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Do-it-yourself windows installation: what is the key to success?


Most people mistakenly assume that a good choice of high-quality metal-plastic window is a guarantee of long operation. However, the reinforcement of plastic and well-thought-out formula of the glass unit are not the key to success.

In many ways, the result depends on the correct installation of the window. A special role is played by the use of high-quality building materials for work.

Installation of PVC windows and any other structures should take place in several stages:

  1. Preparation of a window opening for installation of a new design. A primer is applied to the surface of the slope, which helps to improve the adhesive properties of the PSUL tape and insulation.
  2. Fixing the internal insulation on the window frame itself.
  3. Protection against moisture outside the window structure using waterproofing material PSUL.
  4. Window installation according to the requirements of GOST 30971-2012.
  5. Handling outflow and side abutments.
  6. Zening the window construction around the perimeter.
  7. Sealing foam.
  8. Improving soundproofing of reflux with PSUL tape.

To achieve a truly high-quality performance of all stages of installation is possible only using proven building materials for the installation of window designs.

This is a pre-compressed self-expanding sealing tape, without which no installation of window structures is possible.

Until installation, it is in a compressed state, and at the time of installation it expands, filling all the free space between the window frame and the opening.

Polyurethane-based polyurethane foam is used to fill the voids between the window frame and the wall itself to compensate for the displacement. For this assembly foam has:

  • Excellent adhesion qualities (foam sticks together any type and texture of materials);
  • The material is resistant to moisture, does not conduct electric current;
  • Evenly fills any cracks, gaps, holes.

It is convenient to work with material in any situations. There are mounting compositions that can be used even in extreme winter conditions (up to -12 degrees Celsius).

Anchor and dowel

The design of new windows is fixed with dowels and anchors. The first option is good because the designs are more stable. Anchors, in turn, allow you to set the structure without disturbing the integrity of the frame. In addition, they look more aesthetic.

Quality fasteners and plates profitable to use for many reasons. First of all, it is possible to maintain the integrity of the frame to the maximum.

Installation of modern window structures is hard and demanding work. Installation can be carried out only with materials that are fully compliant with GOST standards in terms of characteristics and quality.

Solid experience, impeccable reputation and careful quality control - these are the main reasons why you should apply only to professionals. Our task is to provide warmth, comfort and safety in all areas.