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What is worth knowing about installing a washing machine in the kitchen? (50 pictures)

Recently, the built-in washing machine in the kitchen has ceased to amaze and has become a full part of the interior. Someone has it because of the need, because there is not enough space in the bathroom, and someone has found the convenience of combining the process of washing and cooking in the same room.

Interior designers and manufacturers of washing machines in every way support fans of the new movement. There are many ways of design and placement of cars, there are separate models for the kitchen, which can be chosen according to the color of the furniture and made almost invisible.

But despite the positive attitude of consumers to such design of the kitchen space, you need to remember about the functions, rules and general working points of the washing machine and only after that make a decision.

Advantages and disadvantages

Installing a washing machine in the kitchen has a number of positive and negative points that should be considered.


  • Saving space in the bathroom. Most of the houses were built without taking into account the placement of the laundry machine in the bathroom. This is especially true Khrushchev. That is why the installation of the machine there will be either problematic and generally not feasible. Modern kitchen design with a washing machine is designed to correct the situation, and it was easy to wash in the cooking zone;
  • Ability to install a large washing machine. The space in the kitchen can be calculated in such a way as not only to install the machine, but also to install it in a much larger size. This item is crucial for large families;
  • Availability of necessary communications. Sometimes the bathroom does not have the necessary communications: high-quality plumbing for water or to drain;
  • Electrical appliances in the bathroom can be dangerous. The presence of electrical appliances in the bathroom, where the constant flow of water can become dangerous. In the kitchen, a washing machine can be protected from water by embedding it in furniture;
  • Saving of time during household affairs. Washing and cooking is a time-consuming process. Combining them in one room will save at least some time.


  • Lack of hygiene. Powder, bleach and rinse at the place of cooking represent a real threat. The smallest particles of detergents can get into the food at the time of the dump in the laundry compartment or during storage, which can provoke food poisoning or an allergic reaction.
  • There is no way to air. After each wash, the drum should be dried and ventilated. In the interior of the kitchen it is sometimes not only impossible, but also ugly.
  • Do not accumulate dirty laundry. It is much more convenient to accumulate dirty laundry in the bathroom, in addition, in the interior of the kitchen it looks unaesthetic.
  • The difficulty of installing the machine in an existing repair. Installing a laundry machine in the bathroom is easier - it is a separate interior object that does not require additional facilities. If the kitchen furniture is already equipped, it will become problematic, as redevelopment will be required.
  • Small kitchen. There are not only small bathrooms, but also small kitchens. Sometimes the design of a small kitchen does not mean the appearance of a new technology, except for the main ones: the stove and the refrigerator. This is especially true of kitchen design in Khrushchev.
  • Type of car. Vertical type of machine is not suitable for the kitchen, you can embed only the front type.

Of course, for someone who is determined to move the car to the kitchen, the above-mentioned cons do not play a major role, however, some of them are very important in functional terms.

Types of machines for the kitchen and general installation rules

Today, there are two types of washing machines:

  • front loading;
  • c vertical load.

The front-loading washing machine is considered the most practical; it will not cause inconvenience with airing or embedding.

A built-in top-loading machine delivers a bit of hassle. When masking on top of the tabletop it will always need to open and close. The dimensions of the tabletop are large, and the weight is suggestible. It is not recommended to place objects on it, because at the time of spinning the machine makes strong vibratory movements and things from above can fall.

If the choice is for a machine with a vertical type of loading, you need to abandon its masking.

Do not forget that the dishwasher should be placed closer to the sink, where there is a pipe outlet. They should be located as close as possible to the “wet zone”. Otherwise, the installation of additional pipes around the perimeter of the pipes will deliver not only trouble, but also possible repair work in the future.

One of the installation rules is to make the oscillating movements of the drum not felt when working and to be almost imperceptible. It is very important that it is the master who is engaged in the connection. Only a qualified technician knows how to connect a washing machine in the kitchen so that it is securely and correctly secured and does not create excessive vibration.

Options for placing a washing machine in the kitchen

Solving the problem of how to build a washing machine in the kitchen, do not forget about the help of designers, they invented many ways to easily embed the car into furniture.

If the kitchen room is rectangular in shape, the best option would be a corner kitchen with a washing machine. This is not only modern, but also an economical option. A laundry machine located on the corner can be easily disguised or not masked at all, only by equipping it with a single tabletop.

Another option would be to order furniture according to an individual scheme for a washing machine, which is already there, or even buying a new one. In this case, the interior of the kitchen will represent a single concept with delicately and subtly embedded objects. However, this is a more costly option.

If the kitchen and the car are already available, and you need to integrate the equipment, you can redevelop one of the cabinets under the "house" for laundry equipment. Some models also provide the ability to remove the top cover, if it interferes or remove the bottom of the cabinet and put the equipment on the floor.

If you cannot make the door in front for some reason, special decorating designers will help to transform the car to the style of furniture, decorate it with a picture or paint it in the same color as the cabinet doors.

The urgency of the door is that it prevents possible noise, and also hides the operation of the machine. Thanks to it, the integrity of the kitchen furniture style is created.

The built-in car is also an opportunity to decorate the interior, add dynamism and make it more modern. The washing machine in the kitchen has a number of positive and negative points, as well as some subtleties in the installation that should be considered before making such an important decision in the redevelopment.