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Plumbing rolling shutters - a stylish disguise (20 photos)


An increasing number of owners of apartments, houses or cottages are rolling shutters plumbing. The design allows you to hide communications and plumbing systems in the toilet, emphasizing the modern interior. With the help of rollers, they easily rise and free access to the meters and pipes when repair or maintenance is necessary. The materials used for the production of roller shutters are durable and reliable.



Design features

The basis of the construction is simple. It consists of plates moving in two directions. The structure includes:

  • flexible durable canvas;
  • a shaft that twists the web;
  • guides for the movement of the canvas;
  • adjusting devices;
  • box

Rolling shutter canvas consists of separate sections (lamellas), which are movably interconnected and arranged in a horizontal position. Slats are equipped with side plugs, providing movement along the guides. The drive mechanism is in the box and has an octagonal shaft on which the control mechanism is located. On a shaft winding of a cloth is made. When the shaft rotates, the web wraps around it with the opening of a roller shutter or twisting with the closing of a roller shutter.

The shaft with the control device is available in the form of a spring, cardan, cord, tape or cord.



The colors of the sections are selected individually in accordance with the concept of the room. You can buy roller blinds with an exclusive design in the form of airbrushing or products with film, which is applied to the original drawings.

Depending on the material and method of installation, the rolling shutters of plumbing are divided into several types. Aluminum, wooden, plastic constructions are produced. Perforated structures are also produced. As a rule, preference is given to plastic models because of their low cost, ease of construction, and a huge color palette. This type has a high moisture resistance and looks great in any design.



Having installed decorative rolling shutters in the toilet, you can add them with various color solutions or drawings. Aluminum products coated with corrosion-resistant paint are also common.

According to the method of installation structures are divided into built-in and overhead. The sanitary cloth is installed by plunging the box inward and outward or inlay. With a surface-mounted installation, the shutter fasteners are mounted on the wall surface. A more complicated way is the outer sidebar. In this case, the mounting structure is at the level of the wall, but the box is located outside. Insertion can be done inside when the dimensions of the sanitary cabinet are suitable for installing the box into it.



Installation of sanitary rolls in the toilet is desirable to produce at the very beginning of repair work, before laying tiles. You can install after repair. But the most competent decision would be to call the master, so that he would consult when preparing the opening. Then get a correct and beautiful installation design. If the blinds are installed in the toilet at the beginning of the repair work, then the tiles on the wall will take much less, which will save money. In addition, the gap between the guide and the wall will be covered with tiles, laid after installation of roller shutters.

Modern blinds are completely unlike the outdated partitions or boxes with slots of windows, closed with transparent plastic, installed in the toilet. Through plumbing roller shutters easy access to utilities. In addition, the structures give a finished and beautiful view to the interior of the toilet, well masking faucets, pipes, valves and other communication elements. Blinds are very easy to clean with any suitable detergent and are also easily disinfected.



Since the surface of the roller shutters is covered with protective special paints and varnishes, its original appearance is maintained for a long time. In addition, plumbing roller shutters have a number of significant advantages in contrast to previous designs:

  • high wear resistance;
  • long service life;
  • You can disguise a fairly large area;
  • easy and quick installation;
  • excellent resistance to various types of fungi, microbes and mold;
  • prophylactic measures are not required;
  • resistant protection against moisture and corrosion;
  • environmental Safety;
  • protection from children and pets.

Provides noise, hydro and thermal insulation. Thanks to the installation of roller shutters in the toilet is constantly maintained clean and neat look.

The cost of roller shutters to the toilet depends on their characteristics. As a rule, the more expensive the product, the stronger and more functional it is. Although you can buy high-quality roller shutters for fairly little money.