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Original gifts for the New Year do it yourself: memorable things for friends and relatives (54 photos)


In an age when broken things are not repaired, but simply replaced by new ones, manifestations of attention made by one's own hand are of particular value. Such personal gifts may not have material value, but they fully reflect the connection between people, care and understanding. If on the eve of the holidays to show a little imagination, you can make a truly original gifts for the New Year with your own hands from the usual objects.






What trends accompany the 2019 offensive?

If there is a desire to make gifts for the New Year 2019 with your own hands, it is worth bearing in mind that the transformation of topical things and instruments into bright, memorable compositions with the possibility of using them for their intended purpose is now considered a special chic. For example, candies and other "goodies" can be presented as an unusual sweet gift for the New Year: for this you will need to repack them, make thematic inscriptions and wishes.



Gifts to colleagues for the New Year do not have to be personal: if you have an equipped place for a snack at work, you can decorate this area festively - decorate and ennoble.

An excellent option for congratulations can be called tea trees - elegant compositions, made of bags. Need to pre-pick:

  • cardboard or plastic cone;
  • a round box that will serve as a base;
  • packaging of packaged tea favorite brand (ideally, if there is an option with a shell in green shades);
  • jewelry - beads, bows, etc .;
  • glue gun.

Cone decorate tea bags, starting from the bottom and moving chess step. Glue needs to be applied only on the top part that it was possible to tear off bags with ease. The finishing touches are small decorations, thanks to which the tree will acquire a festive look.

The lid of the base box must be connected with an adhesive to the bottom of the cone, then this container is filled with rice so that the design will become stable.




Bracelet for men ready for any situation

A great gift for your brother for the New Year with your own hands is a bracelet made from a paracord nylon cord. In ordinary life, the product has the shape of a stylish accessory that can be worn on the wrist, used as a keychain, but in an extreme situation it is easy to dissolve it - a light and very strong rope is formed.

For the manufacture of the bracelet you will need 3-4 meters of cord, weaving technique can be any. So that the ends of the cable do not dissolve, they are knotted, burnt or strengthened with glue. Here it is not necessary to use metal fittings: as a fastener of a stylish bracelet can serve loops, which let the ends of the rope.

If you want to make a custom gift for your husband on New Year's Eve with your own hands, try to convert a completely trivial version - a personalized mug. You can make an improvised board on which new inscriptions will appear every morning - a wish for a good day, a recognition in feelings, an encouraging parting word written in small chalk.




You will need:

  • monochromatic porcelain mug with smooth surfaces;
  • slate paint and brush;
  • masking tape

Slate paint is needed such that falls on the ceramics (information about this is usually present on the labeling). The upper part of the dish, which comes into contact with the lips during use, must be sealed with masking tape, the remaining surfaces, which will later become an improvised slate, must be carefully degreased and painted. After removing the adhesive tape, the product should dry for a day in a ventilated room.

After drying the paint decorative layer strengthened. To do this, preheat the oven to 150 degrees and send a mug to it for half an hour, then turn off the oven, but the product should be removed only after the equipment has completely cooled down. Such dishes can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Performing a gift for our sister for the New Year with our own hands, we want to present something practical and unique, so that the gift will be remembered for a long time. An interesting option can be a solid perfume with an individual fragrance. Often, they are conceived as a gift for the mother for the New Year, because her attachments in perfumery are always known to family members.




Cozy knitted accessories

Friend, teacher or relatives as gifts for the New Year, you can present cute cup coasters tied with your own hands. Flat round models with a winter ornament on which it is possible to put a glass with a hot drink, and "covers" put on on the lower part of a mug look very organically. New Year's stylization emphasizes the festive mood, brings a special cozy atmosphere. Such beautiful gifts with your own hands can be made with the help of knitting and crocheting.




Sets for traditional winter drinks

If you want to make your own edible gifts for the New Year, arm yourself with beautiful glass jars: they will be the basis for a presentation-impression. In particular, they can assemble kits for making cocoa or hot chocolate - this is an excellent occasion to get together and enjoy a delicious drink!




Glass container needs to be filled with cocoa powder or hot chocolate by one-third, a few slices of chocolate or candies of interesting shape should be put on top. Marshmallow will occupy the space left free until the lid. The label on the bank will serve as a greeting card, candy can be glued to the lid as a harmonious decor, a bright cloth should be placed under it - it will be clamped when the container is closed.



On a similar principle, you can make an unusual gift for your loved one for the New Year. It is necessary to put a few cinnamon sticks, cloves, a couple of small apples and an orange in a pot-bellied glass jar - this set for mulled wine is presented along with a bottle of high-quality red wine.

Those who wish to please family and friends with extraordinary gifts for the New Year can be advised to collect a set of sweets for everyone. No need to look for packaging for them - they themselves will serve as a full-fledged shell for the gift. To make chocolates and candy bars look festive, they can be assembled in the form of sleds: cane candies become the basis, they are placed on the unfolded ribbon by bending upwards. They are carefully laid tiles and bars in the form of a pyramid and tightly tie the ends of the ribbon, giving them the shape of a magnificent bow.

Such an interesting gift for parents on the New Year should be supplemented with good wishes, written on the labels of sweets.



Alcohol and deer

You can make an original New Year's gift for your dad with your own hands: present his favorite beer in the form of six Santa Claus deer. It is necessary to clear 6 bottles of the drink from the labels and fix branchy horns made of decorative wire on the top of the neck behind (here you will need pliers).

Front of the neck should be fixed eyes, cut out of paper, and nose (for example, a small red pom-pom from tinsel). Under the nose you need to tie a striped red-white tape (if it slips off, it can be fixed with a drop of glue). All 6 decorated bottles are placed in a rain-decorated box of 3 in a row.





Glass snow souvenirs from kitchen utensils

The traditional Christmas gifts are snow balls, in which you can see a miniature figure of Santa, a Christmas tree, a famous building. The same souvenir can be made with your own hands from assorted glass wine glasses. You need to find a compact children's toy, which will be significantly less than the volume of the glass, artificial snow or imitation, cardboard and decor.






From a thick cardboard one should cut a circle, the diameter of which exactly corresponds to the parameters of the container, stick a figure and a decor on it (ideally, it should make a stylized composition). Artificial snow is placed at the bottom of the wine glass, if it is not there, you can use crushed foam or chopped paper. The cardboard blank is glued to the edge of the glass upside down so that, in an inverted form, the container looks like a glass ball with snow. The stem of the wine glass can be decorated with ribbon-bow with beads on the ends.



Symbol of the coming year

In anticipation of the coming of the year, Dogs can be made with their own hands a cool gift from striped socks. For the manufacture of the ears of the dog should use the heel of the front will be the torso, out of the scraps in the area of ​​the gum legs are cut out. Such a gift can be put under the Christmas tree to lure good luck for the whole next year.

Woolen socks can be the basis for beautiful women's mitts that will look great with a down jacket and a fun hat. From the slit in place of the heel, the thumb will peep out; half of the palm will be covered with warm fabric left after trimming the toe part. For the decor, you can use the silhouettes of dogs, cut from felt or embroidered directly on wool knitwear.




Fans of family crafts will like candlesticks storing bright life moments. To make them with your own hands, just print your favorite photos and pick up a few vases and transparent glass cans - they must be elongated and rounded, preferably of different height and diameter. The pictures are cut in accordance with the parameters of the dishes, fixed on the front side of the base with double-sided tape, neatly mask the joint (for example, with a braid or decor).

Small candles-pills should be placed in the containers: the photos will be effectively illuminated from the inside, the room will be filled with warmth, the lovely pictures of your heart will surely lift your spirits.






Gift ideas for the New Year 2019 include an extensive list of useful items that you can do with your own hands: pot holders, made from festively woven fabric, huge plaids tied from thick yarn, zipper pouch cosmetics. All of them are united by the desire not only to please friends and family, but also the desire to decorate life and leave a piece of their New Year mood in their home.