size.
FlizelinovyeNon-woven wallpaper for painting have a polymer coating. High-quality decorative paintings for different rooms, equally decorate the interior of the living room and kitchen. Eco-friendly, vapor-permeable non-woven wallpaper for painting perfectly mask problem walls, are not subject to deformation. Paint is best applied in 2 layers, slightly different in shade. Suitable as wallpaper for painting on the ceiling, especially in new buildings. Glue on any surface. Strength acquired after dyeing.
Glass clothThe colors of the canvases are usually white, sometimes pink, light chocolate and other soothing colors. Equally well will look in the bathroom, living room and any other room. Cloths instantly interlock with the surface, so they need to trim very quickly. Glass fiber paint every other day after complete drying, preferably with a soft fur roller. The strongest, beautiful, textural wallpaper for painting, eco-friendly and perfectly washable. Almost do not burn and delight the richness of design. Good manufacturers make a special glue for their wallpaper.
LinkrustMaterial of high price category. Very durable and completely safe for health. Dries about 2 months. The section of the wall pasted over with linkrust (or the whole room) will stand “as good as new” for an unusually long time. There is no limit to the number of repainting, if they are made correctly. A suitable choice of wallpaper for the living room, bedroom or hallway. As a kitchen option is used very rarely, in extreme cases, choose light colors with a minimal pattern.

The main rule of coloring - before full coloring of wallpaper it is necessary to try the paint on a small rag.



How not to "get lost" in a variety of colors?

Any selected wallpaper colors should be in harmony with the overall design of the room. A number of "chips" when staining must always be remembered in order not to spoil the overall picture:

  • Large rooms and hallways are painted with matte paint;
  • Semi-matt colors are recommended for small rooms;
  • Glossy coating is used in the rarest of cases;
  • Light colors give comfort and visual expansion of the space;
  • The vertical bar "raises" the walls;
  • A large ornament reduces the room, a fractional - increases.



Psychological characteristics of colors

WhiteSincerity, dedication, ease.
The blackCreative process, activity. Option for the Japanese style.
GrayDiscretion, erudition, willpower. The best option for the work area.
RedLeadership aspirations. Especially "productive" with white or gray.
YellowHonesty, confidence. Maximum stimulation of mental labor.
GreenBalance, improvement, responsibility, constancy and progressive development.
PinkGlamorous, in very moderate quantities creates comfort and coziness.
OrangePower, energy, indulgence, positive.
BlueStrength of mind, discipline, perseverance, faith in ideals.

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