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Snow slides - winter drive for children and adults (48 photos)


Fun in the fresh winter air must be active, fun. Of course, everyone loves to play snowballs, sculpt a snowman, and skate. However, only in skating from a snow slide there is a certain element of the drive, when the speed is breathtaking.












Advantages of an artificial hill:

  • no serious materials or tools are required to create artificial elevation;
  • the ability to create slides of different shapes, designs (look interesting arches, turns on the descent);
  • Not only adults, but also children can take part in the creation of the roller coaster.

A slight drawback of the snow slide can be considered its dependence on weather conditions. After any little thaw it must be restored.

In principle, the construction of slides from the snow can be attributed to simple work, because the construction of the structure requires the most common materials and devices. These are snow, water, shovels and pieces of plywood.






Rules for the construction of slides

To make the slide truly an object of entertainment, rather than a source of injury, several nuances are taken into account.

It turns out in advance exactly who will ride on the hill. This is important for determining its height. If adults and adolescents will be entertained on a hill, then you can build a structure about two meters high. For young winter fun lovers, it is recommended to equip a small slide no higher than a meter. It is from this height that the kids will move down with great pleasure and without fear. For such slides should provide a length of descent of at least five meters.

It is very important to set the right angle downhill. The best option - 40˚.

If you make the descent more steep, then there is a chance that the descent will be so fast that winter entertainment lovers will not have time to enjoy. Moreover, with such a sharp descent a person gets a strong blow. If you make the descent more sloping, then the drive from the descent will be lost. To the hill was interesting to ride, you should not clearly maintain one angle of the slope. You can start the ramp with a steep slope, and finish as gently as possible, that is, the slope will not have a clearly even shape, but a little concave.




In order to warn the exit from the children's slide to the side, special large sides are made on both sides of the descent.

Since any snow slide is primarily a slippery hard surface, it is important to eliminate the possibility of injury, so it is advisable to sprinkle the steps with sand. In the case of a thaw, the sand mixes with the melting snow, and as the temperature drops, it will freeze into ice.

So that riding with a slide was fun and safe, the choice of a place for arranging winter entertainment is of great importance. It is recommended to build a hill at a decent distance from the road. It is necessary to exclude the possibility that a child on a slippery path will be able to get to the road or overgrowth of shrubs, manholes.

It is also important that the area with the slide is well lit in the dark.






How to build a hill of snow do it yourself

Depending on the temperature, the amount of snowfall, you can use different ways to build a slide. In its manufacture should adhere to several requirements:

  • the descent of the snow / ice slide must have a concave shape, the edges must be at least ten centimeters;
  • when forming the length of the descent should follow a certain proportion. The height of the slide refers to the length of the descent as 1: 6. That is, the slide with a height of 2 meters must be equipped with a descent no shorter than 12 m;
  • the ladder by the ice slide should be uncool. The best option is steps with parameters 20x20 cm (height and depth);
  • At the top of the mountain there must be sides of at least 40 cm (they must protect against an accidental sudden fall).

If something didn’t work right away, don’t get upset. When you create a mountain out of snow with your own hands, you can always easily and easily adjust any parameter.




As soon as a lot of snow falls, you can start building a slide. For work it is better to pick up warmer weather - the snow is perfectly molded and it’s easy to roll several balls of different diameters. Balls lay out in the form of a hill and carefully covered with snow. After the formation of the desired height of the mountain, proceed to the arrangement of the descent and stairs. As soon as the air temperature drops, it will be possible to start water procedures - the structure is poured with water.

Formwork slide

It so happens that the hill is being built on frosty days. In this case, formwork is collected from any available means. With the help of wide shovels, snow is shoveled, poured into a mold and packed tightly. If the snow in the snowdrifts is already strongly cracked, then it is quite possible cutting snow "bricks" and the construction of a hill of them.

When building slides of any type, it is important to remember about the arrangement of the sides. Such a measure will provide additional safety when riding.

Naturally, the kids on the slides are always a lot and sometimes there are real queues. To make it comfortable and safe for children to stand at the top of the hill, a small sheet of plywood or several boards can be put on the snow / ice.






How the slide is poured

This procedure is considered the most important when creating a structure. The best option is to use the water supply line to irrigate the entire structure. If there is no such chic opportunity, it is recommended to limit to areas of descent and stairs.

Stages of work

  1. Snow on the slopes and steps carefully rammed. The first time you can treat the surface with a spray / spray. Then you should leave the slide for a couple of hours so that the surface layer “grabs”.
  2. Then the descent and steps gently watered. The first cast is made with slightly warm water. In no case do not use hot water, since there is a great risk that certain areas will melt / dissolve and irregularities form on the surface of the hill. It is slightly warm water that leads to the formation of a smooth ice surface on the surface of the hill. At this stage it is necessary to sprinkle steps to sand, so that the ascent of the hill was quick and easy.
  3. In the same way, the track before the slide is processed. On this section of the children passes after the descent.
  4. Now the slide is left overnight for good freezing. Usually in 8-10 hours the whole structure is thoroughly strengthened.
  5. Finishing works - a bucket of cold water is poured out on the descent and the building “grasps” for another three to four hours. If after the first bucket did not like the result, you can repeat the procedure. Such a measure contributes to the formation on the descent of the final smooth surface.

To make the stairs more comfortable and safer to climb, it is possible to make and install something like handrails from scrap materials.




Now you can peep on the Internet a variety of options for the design of slides. Indeed, the usual descent looks like something boring.

You can give the hill the shape of the track for a bobsled. To do this, simply descend several times. An interesting idea is to slightly adjust the descent canvas and give it a slight tilt. In this case, it will be very accurate to imitate the professional bobsleigh track.

A non-standard idea - the construction above the hill of some kind of arch. The dimensions of the arch should be modest. It is important to carefully observe such a construction, especially during a temperature increase, as the fall of the arch can cause injury to children.

The hill can be given the appearance of a fantastic character. Or to equip the hill in the form of a tower, a hut. When choosing an image of a slide, you should not limit your imagination. It is simply important that the design is safe and interesting.






What to ride

On a perfectly level hill, you can even ride in warm clothes (if it is not a padded jacket or the only winter jacket). In addition, there is such a wide assortment of various devices for descending from a hill, which simply “run up”:

  • "cheesecakes" - inflatable sledges;
  • classic wooden sleds on tubular or aluminum runners;
  • sledge trough;
  • ice floes;
  • sledge plates.

When choosing equipment, be sure to consult the seller - for children of what age is the product suitable, and how does it manifest itself on a slippery surface. Since only an adult can cope with some models on bare ice.