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Country furniture: classification and design (24 photos)


Selecting furniture for the suburban area, many are guided by the criteria of convenience, reliability and low cost. However, country furniture items are available for independent production, and not only traditional (wood, metal), but the most unexpected and unusual materials are used. This makes the country landscape a highlight and makes it unique.





According to the functional, the dacha furniture is divided into two groups:

  1. Stationary These include heavy garden benches and tables, which, as a rule, are firmly fixed in the space provided and are not subject to movement.
  2. Mobile. To this group of furniture belong light and compact furniture items, which at the end of the summer season can be easily transferred from the street to the house or warehouse.

The key indicator in accordance with which furniture oriented for country conditions is differentiated is the material used for its manufacture.



Country wood furniture

Wood remains the most common and convenient material in processing. Home craftsmen use to work any surplus (timber, planks) remaining after construction. Using conventional tools (saw, plane, hammer) you can create a stylish interior, since country furniture made of wood, well polished and varnished, looks harmonious and presentable in any conditions.



One of the options for street design is garden furniture made of logs, made in different variations. These can be benches on forged legs, on which a log is fastened with a center aligned to the seat. If you cut the round timber along in half, you will be able to collect a reliable table or bench.

Exclusive garden furniture from the array will create an elegant corner, united by a single style. To make it yourself, you will need not only suitable material, but also skills to work with many tools.

Offered by many companies working to order, furniture items made of solid wood, at their relatively high cost, conquer with a noble appearance. They are distinguished by high rigidity, lack of loose edges.



All accessories and fasteners on the elements of furniture made of solid wood, held tightly and securely. If necessary, you can purchase individual modules in the stores and independently create an ensemble. In this case, the country furniture from the array will look not only respectable, but also emphasize the artistic taste of the owners.



It should be noted that, being a component of the landscape, garden furniture made of wood, performed independently, must necessarily go through a stage of treatment with formulations that protect against rotting and increase resistance to fire. One of the best-selling options is pine garden furniture, which, while preserving the natural texture of wood, organically coexists with greenery, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Wicker Furniture Ensembles

Traditionally light and elegant wicker furniture made of different materials decorates country interiors. If you want to arrange a covered veranda, attached to the house, then the most suitable will be garden furniture made of artificial rattan, which does not make the space heavier and creates the right mood for organizing a pleasant stay.

Solid metal garden furniture can be a true work of art, if done by a master. In the presence of anti-corrosion coating benches and other varieties withstand negative external influences, therefore they are often installed outside the shelter.

Wrought-iron garden furniture is especially attractive for its incredible weaves and openwork. In this technique, all the constructions of a bench, chair or table are made completely or only individual parts: legs, backs. An elegant forged pattern is appropriate not only in the villa territory, but also in the interior of the house.

Lightweight plastic garden furniture is becoming increasingly popular, featuring a wide range of colors and imitation of wood texture. When setting up a dacha plot, it is necessary to take into account that saturated colors can lose brightness under the influence of the sun's rays, therefore, plastic furniture is installed under a shed in the veranda. It fits well in the modern style of the interior of a country house, ideal for a summer house gazebo, which has not only a roof, but also a wall.

It finds its admirers a combination of different materials, for example, a plastic frame and a glass or wooden tabletop. Skilled mobile plastic furniture is made even from plastic bottles. They are cut, they combine the resulting parts, fix with adhesive tape, getting the modules of the desired size, of which then make ottomans, chairs and even sofas.

Convenient for home craftsmen is the fact that garden furniture for the garden can be made of the most unexpected materials.

Among designer finds, furniture from pallets - the so-called pallets - used for transportation of building materials is becoming increasingly popular. These are ready-made boxes, which, after cleansing from dirt and sanding, are ready-made frames for a future bench, sofa, bed, table or chair.

The original tables and nightstands are easily made using a reel from under the cable, decorated in various ways: by painting, mosaic, pasting with film, etc. From the two coils with a board mounted on top, you get a comfortable shop that can hide in the shade of a favorite fruit tree or be placed under the windows houses.



Static, garden furniture made of concrete, for which ready cast blocks can be used, is static, monumental and durable. If there is a desire to improve a corner on the territory with an interesting design, then you can try to install the formwork and cast the intended shape. The budget is the garden furniture made of plywood, which can be pasted over with veneer, giving it the nobility of valuable wood species.

Made with fantasy beautiful garden furniture becomes a bright accent of the landscape. Chairs look like exclusive ones, which are used dug into the ground or stumps remaining after sanitary pruning. If you attach a forged or woven back to them, make a soft seat and armrests, you get a comfortable chair.