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Armchair throne: royal passions in the interior (24 photos)


The chair-throne is an unusual and luxurious element of the interior that can be used in residential premises, offices, beauty salons, etc. Of course, this piece of furniture will not suit everyone, but if you can successfully fit it into the design, it will become a real highlight of any room.



History reference

The chair as a piece of furniture appeared many centuries ago. At that time, the throne and the chair were essentially the same. It is believed that the first tron-chairs used the Egyptian pharaohs. Such furniture was found in their tombs. At first it was the thrones of wood, they could hardly be called very comfortable.



The twentieth century was famous for its practicality, so the fanciful thrones at that time went into oblivion. However, in our days fashion has returned to them.

Now in furniture stores you will not find bulky wooden thrones, but all sorts of elegant and elegant variations of chairs on this subject can be found without problems.

The chair-throne will successfully fit into the following interior styles:

  • classic;
  • baroque;
  • rococo;
  • Gothic;
  • classicism;
  • Renaissance;
  • English style.



All these traditional stylistics are still used, albeit in a slightly modified form. The interior design in the style of Baroque, Gothic or in any other of the listed styles with the use of various armchairs-thrones should be implemented in spacious rooms. Most successfully such furniture will fit into living rooms and dining rooms. But in small rooms, it will look cumbersome and ridiculous. What kind of throne to choose - you decide. It can be decorated with upholstery of expensive fabrics, artful carvings, beautiful pillows or footrest.



However, if you are a supporter of minimalism or any other simple modern style, there is also a solution for you. Now popular are the so-called frameless thrones. That is, these are the same bean bags for which fashion has appeared for quite a long time, but with comfortable high backs. Such an amusing variation on the throne will appeal to both children and adults.




Chair-throne as an element of beauty salon

The use of thrones in the interior of beauty salons is one of the latest fashion trends. In the modern salons of America and Europe you can find such unusual furniture. It emphasizes the high status of the institution, gives customers the opportunity to feel important and valuable guests.



Different types of throne chairs are produced specifically for salons. The most common option - the throne for a pedicure. During this procedure, any client wants to relax, to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. A soft throne with a high back will give this feeling. The height of such thrones is designed specifically for the procedure of pedicure.



However, you can use the thrones in a different way. They can be set up in the lobby, where customers are waiting for their turn or in a manicure room. In addition, you can order hairdressing chairs styled as thrones. Of course, there will have to give up the high back in order for the master to work comfortably, but you can save other elements of the throne - the overall design, decorative touches, upholstery, etc.



As you can see, the chair-throne is an interesting solution for a bold interior design. This solution is not suitable for everyone, the classic throne can not be entered in a small room. However, for such rooms there is a way out - frameless chairs in the form of thrones. In any case, it is a convenient and beautiful piece of furniture that will attract everyone’s attention.