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Making your own wedding table: interesting ideas (78 photos)

A wedding is a romantic and unforgettable event, the heroes of the occasion are waiting for him, because the bride on this day can feel like a real fairy-tale princess, and the groom, respectively, a prince. Outfits are thought out in advance, guest lists are compiled, invitation cards are signed. Romantic and elegant should look like a wedding hall, where a celebration is planned. But that without which the hall does not seem at all - this is a stylish and beautiful decoration of the wedding table of the newlyweds and their guests, because it is at the tables that most of the time at the wedding is spent.

Undoubtedly, the wedding table of the newlyweds takes the main place in the wedding hall. It is to him during the celebration will be riveted attention of the guests. The table can be of any shape: round, rectangular or square, as long as it is immaculately decorated. You can entrust the decoration to professionals, and you can make a wedding table decoration with your own hands.

An important role is played by the time of year when the wedding is arranged, the venue (in a restaurant or cafe), in what form the dishes will be served: whether it will be a stand-up table or dinner in a classic style. You can make a wedding table expensive and pompous, but you can romantic and budget. But in either case, the table will look very cozy.

Of great importance is the setting of the wedding table, which will help in creating a festive light atmosphere.

Wedding table decoration is an interesting and very important matter, but you can’t call it simple. In this case, it will not work to throw a simple tablecloth on the table and chair covers, because everything should be perfect! Today, there are more than enough options to decorate a wedding table, the main thing is to follow a few rules when choosing a decor:

  • the table should be located in the center of the hall so that the bride and groom are in front of everyone;
  • the decor of the wedding table must be bright, rich and unusual;
  • not only the table is decorated, but also the places behind and in front of it;
  • it is good if the composition of live flowers and fabrics, beads and ribbons are combined in the decor;
  • the table decoration should coincide with the style of the bride's clothes and her bouquet, the groom's clothes and the theme of the wedding as a whole.

Harmonious decor

The decoration of the wedding table of the bride and groom must be interwoven with the mood of the young people, as well as their preferences. For example, if a lavender wedding is chosen (in the Provence style), then the palette should consist of lavender, beige, milky, olive and light gray shades. And for a cornflower wedding, all shades of blue are selected. The clothes of the groom, the bride and their guests should also include elements of flowers corresponding to the theme of the wedding.

It is very important not to copy the design of the weddings of other people, but to bring some ideas of your own into it, because originality is welcome here. The main thing is not to overdo it, but stick to the idea of ​​modesty and tenderness. The basis for the design of the table are floral arrangements, and complete - candles and additional table lighting.

Wedding table decoration with flowers

Almost all couples choose decorating with flowers, because nothing can be more beautiful and tender than this gift of nature. Bouquets can be both live and artificial, and they and others harmoniously complement the table of the bride and groom. Usually a large bouquet crowns the center of the table, and at the edges - small bouquets, repeating the main one. On the tables for guests should be similar to the composition of flowers.

It happens that the flower theme is the basis of the whole celebration, in this case you can also use this landscape or a garland for the background. Even if the natural decoration of the festive hall in the restaurant is very worthy, the newlyweds need their own, original background, so the floral arrangement on the newlyweds table will harmoniously fit. And the LED light will complete the gorgeous image.

How beautiful to decorate the table with a cloth?

Without fabric on the wedding table is not enough, even if you use it only as a tablecloth. Today it is very important to use textiles for the table itself and the backdrop behind it, chairs and other elements. If such a decor option is chosen as the basis, then it is necessary to make the design volumetric due to tucks, flounces, waves, folds - any detail of drapery is important. After all, attention will be riveted to the main table throughout the holiday.

For wedding table decor it is best to give preference to chiffon, nylon, organza or veil. These fabrics can be used one at a time or combined with each other, they are amenable to any influences. But in working with them you need to be careful not to scratch. Choose the best pastel shades - they are able to create the effect of airiness. Before starting to work with the selected fabric, it must be ironed.

Table newlyweds should be covered with a tablecloth, reflecting wealth. This task will easily cope lace. You can use as a ribbon or a strip, and make a full lace skirt. And so that the legs of those sitting at the table do not shine through the lace, an opaque fabric is put under the lace layer, even though it is cotton.

With lace, you can decorate wine glasses and bottles, add lace ribbons to the bridal bouquet and the groom's buttonhole. Similar registration will harmoniously fit into the general wedding style.

Table decoration with candles and light installations

A wedding celebration can be given an element of some mystery. For this you need candles. A candlestick or a vase is placed on the table with scented candles of various sizes placed in them. They may simply be part of the design of the bridal table or at a certain time light up - it all depends on the wishes of the bride and groom.

Separately preparing candles for the moment when the newlyweds and their parents will light a new family hearth. One way or another, but with the choice of candles, no difficulties will arise, as today their range is striking in its diversity.

Light installation from beautiful threads-garlands will emphasize the impeccability of the table for the young. Garlands are hiding in drapery and thin fabric, and when it gets dark, their shimmering will add a fancy to the wedding celebration.

How to decorate the wedding table with your own hands?

Many decor items can be made independently at home. To do this, you just need to show all your imagination and spend the minimum amount of money. The exclusive wedding decorations made by hand will delight everyone, first of all, with their sincerity.

In order to give the celebration of the effect of magic, you need to stock up on rhinestones, sequins, sparkles and decorate with them the various compositions of the decor.

Difficult flower arrangements for the layperson will be problematic to make, but it is not necessary. In this case, bouquets of the same color range (for example, light pink peonies or white callas), set in rectangular transparent vases, are perfect. But if the general wedding style involves the use of other colors, then the bouquets are better to choose a harmonious shade with it.

Potted plants, such as sage and lavender, can be an alternative to flowers in vases. You can add candles to the flowers, which can also be placed on top in transparent vases filled with water.

If the wedding celebration is planned for the winter months, the table instead of flowers can be decorated with compositions made from pine needles, cones, dry berries, bows and candles. The freshness of the composition will give a few fresh flowers. For the autumn months will be good composition of dry leaves, nuts, chestnuts, late flowers and candles.

It is worthwhile to consider in advance how guests will be seated at the wedding. This will avoid confusion among them, which is very unpleasant. Firstly, it would be good to make a beautifully designed seating seating plan and hang it near the entrance to the wedding hall. Secondly, to prepare plates for the tables, which are also a wedding attribute. Tables are numbered in any order, if there are many.

Sometimes, a holiday is held at the same table, then the plates will not be needed. But most often the tables are put in a U-shape, then only three plates will be needed.

You can come up with individual signs on which to write the name and surname of each guest. An interesting and more spiritual version of the plates, for example, "Galya's beloved grandmother", "Favorite brother Ivan" or "The best godmother Elena." Such signs will surely please the guests and make them smile.

As it turned out, you can decorate the wedding table not only with the help of professional designers, but also with your own hands. Even the bride and groom themselves can take an active part in this. Enough to stock up on various interesting ideas, beautiful materials for the decor, and of patience, in order to achieve perfection in design. And do not be afraid to experiment, because the design will be invested the soul of the newlyweds themselves, and the guests will notice and be sure to appreciate.