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Turquoise wallpaper for the walls: good color combinations (96 photos)

Turquoise wallpaper for the walls are a variety of shades. And each of them can be successfully entered into the space of your home, whether it be a bathroom or a kitchen. For this all you need to know the rules for combining turquoise with other colors.

What is the combination of turquoise color?

This rich shade must be correctly combined, otherwise there is a risk of getting too bright a room in which it will be impossible to rest and concentrate. Experienced decorators know with what color items to combine turquoise wallpaper in the interior, so that the shades have a beneficial effect on the mood of residents, help reduce aggressiveness and strengthen emotional stability.

With green, blue and blue

Turquoise wallpapers will be wonderful to combine with shades located close to each other on the color wheel. They will help to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, filled with purity, freshness and coolness.

Combinations of turquoise with green, blue, mint or blue win-win. Combining them in the same interior, you risk nothing. Shades of one color scale, smoothly flowing one into another, will be pleasing to the eye.

You should not be zealous and combine a large number of saturated colors, otherwise the interior will "scream". The leading position should belong to one of them, the rest play the role of complement.

With white

Combining turquoise with white is a fairly common combination. The interior in this color scheme is used by designers to create a romantic atmosphere. In such an environment, turquoise looks noble, the color becomes more saturated and deep. But in this contrast, the mistake that beginners often make can lurk. To make the room not look too cold, you can use not only white, but also its shades (cream, ivory, melted milk, seashell). Such a color tandem will make the room spacious and bright, it will be filled with serenity and freshness.

With brown

Turquoise wallpapers can be combined with brown pieces of furniture or accessories. Such interlacing will look elegant and stylish. Brown will help to place accents in the room, as well as darken light walls. This combination is a classic design. In the interior it will emphasize the majestic simplicity and comfort.

The severity and austerity of a monochromatic finish can be diluted with patterns on the walls. Let them be simple geometric shapes, so as not to make the room too variegated. Otherwise, it will be difficult to rest in such a room.

With gray

Turquoise wallpapers in the interior look good with gray elements of decor. Such a connection is used infrequently, as many consider gray to be dull. We do not deny this statement, but we propose to look at this combination from a different angle. Unbroken combination will add exclusivity to your home. By adding bright accents, you can get an interesting living room. Thanks to these shades, the bedroom will become more spacious and fresh. The only thing that can spoil the stylish look of this color combination is poor lighting.

With yellow, orange, gold

To get rid of stereotypes and add brightness, turquoise-colored wallpapers can be complemented with a warm palette. The mix of cold turquoise and hot colors will saturate the interior with colors. In such combinations, it is important not to overdo it with sunny notes. Orange and yellow should be interspersed, no more. It should be dominated by turquoise, and warm colors should be extremely bright spots (pillows, photo frames, tablecloths, patterns on curtains, etc.).

The interior of the living room is an interesting addition to the design of the walls can be gold patterns. Against the turquoise canvas gold will look especially luxurious and expensive. Decorators decorating ballrooms of palaces used such methods.

Remember that to create a harmonious atmosphere, the basic color palette of the interior should contain no more than three colors.

The use of turquoise in the interior

Turquoise wallpaper for walls look great in any interior. It may be:

  • living room;
  • bathroom;
  • kitchen or dining room;
  • bedroom;
  • nursery or playroom.

Each of these rooms will be a real decoration of the house, if you choose the right color combinations.

Living room

Turquoise wallpaper in the interior of the living room can be both rich and delicate tones. If you choose a bright wallpaper, the curtains, furniture and accessories should be light. If the coating for the walls are a pale shade of turquoise, then add interior with juicy turquoise cushions for the sofa and armchairs. Also colorful can be napkins, lampshades lamps or carpet.

In the living room you can use turquoise wallpaper with flowers. Furniture and textiles in this case should be contrasted. This may be white products that add lightness and airiness. You can use and bright colors that emphasize sophistication. But it is important not to overdo it with flashy colors. Let it be small items of decor or neat patterns on curtains or tablecloths.


The bathroom is the perfect place to use turquoise. Here you can implement any crazy decisions. Standard white plumbing will look different on a background of dark turquoise walls. To make the room not look dull, you can use light tile. Also in any bathroom should be good lighting. Turquoise colors in combination with white will personify the freshness of the sea. In such a room, you will be happy to lie in warm water after a hard day, imagining yourself on the seashore.

Another interesting option is photo wallpaper. You can pick up a realistic sea landscape and complement it with a blue-green wall palette. Remember, the level of saturation of colors should be different, creating a visual layering transitions from one hue to another.


Turquoise wallpaper for the walls of the kitchen or dining room will be just right. This color at the same time adds vitality, and in combination with warm shades - comfort. So turquoise in this room is appropriate, but there are several important details. Saturated shades should be used in the cooking zone, dark wallpaper will protect the walls from contamination. But in the dining area is better to use light colors, they contribute to the awakening of appetite.

In the kitchen space, you can not make all the walls bright. Three walls can be painted in pastel colors, and the remaining wall will be accent. A brown or white kitchen set will look great on its background. Please note that in a small or poorly lit kitchen it is better to use bright combinations of shades.


Turquoise wallpaper in the bedroom, combined with furniture, curtains and linens of delicate shades create a calm atmosphere. This design helps to quickly relax, and also helps to get rid of insomnia. The main condition - the prevailing color in the bedroom should not be aggressive.

With the help of turquoise, you can focus on the bedside zone. To do this, light turquoise wallpapers are glued to the entire wall behind the bed or only to a part of the wall behind the headboard. The remaining walls are made in delicate white or beige shades.

The advantage of this color wallpaper is its excellent compatibility with pieces of furniture. It can be antique interior items from massive wood of natural shades, modern models from plastic or painted in white wood - everything will fit perfectly.


Turquoise color in the interior of this room is a godsend. It looks especially good in spacious, well-lit rooms. The sun's rays will play beautifully on the walls, decorated with soft turquoise wallpaper. Such an environment contributes to good sleep and energizes during the daytime.

It is not necessary to make the whole room turquoise. You can make this color bright inserts on the wall, this is especially true for the gaming zone. The rest of the room can be pasted over with other cheerful shades (lemon or light green). Paint the room can be added without painting or pasting walls. You can purchase accessories and interior items in the color of turquoise or make them yourself by pasting old pieces of furniture with wallpaper.

Turquoise is a color that rarely leaves people indifferent. But many admire him from the side, and in their homes continue to use "safe" neutral shades. Turquoise only seems impregnable and harsh. If you get to know him better, he will reveal his rich inner world to you, harmoniously combined with other tones.