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Finishing base: materials, their advantages and disadvantages (22 photos)


Most buildings have a foundation, and often it stands above the ground, it is this protruding part that is called the plinth. It can be made of cement slabs, wooden boards, logs or bricks, but it will always need finishing.



The base itself can be of several types:

  • the speaker - he needs a special drain, otherwise the coating will very quickly become unusable;
  • single-level - is rare, because it lowers the waterproofing of the building and is no more durable than ordinary walls;
  • falling down - occurs most often because it is protected from moisture, rain and snow, and pollution.

Depending on the type, on the tastes of the owner and on his financial possibilities, the most suitable version of the cap is chosen.




Plaster trim has its advantages:

  • it is the cheapest material - even a not very wealthy person can get it;
  • it is very easy to apply material - no need for special skills;
  • This is a beautiful material - especially if you show imagination and apply paint or decorative plaster on the last layer.

Stone trim has its advantages. Facing the base with natural stone always looks very advantageous and stylish. Natural expensive material always attracts attention.

Plinth decoration with artificial stone has its advantages:

  • durable and consists of natural ingredients;
  • not susceptible to moisture;
  • light enough that you do not need to additionally calculate the load on the foundation;
  • easily mounted by one person;
  • very diverse - you can choose any color, any size.

The decoration of the basement of the house with artificial stone, however, has drawbacks: less reliability than a natural stone, and a relatively high price.

Finishing the basement brick has, like all other options, its advantages. The facing brick is strong, not subject to influence of moisture and will not suffer in the most windy, rainy or snowy weather. The brick is resistant to frost and provides good thermal insulation. A brick is aesthetic, if it is used to finish the basement of a brick house, it can look especially good. The brick is also suitable for home on screw piles.

Decorating the tile has its advantages:

  • tile - light and relatively cheap material;
  • when facing no special skills are required, accuracy will be enough;
  • You can choose any color, size and imitation of any stone.

In addition to the most common, there are other finishes, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are less popular, but this does not lower the quality.