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Coquette in the interior: playful lines in everyday life (22 photos)


Kozetka is a small double sofa without a common back. Outwardly, it looks as if two chairs were joined together, placing a soft stool between them. The legs of this piece of furniture can be both four and six. The backrest of the bath seat usually flows into the armrest. This place is rounded. Such a design decision allows you to sit with a half-bar and conduct a casual conversation with your opponent.



In the past, the bridal chair replaced the couch. On the couch housed reclining. Later, it became indecent to have a conversation in such a position, while the ladies preferred to show even posture during the conversation.



Kozetka: model advantages

Kozetka has many advantages. First, it is very compact. Unlike a usual sofa this piece of furniture does not take a lot of place, it can be placed even in a small room. Secondly, the coat is suitable for different stylistics. In this regard, you can move in two directions.

You can recreate one of the classical styles: baroque, classicism, neo-baroque. It was in these styles that the yoke was used in antiquity. But no less successfully such a miniature sofa will look in modern interiors, especially if it is made in the spirit of minimalism without excessive decor.



Kozetka in a modern interior

Now let's look at what room you can put a sofa with a chaise longue and how best to do it:

  • In the bedroom, the chute can be used instead of the stool by placing it at the foot of the bed. On this mini-couch, you can read a book before bedtime or drink tea.
  • In the living room, the wicker can be placed in the corner or near the window. If you have a fireplace, it will fit perfectly in front of it.
  • You can put a chaise longue on the balcony or on the loggia. They just need a miniature furniture.
  • In the kitchen, a chaise longue can be placed near the dining table instead of a soft corner.
  • Kozetka will fit even in a narrow hallway. It is very convenient to take off your shoes, sitting not on an ordinary low stool, but on a soft sofa. In addition, in this place she will leave a pleasant first impression about your home.
  • A chapel will give a special charm to the office or home library.



As you can see, there is no such room in which this universal piece of furniture would not fit. Modern designers carry coats in classic styles, upholstered with fabrics, and they also make them in modern and fashionable styles. This allows you to choose the best option for every taste.



Modern multifunction kozetki

In small modern apartments the furniture should be not only beautiful, comfortable, but also functional. If you are looking to search for just such furniture, you do not need to discard the toilet. Now in the shops you can find a sofa bed with a chaise longue. Of course, the historical prototypes of this furniture did not have a sleeping function, but in modern models it appeared. It is enough to unscrew the armrest, and you get a cozy single bed.






Today, you can buy a chaise longue not in every furniture store, you will have to search. But all the forces spent on the search are worth it. This unusual and elegant piece of furniture will perfectly fit into a stylish design of an apartment or house.