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Viennese chairs in the interior - undying classics (33 photos)


To supplement or change the interior of the room, you should not completely change all the furniture or start a grand renovation, sometimes ordinary chairs can make the room more light, noble or stylish. Viennese chairs became popular from the very moment of their appearance, since they are distinguished by their original appearance, practicality and ease of care.




A bit of history

The first model of a classical Viennese chair was created in the 19th century in Vienna by Michael Thonet. The first products had an original appearance, were extremely light and practical, because they were created by bending wood under the influence of hot steam. In a similar way, Viennese chairs are being created now, besides, the outlines of the products have practically not changed.




At first, only Brothers Tonet was engaged in the manufacture of products, but after the expiration of the patent, practically all over the world, original Viennese chairs began to be produced. When stylish and original chairs only went on sale, they could be bought only by rich nobles, noble grandees and royal persons. But over time, a classic Viennese chair appeared in every home, although its popularity has not diminished at all.



Soon the chairs of the Viennese master became indispensable pieces of furniture not only in residential premises, but also in cafes, restaurants, hotels, universities, thanks to practicality, accessibility and lightness.

The design of the Michael Tonet chairs is a real find, since the finished products are particularly practical, light and original in appearance. Drowning, demonstrating the strength and quality of their products, he dropped a Viennese-style chair from the Eiffel Tower. After falling from an incredible height, the product remained unharmed.

Old and modern models are made of wood, but rather beech, but you can find products made of oak, maple, ash, alder, as well as metal-frame chairs. Also, the Viennese chairs can have plywood or soft seat, back in the original performance.




As for the main advantages, among them are:

  • Weight - these Viennese chairs are made of beech, so they are very light, and even a child can lift them.
  • Practicality and durability - thanks to the special treatment of beech with steam, the finished products are durable and can withstand heavy loads, do not deform, do not change shape and color under the influence of moisture and temperature changes.
  • Naturalness - regardless of which tree the chair is made from, it looks luxurious and noble in any form, moreover, natural wood always gives the interior lightness and ease.
  • Easy to care - beech Viennese chairs in a painted or unpainted look look original and do not require special care, for this you should use conventional wood care products so that the chair always looks stylish and noble.
  • Cost - despite the fact that it is beech that is the original material for creating a real Viennese chair, it costs much less than analogs made from oak or other noble wood.
  • A variety of models - Michael Tonet made a lot of models of chairs in the Viennese style, and everyone will be able to choose the most suitable model for their interior.



Metal Viennese chairs are often used as kitchen chairs, since they can be cleaned in the event of contamination, as well as metal-carcass products can complement the stylish and modern kitchen set in an original way.




But the chairs for the kitchen can be made of wood. If they are properly looked after, they will be pleasing to the eye for a long time. The main feature of these chairs is a comfortable seat and back, which can be made of metal elements. The chair can also be on metal frame, sheathed with a soft cloth or have the original wooden weaving.




If you choose Viennese chairs for the kitchen, you should pay attention to the material of the seat trim and back, it is better if it is a leather substitute, because it can be easily and quickly cleaned, and the skin will not absorb odors.



For the living room, the ideal option would be a wooden Viennese chair with a soft seat, backrest and armrests. These models are the perfect choice for a living room in a classic style, as well as in the style of Provence. Such chairs can complement existing furniture, but in this case, special attention should be paid to color, texture, materials and performance.

Antique models can create an atmosphere of luxury and nobility, but you need to be able to combine these chairs with existing furniture. If your apartment is made in vintage style, these products will be a great addition.




Chairs on the metal frame can also become an option for the living room in modern style, in which case you can choose unusual colors, for example, blue, mint, red, yellow. Original light shades of Viennese chairs in classic style will be able to complement the interior in the Scandinavian style. Products on the metal frame can be a great alternative to wooden products in this style.




By choosing the right model of a Viennese chair, you can create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and lightness. To change the decor, you do not need to put this furniture aside, since a different color and original upholstery can make a real work of art out of the old chair. Therefore, the Viennese chair in any case will be an indispensable thing in your home.