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DIY Christmas cards - an original sign of attention and a gift from a pure heart (51 photos)


Such an old and almost forgotten New Year's tradition - congratulations on holidays with paper New Year cards, which were sent by mail in envelopes or just like that. I must admit that even today everyone congratulates each other on the New Year, however, the postcards have now become electronic and congratulations sound a bit stereotyped because they are sent to everyone.






But how do you want to hear and say sincere congratulations addressed to specific people. If appeals are written on New Year's cards, such wishes will not be lost in the holiday bustle, and they can be re-read again and again.

Christmas cards with their own hands make a snap. Quite a lot of ideas for holiday cards are offered on the Internet and in magazines.

The use of the application technique has become very popular lately. Thanks to such techniques, the images acquire additional depth or volume. New Year's cards of 2019 will be original and colorful, and to create them you do not need special skills or unusual materials. You can work with the finished picture or simply portray an interesting composition of the New Year attributes.

How to make a Christmas card "Herringbone in a skirt"

An integral part of the winter holiday is the Christmas tree. There are so many creative ideas on the embodiment of the image of the Christmas tree in the postcards that you just can not stop wondering at the imagination of needlewomen who create their own New Year cards.












Card with traditional Christmas trees and snowflakes

To pleasantly surprise guests and loved ones, it is worthwhile to fantasize and apply different materials to create homemade textured greetings. The easiest way to make a volumetric postcard is with double-sided tape or pieces of foam.

Materials: multi-colored felt, white cardboard, a sheet of blue cardboard of A4 size, pieces of foam plastic, glue, decorative elements.

The base is blue cardboard, which is folded in half. A Christmas tree is cut out of green felt and glued to the base. The effect of volume will be created by patterned snowflakes cut from white cardboard. They stick on small pieces of foam.

Such original cards are very easy and quick to make. And in order to give the guests a variety of holiday greetings, it is advisable to use other attributes of the New Year: Christmas balls, boots for gifts, festoons.









Printed cards

To apply such a postcard making technique, you need white heavy stocking paper, patterned or shiny colored paper, scissors, felt-tip pens, glue.

On the front side of the blank with the help of a felt-tip pen, congratulations are written on the holiday and Christmas balls of different sizes are drawn. Carefully cut the inside of the circle. Colored patterned paper is glued inside the postcard so that it can be seen in the slot.

Postcards with original decor

Before you make a New Year's card with your own hands, you should carefully look at the home "stocks". You can use any material and decor as an ornament: old beads, multicolored braid, beautiful designer paper, magazine clippings, old photos and even spices.

We decorate a postcard with Christmas balls

Christmas ball toy in the form of a ball is one of the traditional symbols of the holiday. Shiny and matte, large and small, they are always present on the Christmas tree.

You can also decorate stylishly with balls and handmade New Year cards.





  • white blank for postcard (cardboard or textured heavy paper);
  • blue and white organza ribbons;
  • small shiny balls of blue and white;
  • paper with silver surface;
  • figured scissors;
  • ordinary scissors and glue.

Postcard creation:

  1. A small square is cut from a sheet of silver paper. The edge of the square is cut with curly scissors. If there are no scissors, then just a light jerking creates a ragged edge at the square. The detail is glued in the center of the blank beautiful greeting card for the New Year.
  2. In the right upper and lower left corners are glued curly trimmed silver paper.
  3. Above the square, make a blue pen ornate inscription "Happy New Year."
  4. Christmas balls tied with a ribbon, a neat bow is formed. The balls are glued on the center of the silver square.

For such a card with the coming New Year, you can choose different color combinations: red-green, gold with blue, silver with red, silver with green.






Christmas tree with beads

Using simple and even a few technical materials, it turns out to create a little strict, but beautiful New Year cards.

Materials: white blank, white and corrugated cardboard, white thick threads, scissors, 5 small golden beads and large silver ones, ruler, glue stick.

Stages of work

  1. A Christmas tree is cut out of the corrugated cardboard in the form of an ordinary triangle and a small rectangle for the inscription.
  2. A rectangle is cut out of white cardboard, the same shape as corrugated, only slightly smaller sizes. The inscription "Happy New Year!"
  3. Beads are strung on a thread (first small, and then large) and its end is glued to the wrong side of the Christmas tree.
  4. The thread is wrapped around the Christmas tree and a bead is left on the front side at each turn. And the thread is not placed in one place, but diagonally across the entire figure of the Christmas tree.
  5. When the beads run out, the thread is cut and fixed with glue on the wrong side of the Christmas tree.
  6. A Christmas tree is glued to the white base of the postcard, and a rectangle is affixed under it - first corrugated, and a white one with an inscription on top.

In the course of the work process, other ideas for decorating a postcard may appear or there are no suitable materials. Then fantasy and experiment are welcome.

Creative New Year Cards

When creating cards it is not necessary to use traditional symbols: Santa Claus, Christmas-tree decorations, snowflakes. Original ideas of Christmas cards do-it-yourself - the image of animals patrons of the New Year and their unusual decoration.




To create pictures with animals, any technique is used (volumetric, appliqué, cutting).

Materials: buttons of a brown-yellow scale of various sizes, cardboard, blank, glue, threads with needles, scissors.

A carved dog figure is cut out of cardboard. You can pick up the picture from the Internet. It is not necessary to carefully reflect the characteristics of the breed or shape. Just the form should be recognizable. Buttons are sewn onto the cardboard (first a larger size and then a smaller one). To make the figure "come alive", black buttons are sewn at the location of the eyes. The postcard makes a New Year's greeting inscription and sticks a dog figurine. Such beautiful cards for the New Year of the dog can also be presented to colleagues or employees.






How to make a postcard mom for the New Year

A postcard with such a design will never be forgotten. It will always be nice to take it in hand, because it brings comfort and pleasant memories.

To create it will require: harvesting of thick paper, bright home photos, glue, color markers, decorative items.

The design of Christmas cards with photos can be very diverse. Photos better pick New Year's themes. If there are few of these, then it is possible to make a photo montage on a computer Heroes in the photos can draw a mustache, Christmas red caps.